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KENS Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Start of the Journey (3)

By the time they were done loading the luggage in the carriages, the sun had begun to peek through the mountains in the horizon. 5 carriages stood lined up near the North gate, and their drivers took their seats. At the same time, Ms Francesca, Melentia-san and Solnea boarded in the frontmost carriage. After them, the 10 adventurers also got on their horses and took position around the carriages.

The gate was still big enough to easily let everyone pass, and the guard on top of the walls shouted to open the gates. As the soldiers to the side of the gate turned the crank handles, with a heavy sound, the massive wooden gate began to open.

Our vision opened up. And the dim, silent world came into view. Black mountains, blue clouds, and the chilly air. It’s the moment right before sunlight takes over the world.

As the sun began to slowly peek more and more from the other side of the mountains, colour seemed to return to the blackened world. While witnessing that moment, we got on our horses as well. At the same time, the drivers of the carriage made a ‘Hyah!” sound, and began to move the carriages forward.

“You look like you’re having fun.”(aya)

Aya, as she rode up beside me on her horse, said that with a smile. That said, Aya herself seemed to be enjoying this as well or was it just my imagination?

“Yeah. As I thought, I simply enjoy travelling a lot.”(renji)

[fufu…….well, this is something you just can’t get tired of seeing after all.]

“Yeah. Even though I see this scene almost everyday, I just can’t seem to get bored of it.”

While replying to Eremnhilde, I brought up my horse beside the front carriage. The knights of the Barton house rode alongside the carriage 2nd from the front. And the rest of the adventurers beside the remaining carriages. To the right of the front carriage were me and Aya and to the left were Feirona and Mururu.

Even if it is a paved road, its still not asphalt like modern worlds. While riding above the uneven road, the carriage moved while making noise. While finding that sound pleasing to the ears, I looked towards the sky. Few early birds were flying through the air while making *chiichii* sounds that mixed with the sound of the carriage wheels.

“Aya, do you hate travelling?”(renji)

“No, I like it as well. If I didn’t…….well, I won’t be able to chase after you, right?”(aya)

“I see.”

She hesitated a  bit probably because her words held a lot of emotion behind them. While feeling some of them, I turned to look towards her to only to see her smile bashfully under the ever-increasing sunlight.

A strong wind blew past us. Aya’s hair and robe fluttered and so did my mantle as well. Once again, I turned my gaze back towards the sky. The clouds seem to be moving fast. But the air doesn’t feel like its getting damp. It doesn’t look like it’ll rain. It’s the perfect weather to depart. I felt not just my mind, but body feel lighter as well.

“Once again, I’ll be in your care.”(renji)


“We’re travelling together again. So, I’ll be in your care.”

When I said that again, Aya made a surprised face. But when her face oddly shifted towards a smile, maybe she thought she had been teased, she averted her gaze in embarrassment.

You know, I properly mean things that I say sometimes. I don’t mean to be vague in that sense.


And after a moment’s time, she turned back and answered with a  wide smile. Her smile was so befitting a girl of her age and she truly looked happy. This expression suits her the most I believe.

Having a childish smile, yet having that habit of trying to be as womanly as possible. Since Aya possessed both of those sides to her, I wonder which I Aya do I prefer more?

[You’re not gonna say that to me?]


[That, ‘I’ll be in your care’, or something like that?]

While I was worrying over a question I had thought over countless times, Ermenhilde asked me something weird as well.

What kind of demand is that? Aya thought the same as she was also hiding her mouth with her right hand as her shoulders shook with laughter.

Well, I guess Ermenhilde’s excited from the new journey as well. Seriously——how human-like she is.

“You’re always with me aren’t you?”(renji)


“Fine, it’s a bit late but——for this journey as well, I’ll be in your care.”(renji)

Are you happy now?

When I implicitly asked that, Ermenhilde went silent.

“…….You two really get along, don’t you?”(aya)

“I wonder.”


As I rode my horse while looking at the slightly pouting Aya, with a slight knock, the window of the carriage was opened. The one who peeked out was Melentia-san. The wind made her honey coloured hair sway. Looking inside the carriage, I saw Ms Francesca talking with Solnea.

Before we departed, I had asked Ms Francesca to take care of Solnea, and by the looks of it, everything’s fine. And Solnea’s expression was the same as usual. For just a second, maybe she realized my gaze, she seemed like she gave a sidelong glance towards me. Matching her, Ms Francesca looked towards me as well but before either could say anything, Melentia-san spoke up.

“Renji-sama, Aya-sama, Are you two not feeling cold?”(mel)

“Thank you for your concern but we’re fine. We are used to travelling after all.”

“I see. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.”

“That consideration alone is enough for us.”

After I said that, the window was closed once again. Since I felt a gaze, I looked towards Aya only to see her looking at me with narrow eyes. Of course, she wasn’t smiling either.

“You seem to be on quite good terms with her.”(aya)

Why do her words feel so much more sharper than before I wonder?

While thinking of such foolish things, I cracked my neck a bit. Though I can’t really call it stiff, it still somehow makes my shoulders feel stiff whenever I have to talk like that, using words I don’t normally use. Maybe I should ask Aya to massage my shoulders tonight. I thought of that, but wait, will that be considered as sexual harassment?

“I was just talking politely, that’s all.”(renji)

“It didn’t seem that way to me though?”

Hearing her low voice, I ended up laughing instead. Even while knowing that it’ll only make Aya angry, I couldn’t stop myself. And as expected, Aya’s expression became even  more sullen. This way of talking is normal if you have to take part in formal balls and parties. You could say that I have heard that almost infinite times from other noble ladies who came to me attracted by the title of the Hero. My talking with Melentia-san is the same.

That still doesn’t mean that I am well acquainted with the mannerisms of the high society but I have had to talk to a lot of people. I am confident that I can read a person’s thoughts, at least the surface thoughts that is.

Melentia-san is a merchant. Nothing more and nothing less. That’s the only reason she’s sticking with us. Because both me and Aya, as heroes, are worth it. That’s what it’s like, to be merchant from the very core. Preparing horses for us, and going to Merdiore together is also because she must be gaining something from it. This world isn’t gentle enough that id’ think that this is all because she’s Ms Francesca’s family. World, or rather, the society at least. Even if their society is a hundred steps behind ours, human beings still don’t change that easily. I wonder who was it that said that?

By having us as their escort……….well maybe not, but even by just riding the horses alongside us might have some kind of appeal for her. Now was I too distrustful of others? But in anyway, I won’t just accept this at face value. There’s a lot behind it.

But still——I haven’t even done anything that would make me be called a Hero though. Well, since she didn’t travel with us, I guess she won’t know that.

“Looks like you still have a lot to learn as well, Aya.”(renji)


If she doesn’t learn such subtleties, there is still time before Aya can debut in the high society. I doubt that overprotective Utano-san would ever let Aya appear there like she is now. Like she is right now, she’d might even get fooled by some bad guy.

Well, I can be considered as a ‘bad guy’ as well though. After all, even I know how indecisive I have been. Just because I don’t want to destroy our current relationship.

And even though I realize that……I still continue talking like this with Aya.

“You’ll understand someday.”(renji)

“That part of you, hasn’t changed at all.”(aya)


“…….treating us like children.”

Aah, I see.

But as she sulked like that, she did look childish. Souichi said that Aya was trying to be like an adult. So that she could stand by me. Recalling that, I end up thinking, that I never asked her to be like that.

Sulking childishly like this, getting angry, puffing her cheeks, talking without any restraint, laughing, doing something stupid and then getting scolded; that’s the kind of relationship I want. That’s when I can act normally……and relax.

But if I say that, Aya would again get angry saying that I’m still treating her as a child though. I know that, so I didn’t say anything and took off my left glove. As I felt the cold wind, my fingertips felt like they were going numb. Man, winter really is harsh.

“I’m not really treating you as a child though. That’s not my intention at least.”

Saying that, I rested my hand on her head. Rather than caressing it, I just rested it there, like lightly hitting her head. I haven’t grown out my hair but I think that it’s quite trouble to properly set your long hair. That’s why, I didn’t stroke her head and ruin her hair.


But even then, she still seemed dissatisfied. She doesn’t seem very angry but still Aya’s horse went slightly away from me.

Wait, was this sexual harassment as well?

I thought, but had no answer. Though she didn’t say anything till an year ago, but I think she’s at an age where I should really stop doing such things. Should I be happy to see children grow, or should I feel sad to see them change? Well, it’s probably the former.

Turning away from Aya, I looked ahead. Our destination was still very far away. It’ll take about 5 days to reach Merdiore from the capital. It’s closer than Magic City but still pretty far. At night, we plan on getting a room in a inn in a village so we might take even more days to get there.

[What a boring journey.]

While I was putting on the leather glove, Ermenhilde suddenly muttered that. Both me and Aya burst into a short laugh at that.


“A boring journey is perfect for me though.”(renji)


[Really? I really want Renji to act more like a Hero sometimes though.]

“……….You’re still saying that?”

It really doesn’t suit me. As I gave a shrug, Aya giggled while hiding her mouth.

“fufu, I think it might suit you as well though?”(aya)

“Oh please. If I started acting like a Hero, no amount of lives would be enough for me.”

[Isn’t that why I, the god slaying weapon, am with you though? What happened to the vigour you had when saving Ms Francesca or Mururu?]

“Rather than saying I saved them, saying that we were fighting together is more correct.”

Both the black orc and the Skeleton were strong enemies for me and I don’t know what would have happened if I was fighting them alone. When I think that way, it’s more correct to say that we fought together.

But Aya who didn’t know that, looked towards me with slightly shining, curious eyes. She was with me only till just before I fought the Skeleton and she still doesn’t know that she had unknowingly killed that skeleton while using that powerful fire magic to get out of underground. And after that, I lost consciousness.

While I was thinking that, the carriage window was knocked once more. Looking that, the window opened to show Melentia-san once again.

“Do you mind, if I listen to that tale as well?”(mel)

“Well, it’s not really exciting and nothing more than a story of a normal monster subjugation though. Is that okay?”(renji)

“fufu, of course.”

Hmm, so she had closed the window but was still hearing us?…… Or is the window itself so thin that voices can pass through normally. I was a bit confused inside but I realized that Ermenhilde was talking as well. Maybe Ms Francesca, who can hear her [voice] told that to Melentia-san? Thinking that I looked towards them but they were on the other window offering sweets to Mururu. What the hell are those guys doing? They get along so well, I’m almost envious of them.

Maybe it’s because Ms Francesca is always feeding Mururu different things………well, whatever.

[Then, since Aya’s here as well, why not start from one year ago?]

When Ermenhidle said that, Aya’s  expression visibly lit up. It’s really nothing that interesting though.

One year ago. After killing Nayfell, we 13 came back to the capital to rest. Aya only knows till there. After returning to the capital, resting in my room…….the next day, before the sun rose, like today, I disappeared from capital Imnesia.

After that, what happened at the capital, I don’t know. From what I’ve heard, Utano-san made various arrangements and prepared a good rumour to be released in the public explaining my disappearance.

Now then, after that…..what did I do?

“That said, I don’t remember doing anything more than desperately killing monsters like right now though.”

[Well, that’s true.]

At the very start, I was pretty serious as well. Desperately, as if trying to torment my own body, I went around killing lots of monsters. Now that I think back at it, I was doing nothing more than taking our my anger.

Eru died, and even when she was revived after pleading to Astraera, it was a completely different person. Not knowing what to do, I did nothing but kill more and more monsters with Ermenhilde in my hands. Yeah, that was just me venting my anger.

And after some time, I ran out of fuel. After a half year had passed, I recall that I had not a single speck of eagerness or willingness left in me. And other than that, I just travelled around to fulfil my promise to Eru. Around when I had run out of even travelling expenses, I met Ms Francesca. Seriously, what an unexciting tale. Even a minstrel with an incredible voice and pitch could not make this into an exciting tale.

“Where should I even start from?”

[First of all, in the one year that Aya wasn’t there, Renji saved three women.]

Oi, idiot, stop. Don’t fabricate my past.

Fearfully I turned to look towards Aya but she was still smiling waiting for me to tell her about it……….why does it feel so oppressive even though she’s smiling? If others weren’t here, I might have fallen in a pitfall and then buried with just my head above the soil I think.

Melentia-san who couldn’t hear Ermenhilde didn’t show any change but inside the carriage, Ms Francesca was suppressing her laughter. Seeing as how hard she was trying to suppress it, my woman troubles may end up as a topic of laughter here. Solnea, without a care about anything else, was simply eating the snacks inside the carriage.

“Let’s see……..Hm?”(renji)

[What happened?]

When I suddenly pulled the reins of my horse, the horse panicked slightly from it.

While we were casually walking our horses, I saw a small shadow inside the grass. There’s no way any human children could be here so it was most definitely a goblin.

I narrowed my eyes but I couldn’t confirm his existence. Well, most probably, they’re—–less than even 10. If it’s just that much, I doubt they’d attack so many adventurers. Calming my horse down, I lowered my speed.

“What is the matter, Renji-sama?”(mel)

“Nothing, there are some monsters in the grass that’s all.”

When I said that in a light tone, Melentia-san’s atmosphere became stiff. On the other side, it looks like Feirona and others had noticed as well as Mururu had stopped eating and was glaring in front.

Looking behind me, it didn’t look like the adventurers were in turmoil or anything yet.


“hm? Yeah. So you sensed them as well?”

Well, if they stand out that much, it’s only normal. Seeing her cold gaze, I once again realized the difference in our specs.

“Well with this many adventurers, they probably won’t attack.”(renji)

“that’s true.”

Monsters aren’t fools. They would never be stupid enough to attack more than their own numbers. Though there are such idiots as well sometimes, but they’ll only lose.

But just because we had more numbers, I don’t intend to be negligent. And it was the same for other adventurers as well. After leaving the capital…..a place protected by walls, outside was the land of monsters. It’s a harsh world where death is always beside you.

Even with such pretty scenery, sweet air, and comfortable wind. This world, has yet is simply lacking that dreamy feel.

“Will it be fine?”(mel)

“There should be no problem. If something happens, it’ll be taken care of.”(renji)

“fufu. That’s very reassuring.”(mel)

Well, I didn’t say who will be the one taking care of it though. Having realized my words, Aya gave a sigh beside me. Of course, without letting Melentia-san see it, with me in front as a wall.

But in truth, if goblins did attack, before they could even reach us, they’ll get finished by Feirona’s arrows and Aya’s magic. Goblins—no in fact, even if it were lizardmen, that should be enough. Well, since lizardmen live near water, they don’t really appear near the highway though.

“So, we were talking about an year ago right?”(renji)

“Yes, about how Renji-san seduced three women, or something.”(aya)


Don’t ‘umu’ goddamnit. I didn’t seduce them!




(Part 2)

Aah, I’m so tired.

As I breathed out as I sat down on my bed, Feirona, who was sitting on the other bed, looked towards me. In the morning we travel as much as we can and at nights we have decided to rest at the various villages between the capital and the Commercial city. As expected, nobles don’t like to camp outside. Well, since they won’t get to bath in that case, so it’s only normal.

“You seem awfully tired today.”(elf)

“I enjoy travelling but not talking this much.”(renji)

The whole day, I had to talk about my past. Though not as much physically, but I’m really tired mentally. Because I knew this would happen, I had refused to ride the carriage with her but in the end, it didn’t matter much.

Well…….I didn’t expect even Aya to be so interested in my story as well though. I guess, she really was worried for me after I had disappeared alone. Thinking that, I felt a bit uneasy inside. I should stop, this isn’t like me. Thinking that, I cracked my neck.

“Considering that, I think you talk quite a lot even normally though?”(elf)

“That’s just when with I’m with people I know well. I may not look it, but I’m pretty anxious around strangers you know?”(renji)

“fuh, Well, I wonder how serious you are about that.”

While enjoying talking with Feirona, I moved around my body as it felt lighter after removing my equipment. Maybe because I didn’t exercise much recently while at the capital, I felt like my body had grown a bit dull.

It looks like it was the same for the blonde elf as well as he was also moving around his body as he took of his equipment, trying to release the stiffness from travelling so long.

By the way, I had handed over Ermenhilde to Aya after coming to this village. I don’t intend to use her in front of people and I do have a proper normal sword………..well, Ermenhilde really hates that though. But, I want to her to go and chat with other girls as well sometimes. Even though I’m being considerate for her, she still dislikes it.

Right now, they should be taking a bath together or something…….Wait, is it okay to put a medal inside hot water?



“You said that we’ll travel to the Elfreim continent but what’s our final objective?”(elf)

Oh right, I had still not told them our final destination.

“That means, you’re accepting on the point that you’ll travel with me to the other continent?”(renji)

“Yeah. Our chief did say that I should go and be of help to you as much as I can, after all.”(elf)

By chief, he meant the chief of the elves living in the forest of magical energy, I guess. Hm, did I ever do anything to gain his favour?……..I thought but couldn’t think of anything.

Maybe I may have helped him indirectly sometime, somewhere?

“And, I’m personally interested in this journey of yours as well.”(elf)


“Even when I was with you back at the Magic City, being with you turns out to be quite interesting and stimulating after all.”

“fuh……..that’s not a very different from a conservative Elf’s way of thinking, isn’t it?”

“I know.”

Elves normally don’t leave the forests that is their territory, so Feirona who often worked in the Magic City was already a bit special. And now, he’s even willing to cross over to another continent. It’s quite dynamic for an elf who normally hate any kind of change.

“Yeah, so we were talking about our objective right?”(renji)

“Well, don’t you want to negotiate the reward before that?”(elf)

“I don’t think I’d be able to win against you in that anyway.”

“That’s coming from you with the smooth tongue?”

Smiling at his joke, I looked outside the window. The sun had set and it was already dark. And the only thing lighting up this world of darkness were the faintly shining magic lamps.

The villagers walking about in that dim light seemed to be really excited. It’s probably because a big noble group had come to their inn. This village even had a big item shop, bar and a brothel as well. I can’t see it right now but I saw many adventurers go in and out of those places. They must be happy to have people in the village who would spend so much money at the same time.

Melentia-san and Ms Francesca  had their household knights with them, and in the worst case, Aya was also there. They wouldn’t be in any danger, even if something sudden happened.

“For the time being, my request is for you guys to only accompany me till Merdiore. There’s a chance someone could hear us here after all.”(renji)

“I see.”

The fact that he didn’t ask anything more shows that he understood that the topic is not normal enough for others to hear. Really, this Elf is so dependable. His thinking and deduction abilities are great.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“Let’ see. Maybe take a bath and then cool down at the bar?”(renji)

Basically, the same as usual. Feirona who knew how much I loved drinking didn’t say anything on it. If it was Ermenhilde, this where her sighing and scolding would start.

Slightly missing that as well, I really can’t be helped. I ended up bitterly smiling at myself.

“Then, tonight I’ll accompany you as well.”(elf)

“Oh, sure. It’s more fun to drink together with someone rather than alone. It’s too lonely otherwise.”

“I’m coming to keep an eye on you. If left alone, you’ll probably be lying somewhere drunk.”

Huh? Wait, why am I being thought of as a bad drunk now??

I haven’t drunk till I dropped in……..quite a long time now though.

“……..While in the middle of a job, even I won’t drink that much, you know?”(renji)

“I wonder about that. Weren’t you drinking last night as well?”

Saying that, Feirona left the room with a wry smile. He was holding a change of clothes under his arm. Bringing out a set of new clothes from my bag as well, I followed after him.

Other than the shared room me and Feirona were using, the second floor also had private rooms which were slightly more costly. They were the few rooms at the end of the corridor. At the door, a knight was standing. Then that must be Melentia-san’s room. Originally Ms Francesca was also supposed to have her own room, but then Mururu would be left out so they shared a room as well. And Aya and Solnea were sharing another room. At their doors as well, knights were standing.

Am I the only one who finds that to be weird instead. At least, Aya was making a troubled face as well. It would be fine if it was well built room like in the castle but wouldn’t sound pass through since the walls and doors are wooden?

“What’s wrong?”(elf)

“nah, it’s nothing.”

Did he find me looking at the knights to be weird as Feirona stopped and spoke up to me, but I shook my head. Well, I doubt they would converse about anything that should not be heard. And if she was really troubled by it, she’d come ask either me or Ms Francesca. And , all said and done, Aya is used to such a lifestyle as well. She wouldn’t care since it’s only for a few days.

“Also I overslept this morning because last night, I drank and made someone drink something weird along with the alcohol that’s all.”(renji)

“What do you mean?”(elf)

“Well, lots of things happened. Really, a lot……..”

When I said that, he realized that it wasn’t something that he should ask deeper about so he left it there.

Just like that, we headed towards the bathhouse on the first floor. Since there were many customers other than us as well, it was pretty crowded. Since not every house in a village would have a bath, there are even villagers who use this inn’s bathhouse…….It reminded me of the public-baths of our world. No, since there was no roof, I guess I should call it an open air bath. Since the female section was on the other side of a big wooden wall, it made it even more similar.

Without minding it much, as I took of my clothes, a slight commotion arose inside. The reason was my own body. My whole body was covered with numerous scars. Since I could feel the gazes, I could tell.

“This isn’t the first time, but really, that is incredible.”(elf)

“Not really.”

Any adventurer who has gone through a lot of hard battles would have such a body filled with scars in my opinion. Thinking that, I looked down at my own body. Most of the scars here were left by the Demon god Nayfell. The rest are from times when I wasn’t with Yayoi-chan, but most of them are from Nayfell.

Since I didn’t have my own magical energy, even with Yayoi-chan’s abilities, my wounds were hard to heal so the wounds given by Nayfell remained prominently. The power granted by the Goddess and the Demon God’s power itself. Comparing a granted power to a God’s own power, it’s clear which would be stronger. And since I was even more difficult to heal, the scars remained.

Well, to a man, scars were a medal of honour. I thought of it optimistically like that. Though sometimes, in fact many a times, it ruins the mood though.

“Now, if I had a few on the face as well, I’d look really cool.”(renji)

“Fuh, you don’t change no matter where you are, don’t you?”

“I’ve just gotten used to it that’s all. It’s important to get used to others seeing you with curiosity after all.”

That said, Feirona’s body was completely clear. On his pure white skin, typical to elves, there was not a single scar. Elves have high self-healing abilities and taking the help of the spirits, they could even further enhance that ability so this was obvious. Here, rather than feeling envious, I felt like I’d won at something more; I must really have gone crazy.

After taking off my clothes, and washing down my body, I dipped myself into the big bath that could let almost 10 people in at the same time. It must be a magician taking care of bath as even with so many people inside, the water was still crystal clear. It’s temperature was perfect as well.


Why do humans leak out a voice whenever they enter a bath I wonder. Submerging myself till the shoulders, I thought of that.

Aah, I can feel my tiredness get washed away. As expected, taking a bath after a long journey is a blissful experience. And drinking after washing away your fatigue is even better. I’m so excited that I can’t wait.

Ermenhilde isn’t here with me either so I can enjoy without restraint.  While I was relaxing myself like that, Feirona also entered the bath a little space away from me. So as to not let his long hair get wet, he had tied them above his head with his towel. Looking at just his face, mixed with the beauty of elves, he really looked like a woman.

“At first I didn’t really understand why you liked resting your body in hot water so much but, certainly, this is really comfortable.”(elf)

“I know right? Whoever thought of baths the first time was a genius.”

“Yeah, true.”

A few kids, probably from the village were running about inside. And it looked like the adults who were probably meant to look over them weren’t here either so it was pretty lively inside.

Well, this is also one of the charms of a public bath indeed. When, my gaze went towards the wooden wall separating our bath with the women’s.

“What? Curious about that side?”(elf)

“………in your head, just what kind of problematic guy am I?”

And, what does he mean by ‘curious’? I am interested in women but I don’t have a hobby of peeking at women whose names I don’t even know. And such a joke wouldn’t sit well with Melentia-san or Ms Francesca. And Aya wouldn’t hesitate to throw me in a pitfall as usual or blow me away with less powerful spell. In either case, I’ll end up with injuries. In Mururu and Solnea’s case……..I don’t know. I feel like those would give no reaction even if they were seen. At least, Solnea wouldn’t.

“Sorry, but I’ll get out first.”(elf)

While I was thinking about their reactions, Feirona stood up beside me and left the water. He’s still not used to these so can’t stay inside very long.

Then, thinking maybe I should as well, I stood up. After all, it’s pretty lonely to be here all alone. Even though back then it was normal for me. In the past, Souichi and others were really embarrassed to enter the bath together. Well they were in that kind of age so it’s normal but I wonder since when was it that they got used to coming with me?

While thinking of that, I finished changing clothes. Putting my dragon bone knife on my belt for emergency purposes, my clothes other than that were a normal set of light tunic and trousers. It was the same for Feirona.

“Well then, let’s go drinking shall we?”(renji)

“Yeah. Seriously, only at such times do you sound so lively.”(elf)

“It’s one of the greatest pleasures of travelling, drinking and eating a village’s tasty dishes, that is.”

“I guess that’s very like you, seriously.”

While hearing Feirona’s amazed voice, we walked out into the night village while laughing. Sometimes, being alone with a guy isn’t that bad either. Since Ms Francesca and Mururu were always with us till now, looks like tonight should be fun.

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