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KENS Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Merdiore (2)

When you think about port cities, you think about ships.

At the Merdiore port, a few dozen merchant ships were anchored, and inside, an even more number of battleships were anchored as well. The main, and the only difference between a merchant ship and a battleship was the size. In our world, they’d have artillery and cannons attached to the ship but this world’s ships don’t have any of those. Because they have something more convenient- magic.

If the monster is clinging close to the ship, they’d fight it at close combat and if its far, they’ll use magic to blow it away. This is the way battles usually occur on the seas in this world.

The ships are made of wood, and if I had to compare, they were close to the galleon ships used during the age of discovery in our world. It has 3-5 masts, can run pretty fast and can carry a lot as well. On the other hand, they are weaker against impacts to the sides and not just monster attacks, even huge waves could make them lose balance and could even overturn them.

The battleships were slightly wider and more balanced than merchant ships though. It also had the same number of masts but was comparatively slower. It’s currently folded, but normally the Imnesia flag is visible on the sail as well.

The number of crew members required for a merchant ship was about 300 people and 500 for a battleship. In a sense, the port itself seemed to hold an air of intimidation.

“Well this is amazing.”

Feirona, instead of his usual calm mood, spoke this with a dazed and surprised expression. He looked towards the ship, the looked at the slightly muddy water, then looked at the ship again. Maybe she found it amusing, Mururu observed Feirona as he continued to stare at the ships.

“Is this your first time seeing a ship?”(mururu)

“Yeah. I hadn’t left the forest very much before this after all.”(elf)

“I see…….It’s really fast.”

“Is that so.”

Mururu spoke that, somewhat proudly. And Feirona talked with her while laughing slightly. It’s like looking at an older brother and sister.

And even Solnea was dazedly staring at the ships.

“What’s wrong?”(renji)

“No, I was just thinking that so many people can ride on it.”(sol)

Looks like, rather than the ship, she was looking at the people on the ship instead. Just to load the luggage into a merchant ship, dozens of people were working together. You’d expect them to use magic to do all such stuff like its shown in normal fantasy settings, but this is more realistic. After all, lifting items and carrying them with magic exhausts far more magical energy than you’d expect.

Though there was a time when Aya carried tens of barrels at the same time through magic, it was only possible because she has magical energy in a whole different level, a gift directly from the goddess.

To me it really looked like she was doing it very easily though. Really, not having magical energy is such an inconvenience. Since I really have no perception about it, I can’t even talk about it like a normal human. In fact, there have been times where I have been told to have a thought process like that of a Elf, pixie or other such demihumans.

“Yeah. You need hundreds of people just to move the ship after all.”(renji)

“is that so?”(sol)

“If there’s strong wind, just spreading the sails would allow the ship to move but without wind, they have to manually row it with oars.”

“Oar? What’s that?”

“See those insect like legs coming out from the bottom side of the ship? Those are oars.”

[What kind of analogy is that?………]

It’s fine, they honestly look like that to me. Solnea, for once, seemed to be hearing me properly as she was focused on the oars.

Seeing us stop just staring at the ships, the sailors gave laughs. But that wasn’t sneer but simple amusement at Solnea and Feirona’s honest reactions which probably made them happy.

To the sailors, their ship was their life. Just like a sword is to a swordsman and forests are to elves, to the sailors, seeing such an honest reaction towards their ship makes them feel proud  and happy, I recall being told that once. They really are devoted to their jobs, and I still remember how every man seemed to be connected from their hearts.

………..I also recall being made to work hard like crazy after we departed as well. I wonder if that also counts as ‘good experience’. I really can’t decide.


“It’s nothing. So, are you curious about anything else?”

“You should ask anything you want Solnea-san. Renji-san knows a lot of stuff.”(aya)

“……….Don’t make it sound like I know everything though.”

I felt a bit embarrassed being praised by Aya like that. To be honest, in terms of extent of knowledge, I feel like Aya might be aware of a lot more things than me. I only know about lots of things but very shallowly. But her knowledge about the topic she knows is deep. And she really excels in explaining things as well.

Unaware of my thoughts, Aya gave a giggle and looked up towards the ship while standing in between me and Solnea. Seeing her press down her hair blowing from the wind, I felt a ‘womanly’ charm in her I never saw a year ago which made me give a wry smile. Should is see that as growth or should I see this as some change in my own feelings towards her?

[What happened? Captivated by the scenery?]

“Well, something like that.”(renji)

As I breathed out, Ermenhilde tried teasing me. When I shrugged at her words, Aya looked up towards me in confusion. Telling her that it was nothing, haah, she didn’t seem satisfied but she didn’t pursue it any further.

“But still, to think it’s the first time Feirona’s seeing a ship.”(renji)

“Yeah. I am looking forward to it but I am also slightly fearful of whether something so big can really float on water.”(elf)

“hahah, I guess that’s normal.”

“Since wood floats on water, is that principle used behind this?”

“Just think of it that way for now then. Now I’m looking forward to sailing with you.”

“As usual, you are such a tease.”

“I don’t think I am though.”

When I said that, except Solnea, everyone gave a sigh at me. Of course, even Ermenhilde. Well, I’m used to this treatment now.

It looks like Mururu isn’t that affected by Ms Francesca not being with us anymore. No, I guess she’s pretending to not look lonely. I think I’ll have Aya keep her company for a while.

“fufu. If you’re surprised from just this, you’ll be really amazed when you’re on the ship.”(aya)

“I see.”(sol)

“fumu……..I look forward to it.”(elf)

When Aya said that while looking at those two, Solnea, in her usual flat voice, and Feirona, in a slightly more excited voice than usual, replied back. Solnea aside, seeing Feirona so excited like that was so rare that both me and Mururu exchanged glances with each other.

“Then, Renji, can you operate a ship as well?”(sol)

Is this due to the comment that apparently, ‘I know a lot’?

Her expression was the same as always but somehow, it looked like she was trying to look deep inside me as well. It made me feel a awkward making me scratch my cheeks which made Aya burst into a funny expression.

“Unfortunately, I do not know how to operate a ship.”(renji)

“There is something Renji can’t do as well?”(sol)

“You, what kind of person do you see me as?”(renji)

Smiling at that weird question, Solnea made a blank puzzled expression. Her face was asking why I was laughing. That was weird as well, but right now Solnea doesn’t understand that.

“The things I cannot do are more in my case.”(renji)


But, the one who reacted to my words was Mururu. She looked up at me suspiciously.

“Renji’s actions differs from what he says.”(mururu)

“……..How rude.”(renji)

[That’s because you try to leave things for others to do even when you can do it yourself………haah.]

When I gave a shrug, both Feirona and Aya ended up laughing.

“In the first place, a ship isn’t something one man alone could operate.”(renji)

“What do you mean?”(sol)

“There’s the ship’s captain, then there are sailors who work as per his commands. Then there’s also a vice captain, navigator……..there are a lot of different people working together, only then does the ship move.”

But it looks like Solnea didn’t really understand what I was trying to tell her as she remained silent and was still waiting for me to continue explaining. I am not really good at explaining but this was really amusing. But still, she’s asking quite a lot of questions today……….thinking of that, I recalled that it was me who told her, in front of Ms Francesca house, to ask me if she wanted to know anything after all.

She’s really obedient to everything I tell her. In fact, it made me feel like she was waiting for me to tell her that all this time.

“So, are you interested in the ships?”(renji)


But, her reply was a simple one word denial. Her expression towards me as I dropped my shoulders was the same expressionless as always making me feel all the more exhausted.

“But, it looked like you were interested in them so..”(sol)


It was Aya who reacted to those words. Probably, I feel like something like a wall exists between her and Solnea.

“Renji, are you interested in ships?”(sol)

“Ships, or rather, I just love the sea, that’s all.”(renji)

Feeling the salty sea breeze, the beautiful scenery untainted by science. If only the monsters didn’t exist, it would be the best thing ever in my opinion. Also, there’ll be swimsuits. Well, the Aspidochelone that sometimes appears can also look like a whale so you can enjoy it as a part of scenery as well. The giant monster Aspidochelone is actually a harmless monster. But its so large that its size alone becomes a huge problem.

“The sea, is it?”(sol)

“The scenery from atop the ship is incredible you know? Though travelling on foot or on horses is also fun, its amazing on ships.”

When I laughed while saying that, Solnea turned to look back at the ship. As expected, still no expression. But it looked like she was staring at it more enthusiastically than before.

While I was looking at Solnea, my left arm was pinched slightly. Turning towards the culprit, Aya was looking at me with half open eyes.

“Well then, since it’s no use just staring at ships, let’s go to the guild shall we?”(renji)



Feirona and Mururu answered back. Solnea turned away from the ship as well and began to walk alongside those two.

“We should get going as well.”(renji)



The strength on hand pinching me lessened and turned more into Aya walking while holding on to me with her fingers, making me give a bitter smile. It’s quite fresh, walking like this without letting anyone else realize. I think so.

“Don’t get lost, okay?”(renji)

“……..I’m not a kid anymore.”




As I opened the Merdiore guild’s door, a few gazes turned towards us but realizing that we were also adventurers, they soon lost interest.

Checking the place, I saw dozens of adventurers spending time freely. Half of them were enjoying drinking and eating though. Seeing that, I was confused. Did something good happen?

“What’s wrong, Renji-san?”(aya)

“I’ll go ask some stuff. My face should  work as well. Wait for me.”

Since it’d be weird for them to wait right at the door, I asked them to get seated somewhere. Since I’m more used to such stuff, I should be the one to do it. And not to mention, there are a lot of people who know me here.

Around 2 years ago, we stayed almost a month in Merdiore to subjugate monsters. I should be able to make use of my connections from back then, I think.

While thinking that, I walked towards the reception. Just like the guild at the capital, there were multiple counters set and all of them had lines of adventurers. Joining the shortest one, I tapped the shoulder of the adventurer in front of me. With a really bothered face, he turned towards me.


“Did something happen here? The guild seems a lot more lively than usual.”(renji)

“Aah, last night, there was a huge monster subjugation. They’re dividng the rewards right now.”

I see.

I recalled the goblin hunt at Magic city. Since there were a lot goblins to be subjugated by a lot of adventurers, the reward was of course divided. But when huge monsters are taken out by many adventurers together, this happens as well. It’s nothing rare but it looks like more than 20 adventurers here. If it’s a monster that needs that many adventurers…….was it an Ogre? And maybe multiple of them?

“Did they take down Ogres or something?”(renji)

“Something even bigger.”

Saying that so proudly, Hehehe, the man laughed as if bragging. Judging by his appearance, he should be in his thirties so he should be quite experienced. At least, he shouldn’t be the type to consider Orcs or Harpies as something great.

“It was a Griffin, a Griffin!”

“…….Griffin, you say?”(Renji)

“Yeah. They’re as good as blind at night after all. So last night, we stayed awake climbing the mountain.”

The man was talking proudly but I could only tilt my head in confusion. Because after all, I saw a Griffin just close to Merdiore.

[What the hell is this guy talking about?]

Well, I want to agree with Ermenhilde as well but it doesn’t look like he’s lying either. And above all, the atmosphere inside the guild was really proof.

“But, I also saw a Griffin though.”(renji)

“Aah, that’s because we haven’t killed them all.”

Those words alone made it all the more nonsensical for me. The way he spoke means that they took down more than one. Well, though Griffins are tough demonic beasts but as long as you know the way, you can take them down fairly easily. In the guild, not just humans, even demihumans—–probably elves or dwarves from Elfreim must also be there. After all, beasts that don’t exist here do exist very commonly on other continents. It should be normal to use their knowledge to make a successful subjugation.

That’s quite the happy thing indeed but it’s weird why all of them haven’t been taken down yet. Griffins move in pairs of male and female. They should know what this means as well though.

Looking at me making a confused face, the man looked at me as if he was looking at something weird.

“Sorry. You did well living even against a Griffin.”(renji)

“Well, yeah. Wanna hear it all?”

“Maybe some other time.”

I am interested but it looks like it’ll be long so I refused. Tanned skin, gold hair, and a small scar beneath the eye. I have memorized his face so I can come talk to him whenever I need more info.

After that, I stood there for a few minutes waiting for my turn to come. When I finally stood in front of the counter, the man behind it glanced at my face, looked down towards the document, then instantly looked back up to me.


“yo, looks like you’re still doing well, Dagram.”(renji)

The one who made the surprised voice was Dagram. I forget his real name but that’s what everyone calls him here. Brown hair, thick beard, and tanned skin typical to those living in port cities. He’s a lot shorter than me but he’s make up for it with width. And I don’t mean that in the obese way either. That’s how muscular he is.

A dwarf. Though a race that mainly focuses on iron and steel work, he’s a weird one that instead works at a clerical job in a guild. And by the way, though he has such a dense beard, he’s not much older than me. It’s simply because he’s a dwarf.

When his loud voice reverberated in the guild, almost all the gazes focused towards us.

“You bastard, where the hell have you been wandering around all this time?!?”(dagram)

And Dagram, while shouting, put a knee on the counter and held my collars with both hands. I know he’s not actually serious but a dwarf’s natural brute strength alone made my head sway making vision unstable.

“I heard you had disappeared and got so damn worried! You goddamn idiot!”

“Ahh, a, ah, a,………”

I tried replying but my head was spinning too much. Without realizing my state, he continued shaking me while shouting.

[Oi Dagram, Renji is……..]

“That voice, Ermenhilde, you’re also here?”(dagram)

[Yeah, I am but………]

“Seriously, this fool. As usual he’s making everyone around him so worried eh?”

[no, like I said, Dagram, Renji is………..]

And till my face started to go pale from sickness, he continued to shake me like that. No, I don’t mind him shaking me that much though, I did make him worry like this after all, and this exchange really was nostalgic.

By the way, it was Aya who saved me. Though, that first made him even more surprised which resulted in me being shook even harder but I digress.

And it was also fun to be part of the welcome that all the other adventurer joined in as well, but could you guys not urge me to drink when it’s still noon. Even I wouldn’t drink so early when in front of Aya. It’s bad education to the kids……….I’d drink if not in front of her though.

“Ueghh……..I feel sick…….”(renji)

“Sorry, sorry, but, it’s been two years already eh?”(dagram)

Looks like he was reflecting on what he did as he apologised while scratching his head in embarrassment. I am not really angry, in fact I’m feeling quite happy.


“Really, sorry. It was my bad. Okay?”(dagram)

“nah, I’m not angry. It’s fine.”(renji)

“I knew it. That’s the kind of guy you are Renji.”

This bastard, his attitude changed way too fast.

He hasn’t changed at all, even Aya, who was massaging my back gave a sigh.

“Aya, you have grown up as well.”(dagram)

“Dagram-san hasn’t changed at all though.”(aya)

“HA HA HA. Don’t you know dwarves don’t grow any bigger than this?”

“…….Not in that sense…”

She sighed again.

It’s too much to ask of Dagram to read between the lines. He’s the frank and impulsive type and is the type of guy who’d walk on the path he believes in at all costs. That’s why I have a favourable impression of him and it made me feel happy and nostalgic to see this kind of exchange again.

“So, these three are? Introduce us.”(dagram)

“yeah, The Elf is Feirona, the beastwoman is Mururu and that’s Solnea. We’re travelling together.”(renji)

“Ou! Feirona, Mururu and Solnea, is it?”

Dagram spoke those names again, as if making sure to remember them. It’s not like his memory is bad or anything, it’s just one of his habits.

“I am Dagram. As you can see, I’m a dwarf.”

With a sultry smile, the dwarf gave his intro making Aya make a troubled face. As usual, she doesn’t like it. And judging from how Utano-san and even Kudou have said they didn’t find it very special either, I’m guessing all women will probably not like it.

In fact even Mururu was sending glances towards me making a troubled face seeing it. She basically wants me to do something. As a man, I really don’t understand what’s the problem though.

“Oi, Dagram, stop with that smile that troubles every woman.”(renji)

“Shaddup! They aren’t saying anything right?”

He’s laughing heartily but, you know, that’s because they just don’t want to offend or hurt you, that’s all.

Even Utano-san becomes unable to say anything in front of his smile. I guess it’s a woman thing.

“Also, Feirona, was it?”(dagram)

“ye, yeah.”(elf)

Being called suddenly, Feirona replied in a surprised manner. In a rare occasion, even Feirona had been surprised by Dagram’s smile. Since coming here, Feirona really has been getting surprised by a lot of things. It’s pretty amusing and it should be good experience for Feirona as well. Well, I wonder if I am allowed to talk about experience to a man who has lived countless years more than me though.

“You, are you the type that’s okay with dwarves?”(dagram)

“Hm? That’s………”(elf)

“After all, there are elves that don’t like dwarves right? Well, since you’re Renji’s companion, you should be fine I think……..”

“Oh so that’s what you meant. I don’t mind it much.”

“I see, I see.”

And once more he gave that weird smile of his. I understand that he’s happy but really, stop with that smile in front of women.

And on top of it, Aya, Mururu and even Feirona looked at me with a troubled face. Solnea, who remained expressionless as usual, instead looked surreal here.

While we were talking like that, a few drinks were brought to our table. I didn’t order them so I’m guessing it’s a treat. As I gave my thanks, the unfamiliar guild member gave a bow with a smile.

“Haven’t seen her here before.”(renji)


On my words, Dagram tilted his head in confusion. It’s cute when a girl does it but when a muscular dwarf does it, it’s just weird.

“That kid, you saved her long back.”(dagram)

“is that so?”

Being told that, I turned to look towards the guild member as she went back to the counter. She looked around 20 yrs old or maybe slightly older. With blue hair tied up, her neck and ears could be seen from under her hair, making her look sexy. Her skin was tanned just right giving her a lively impression.

Dagram said that I saved her but I don’t really remember. It might sound rude but, I ended up trying to recall her resting my chin on my fingers……..only to get elbowed by  Aya.

“It’s rude to stare so much.”


Like I said, why is her smile so scary? Since the start of this journey, I feel like she’s becoming more and more bold. Seeing that Dagram laughed out loud.

“What, already on a leash?”(dagram)

“Th, that’s not…”(aya)

“No need to say it, Aya. HA HA HA, looks like tonight drinks will be tasty, RenjI!”

Aya hung her head from just those words. Seeing her like that Dagram’s voice became even louder.

“Feirona, do you drink?”(dagram)

“M, me?”(elf)

“No, as Renji’s comrade, I’m sure you can hold a drink or two.”

“In your head, what kind of criteria do you think I base my comrades on?”(renji)

What kind of thinking is that since he’s my comrade he can drink? No well, Feirona is a good drinker though. He’s better than even me.

“For the time being, leaving the talk about drinks aside. Dagram, tell me about these Griffins.”(renji)

Turning the talk back to the important talk, everyone else gave a sigh of relief. Is his smile really that difficult to bear? The man himself refuses to realize that though………no, at least Solnea doesn’t mind it either.

“Griffin? The ones living in the mountain?”(dagram)

“yeah. I saw one before we entered Merdiore but, you guys haven’t subjugated them yet?”

“About that…”

Monsters are subjugated. It’s an obvious thing to do as adventurers. From what I’ve heard, a few Griffins have started living on the mountain but they have been successful in subjugating them as well. Then, why are they not wiping all of them off? Dagram’s also an inhabitant of Elfreim. He should be well aware of their threat.

Realizing my expression, Dagram scratched his head as if it was difficult to say. After a small silence, I took a sip from the drinks prepared. By the way, mine and Dagram’s drinks are filled with alcohol.

“Honestly speaking, we’re troubled to decide what to do.”(dagram)

“………From what I heard before, you guys have been able to successfully take down a few right?”

“Well, it’s just a Griffin, anyone can do that as long as we have the numbers. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of adventurers with Griffin subjugation experience here as well.”


“It’s not a port city just for show. In the past one year, adventurers from Elfreim have increased a lot.”

That’s great. The level of monsters between Elfreim and Imnesia are completely differnet. If the very experienced adventurers from that side also came here, it’s a great plus for Imnesia.

I thought that but Dagram was making a cloudy expression……or rather, he looked troubled.

“What you saw was probably an Arch Griffin.”

Hohh, At those words, I released a long breath. Even Aya put a hand on her mouth from surprise. And Feirona and Mururu, had probably heard the name at least as they were shocked as well.

“I see. That is definitely something you can’t fight against easily.”(renji)

“We came to know about it only last night. Thanks to that one, only half of the team was able to return alive.”

“………..The guys here seemed quite happy even then though.”

“Those are the ones who didn’t see it. There were three Griffins nests at different areas. One of them turned out to be an Arch Griffin’s nest.”

Basically, the man I talked to before just happened to be lucky to have faced just the Griffin.

Arch Griffin. Though normally speaking they aren’t any different from normal Griffins. It’s just a term given to fully matured, very experienced griffins. But the one thing troublesome about demonic beasts was that the more they live, the stronger they get.

Griffins have the protection of Sylph, the wind spirit and as they grow older, they become skilful enough to draw power directly from the spirits. The protection that at an early age only protects them from basic arrows, can turn into an incredibly offensive attack, or make them fly even faster as they grow older. As an Arch Griffin, they are even able to use roars to blow away close opponents, or use high screams to disrupt the concentration of magicians etc.

They are a very troublesome opponent. It’s the kind of demonic beast that’s not common even in Elfreim—–It only appears commonly in Abenelm.

“Why is an Arch griffin in Imnesia?”

Before I could say anything, Aya questioned Dagram. But the man only shrugged at it.

“No idea. It appeared about ten days ago.”(dagram)

“What you mean you have no idea………..”

“Even if you say that, we just thought that it was a normal griffin at first. 10 days ago, there was a storm at sea so we thought these griffins might have been carried here by the storm.”

“But, something more was mixed with them.”

And when they approached it, it turned out to be more than just a Griffin, eh? Now that’s………It wouldn’t have been just a nightmare for the ones that had to fight the Arch Griffin. It’s not just bigger, but also ferocious. It uses not just its beak or talons, but also the power of Sylph to use spirit magic to attack.

Adventurers alone won’t be enough, you’d need proper knights to kill one.

“Are there any survivors?”

“There’s 2 getting medical treatment though they aren’t in any shape to talk.”

“……..I see.”

I shouldn’t even ask how many had gone. It’s a miracle that there are survivors but the fact they can’t even speak means that they’re still in critical condition.

“But still, even though such a monstrosity is so close, why is no one panicking?”

“That, well, first of all, only Elfreim inhabitants have realized that its an Arch Griffin and the info hasn’t been leaked outside the guild yet.”

I see. Looking at my surroundings, no one seemed to be interested in our talk and they didn’t react even when we talked about it. The people of this continent has never seen an Arch griffin and there’s likely no adventurer who knows how to deal with one. I can understand why only inhabitants of Elfreim know of it.

“Also, there are also Harpies and Goblins nearby. It’s not gonna be troubled to find things to eat.”(dagram)

That really is one single relief. Dagram muttered that. That’s true. Griffins are carnivores and if there are monsters nearby to them, they won’t come all the way to attack the city.

“What will you do about the subjugation?”(renji)

“Right now, we’re discussing it with the capital. I don’t really like it but we might have to get the help from the knights.”

“I see.”

Though this problem is beyond the power of just the guild to take care of alone, they still have their pride.

“if you need any help, just tell me.”(renji)

“………you sure?”

“Only if there’s a need, okay?”

“Kuku, Sure, you’re the best, buddy.”

Saying that he struck at my back. It felt like getting hit by a wooden log.

[Why don’t we just go and kill it instead?]

Just then, Ermenhilde said something terrifying.

But even Aya seemed to be thinking the same as she looked at me. Feirona and Mururu just stayed silent, letting me decide.

“Thanks, Ermenhilde, Aya but you know, we can’t just depend on you heroes for each and everything, right?”(dagram)

“We don’t mind………”(aya)


I stopped Aya from saying anything.

The Guild has their own thinking. If they’re discussing it with the capital, this info should reach Utano-san and O’brien-san as well.  And those two know we’re here as well. And they would either move the knights even while knowing that or they would officially send a request to us to subjugate it. The Arch griffin has a lot of prey around it. We don’t have to rush it. We should wait to see their decision.

Aya can certainly take on an Arch Griffin but this is the Guild’s job. First we must respect the guild’s opinion in the matter. And if they send a request, we can accept it.

Even if we’re the Heroes, we can’t just rudely take control of someone else’s job. Even if that means we have to stand back and watch. There are a lot of times you have to just be patient and endure it.

“Well, for a while, we’ll be in Merdiore. We can move whenever required.”(renji)

“Thanks, really.”(dagram)

“Well, you’ll call us when the time comes anyway, I’m sure.”(renji)

“Nah, I’ll just have to ask you about the reward.”

So basically you’re agreeing that you’ll call us eh? Hitting our cups together to mark the end of difficult talk, we both gulped down our drinks.


“Why does alcohol taste so good after talking about problematic things I wonder.”

“I know, right.”

And, we both laughed together.

[So sultry……….]

Do you not understand the charm of that smile?

“please don’t start drinking from noon, Renji-san.”(aya)

“What, Aya, are you jealous that I took Renji from you?”(dagram)

“Looks like you’re already drunk Dagram-san.”(aya)


Seeing Aya’s ‘smile’, Dagram groaned. And he leaned in towards my ear.

“Isn’t she starting to become more and more like Yuuko?”(dagram)

“Dagram, women become stronger the older they get.”(renji)

In a small voice, we both spoke.

[Is what he’s saying, Aya.]

“Renji-san, we’re heading to our inn. Right now.”

Well I knew she’d hear us. And I know she knew that I knew as well. Yet why did her voice sound so cold.

Mururu just wanted to get as far away from Dagram as possible and was already standing. Even Feirona was picking up his and Solnea’s things and was standing up. You guys, do you really hate Dagram’s weird smile that much?

“The inn, it’s the same one you stopped in back then?”(dagram)


“I’ll come to invite you at night. We’ll go drinking.”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting.”

[Do you really not intend to lessen your drinking even a single bit?]

And as usual, Dagram gave his weird smile.

When I shrugged at Ermenhilde’s words, at the same time Aya pulled at my mantle. Is this what they call being on a leash/dominated??

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