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KENS Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Such Days Without Fighting (4)

Getting down from the carriage prepared for us, I felt the cold wind on my cheeks. Looking up towards the sky, stars, that looked so close that you’d think you could just grab them, were shining brightly. I ended up staring at that starry sky in a daze.

This is like the Nth time I have thought this but really, the starry sky of this world is simply too beautiful. Though the pale bluish moon of our world was beautiful as well, once you get used to it, the red moon of this world is incredibly lovely to see as well. Back then, I didn’t like it much since it reminded me of the colour of blood. Or rather, it felt really eerie and weird.

While I was thinking of such things, Aya and Feirona also got down from the carriage as well and stood beside me. As I had given my arm to help Aya get down, Feirona also gave a hand to Mururu. And lastly, Solnea got down as well.

Normally, I don’t do such things but since Aya was currently wearing a light green dress made of out of a smooth cloth and high heels on her feet. The skirt of the dress was long but it had a slit on the left side giving her a more mature look. Since it looked difficult to walk in, I gave her my elbow as support and though shyly, she took it.

Mururu was in pure white dress and low heel shoes. At first she was also supposed to be wearing heels but she was unable to even walk in it so we switched to shoes.

By the way, when she tried the heels for the first time at the shop and almost tripped, I tried supporting her only to get my own foot crushed by her heel as she stumbled. It hurt like hell, or rather, he top bone of my foot almost felt like it broke so I suggested to switch her into shoes. She wanted to wear the heels Ms Francesca chose but since it would cause only trouble to others, I had to stop her.

Solnea was not in her usual black dress and was instead wearing a light purple dress chosen by Ms Francesca. Since the dress made her body outline stand out and her white shoulders were in the open, it made her look really sexy.

All of these dresses were made to perfectly fit and weren’t something one could make in just a day or two. But since they only invited us to dinner last night, how did they even order the tailor beforehand. Also, how did they know their sizes from?

“Do these clothes not look weird on me?”(elf)

“Just relax. You have a good looking face so you look good no matter what you wear.”(renji)

[………Is that supposed reassure him?]

“I see.”(elf)

For once, even Feirona was a bit conscious about what he was wearing. I guess it’s only normal as instead of the normal travelling clothes he usually wore, he was currently wearing a tuxedo. Basically, clothes that properly follow a dress code. After getting the invitation last night, they prepared a set of formal clothes for us as well.

As expected, since he was handsome his dress really suited him and if not for the pointy elf ears, anyone would mistake him for someone from a noble family. Seeing him fiddle with necktie he was not used to wearing was charming as well.

Beside him, Mururu, probably slightly conscious of the short height  of the knee-length skirt was pulling the hem of her skirt and kicking the ground with her boots repeatedly.

“If you kick the ground so much, those specially prepared boots would get dirty you know?”(renji)


When I said that, she quickly stopped having realized what she was doing. Seeing her unable to calm down having worn such clothes for the first time made her look really childish.

“This skirt and boots, they feel weird.”(mururu)

“I’m not used to this necktie either. Yeah, they do feel weird.”(elf)


Saying that, she held and shook the hem of her skirt. Under the faint light coming from the mansion, her white thighs looked charming. I thought I had gotten used to seeing that considering Mururu’s always wearing hotpants-like short pants but in a skirt, the feeling is completely different from before.

[How improper.]

“As a girl, Mururu has to get used to wearing skirts someday or the other though.”(renji)


“Just like how Aya, you have to get used to wearing heels.”(renji)


While finding her to be charming as usual as she held on to my arm to walk, I looked towards her face right which was right beside me. Her hair, instead of being tied to the side as usual, had been tied behind her neck with a barrette right now. Though she had a childish look to her usually, right now she looked more like a splendid lady. That is, if she learns to walk properly in high heels.

[Why not just wear slightly less taller heels?]

“I thought I’d get used to it one I started walking……..”(aya)

Looks like even she thought that she should have gone for less taller heels as her reply to Ermenhilde lacked power.

“It’s fine, it’s a rare occasion after all. And it’s not like skirts and heels are dangerous or anything.”

Well, if you move like you normally do in a skirt, it’ll be dangerous in a different way though. But not saying that, I just yawned. Ah, but, I’ll be glad if my foot wasn’t stomped on by a heel again. That really hurt, okay.

I turned my gaze towards the silently standing Solnea. Since getting on the carriage, she hasn’t spoken much. I was worried that something might have happened but apparently she was silent solely because there was nothing interesting to talk about, that’s all. This wasn’t her first time riding a carriage either and neither did she find the night scenery very interesting. In my opinion, the city at night felt pretty nice though.

“Now that I think about it, you sure seem to have no problems wearing high heels.”(renji)

“Got used to it.”(sol)

“……..It’s convenient how that’s all the explanation you have.”

“Whether it be chess, or wearing heels. Solnea-san really learns everything fast.”(aya)

“Is that so?”(sol)

It doesn’t seem like she’s aware of it either. Even though Aya said that, she just spoke that sounding slightly perplexed. But, truly, it is as Aya said. Having already learnt all the rules of chess according to Aya-sensei, Solnea wouldn’t lose to any of the townsfolk anymore! I should take her to that place once more in a few days. I thought that she’d be happy, then tilted my head in confusion. I couldn’t imagine Solnea showing such a emotion. I really want to at least see her smile but that’s still a far away goal.

[What was it? The word from your world used for Aya and Mururu as they are currently…….?]

“‘Good clothes can make anyone look great’, that one?”(renji)

[yeah, that one.]

“I’ll get angry Renji-san, Eru.”(aya)

Even though she said that in a playful voice, both us were lost for words. It was Ermenhilde who asked that though…….And Ermenhilde being herself was asking me [Was it not a compliment?] Looks like she didn’t get my joke.

Hearing that, was it just my imagination that Aya’s smile became even scarier? While facing the contradictory situation of getting glared at and smiled at, at the same time, I felt once more that Aya really was turning more and more like Utano-san. She’s become mentally stronger, or rather, has become able to say what she wants to. Well, that woman looks at people with a gaze that feels like she’s looking at garbage and not a smile like Aya though. Trying to run from Aya’s ‘smile’, I turned to look towards the noble mansion shining under the red moonlight.

It should be obvious but it was much bigger than any other normal house. There was a wall around the whole mansion and the entrance was a huge iron door. Through the gate, there was a courtyard big enough that it’d take a few minutes to cross it even with a carriage and finally at the end was the mansion itself that looked similar to a european style house from the medieval times.

It was Ms Francesca’s…….Barton family’s mansion. After coming to Merdiroe, this was my first proper visit to here but still, under the red moonlight, the mansion looked eerily silent. Well, I actually can hear some voices from inside and I can clearly see the light from the lamps in the corridors of the mansion as well. By the way, since most nobles had still not switched to using magic lamps, they still used normal lamps inside their houses.

A while after all of us got down from the carriage, the driver took away the carriage to somewhere behind the mansion.

“Now, for a while, don’t talk okay?”(renji)

[I can talk as long as you guys don’t react right?]

“………Well, I guess only if it’s just to me.”

I’m used to hearing Ermenhilde talk while in public as well after all. When I said that, instead of Ermenhilde, Aya gave a giggle. What was there to laugh about in this conversation?

“You can talk to me as well, Eru.”(aya)

[Umu. I’d get bored if I don’t talk at all. Aya’s kind after all.]

“You make it sound as if I’m not kind though?”(renji)

[But Renji was the one told me to stay quiet, right?]

And what came was her sulky voice.

I wasn’t really trying to hurt her but she got angry anyway. Looks like Ermenhilde really just wants to talk to me regardless of circumstances. Now I understand her feelings, but tehre are some manners even between friends. I don’t like seeing her get angry at me either. Well, I do when I feel like teasing her though.

“Wait, Ermenhilde?”(renji)

[Hmph. I’ll only talk to Aya for the whole evening.]

“………Ah, Ermenhilde-san?”

Though she doesn’t seem that angry, it should be fine but its still a bit sad to not get a response from her. Just when I wondering what to do, the door to the mansion opened and an aged man in a tuxedo appeared. As the double doors opened, the light of the lamps inside shone bright on my eyes which had gotten used to the darkness of the night.

“I apologise to have made you wait for so long.”(man)

“No, please do not be concerned.”(renji)

Answering that it was nothing formally, we began to walk. Looks like she got slightly used to the heels as Aya seemed to be walking much better than before. She’s still has linked up arms with me though.

Walking through the high class red carpet, and after another door, about ten or so maids and butlers were waiting for us.

Since he was probably not used to this, Feirona’s body was quite stiff. And even Mururu, probably unconsciously had moved behind me and Aya as if hiding. Solnea continued to walk as usual with her dazed face.

“Renji-sama, Aya-sama.”

Beyond these maids, standing in front of the stairway that went to the second floor of the mansion, a woman spoke up. Looking towards that voice, Ms Francesca was standing there wearing a bright yellow coloured dress.

Since I was more used to seeing her in her travelling clothes and school uniform, for a second I failed to even recognise her. Even her hair, that was normally tied behind her head with a ribbon, was tied with a white ribbon and hanging from above the left shoulder. This new look gave a fresh feeling but I had to really restrain myself to not let my gaze move towards her chest that was even more emphasized because she was wearing a corset.

“Everyone, thank you very much for coming here tonight.”(fran)

Saying that, she held the both ends of her skirt and gave an elegant bow. That action was so refined that it felt really graceful . looks like she really has properly been taught in noble mannerisms as well. Well, since she talked very politely normally as well, I was pretty sure already. But because her image as an adventurer is so strong, it still made me slightly shocked.

I ended up muttering ‘houu’ under my breath. Even though she’s barely older than Aya, she’s so masterful at this.

“And thank you to have invited all of us here as well.”(renji)

Answering her, I also gave a bow. After me, everyone else gave a bow as well. Was she surprised by hearing me speak so seriously as well, Ms Francesca’s smiling face broke for a second and showed a surprised expression. But she instantly fixed that.

[It seems it such things really don’t suit you.]

I know very well. Because I feel the same. Ms Francesca probably heard that as well as her smile seemed less stiffer than before.

Answering back to Ermenhilde inside my head, I lightly hit on the medal from above the pocket. Seeing that usual action from me, Aya gave a sigh beside me……..It wasn’t my fault, it was Ermenhilde who didn’t read the mood. Why did it feel like she was blaming me? Did I make a mistake in educating her somewhere?

“Please follow me. We have prepared a meal for you, and hope that it suits your taste.”(fran)

Saying that, she led us towards what was probably the dining hall. Soon, the man who accompanied us from the inn till the mansion opened up the door to the room.

Though not very old, he still seemed much older than the other butlers. He might be something like the head butler here.

As expected, we were led to the dining hall. On a long table that could fit at least ten people at the same time had some fruits decorated on top of it. In every corner, splendorous items that fit a nobles house were kept. A giant vase, or a painting that didn’t make much sense, a silver statue of the goddess and what was possibly a horn of a demonic beast was hanging on the wall.

All of these seemed to be high class items but the fact that they were all kept in a way not to purposefully show them off gave a good impression. I guess since they are merchants at heart, they probably don’t indulge in the usual noble habits that much. It’s a real pain to see a finely crafted vase inlaid with gems and stuff and then get an infinitely long explanation about how some famous craftsman made it. Looking inside the dining hall, since there wasn’t that kind of atmosphere, I felt relieved.

And my gaze turned towards the 4 people standing towards the other side of the long table. One was Melentia-san. I had heard that ms Francesca was the youngest of three sisters so the one standing to the left of Melentia-san must be the middle sister. Though the oldest sister and the youngest seemed to have the same honey coloured hair and voluptuous body, the second sister in contrast had pale blue hair and was also wearing a similar coloured dress on her not so sexy body. She was slightly shorter as well, enough that I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was the youngest of the three.

Melentia-san was, though different from the one I saw before, wearing a passionate red dress. With those strong willed eyes, red really suited her.

Then, my gaze met a quite youthful looking woman who should be the mother of these three. Like the second daughter she also had pale blue hair tied up, and was looking towards us with a sharp gaze. Looks like Melentia-san’s sharp gaze is inherited from her mother. But the mother was much shorter in height than Melentia-san, barely to her shoulders. Though still taller than the second daughter.

“Well well, thank you very much for having come to our house today.”

And the one spoke that should be the father. I just felt it from a single glance. With the same honey coloured hair and gentle smile, tall, and tight physique. Honestly, he might be more muscular than even me. Rather than a merchant, the man felt more like an adventurer. Even his properly cut made him look all the more manly.

Rather than hold a pen and signing papers, holding a sword seems to fit him more. He probably in his forties but he looked much younger. Seeing his smile, he really felt like he was Ms Francesca’s father. Whether it be the hair, the smile, or atmosphere in general.

“Thank you for inviting us today.”(renji)

“Oh please raise your head. It’s not such a big thing.”

“Very well, please excuse me then.”

The conversation was the same even from when we were travelling as Heroes and met nobles but hearing the father sound honestly surprised, even I felt a bit surprised.

Unlike his appearance, he’s quite the humble man it seems. That was my first impression of him at least. I feel that it was nice to see him so friendly rather than sound high-handed, when the mother, who was standing beside him, elbowed him in the side. And it was amusing to see Melentia-san move away so that we don’t notice that. Judging from the flow of events, it looks like this was a common thing. A timid father and his confident wife eh?

“We, well then, please take a seat Renji-sama, Aya-sama, and Francesca’s friends as well.”

Seeing him use formal speech to even Feirona and others, I felt like I understood his nature slightly. Beside me sat Aya, then Solnea, Feirona, Mururu, in that order. When sitting, I didn’t forget to pull the chair for Aya either. It’s a part of the gentlemanly conduct after all.

Saying thanks in a small voice, Aya sat down. Confirming that her mouth was slightly upturned, I also sat down without saying anything further.

Sitting directly opposite to me was Ms Francesca’s father, then the mother in front of Aya, and Francesca sat in front of Mururu. Giving a smile towards Mururu, she returned a light smile as well. While finding that to be lovely, I turned back towards the father sitting in front.

“Oh sorry to have been late in introducing myself, I am Leonhart Barton.”

“And his wife, Arteria.”

As he gave a perfect bow, it was hard to imagine him to be the same man who was elbowed by his wife……by Mrs Arteria.

“During the journey, it seems you saved Francesca’s life. And no amount of thanks can be enough for that.”

“Please raise your head, Leonhart-dono. In fact, I was the one who was saved by your daughter many times.”

After that for a while, I praised ms Francesca for a while. I shouldn’t be the only one who ends up slightly exaggerating a daughter’s exploits during her journey to her parents right?

In the mean time, Ms Francesca seemed to be constantly muttering something with a red face but I decided to ignore it. I think she probably trying to deny what I was saying out of embarrassment in a really small voice. Seeing that even the sharp eyed Arteria-san and Melentia-san were also listening attentively , though I felt bad for Ms Francesca, I was happy to see that she was really loved in her family. I wasn’t sure what kind of position she’d have in the family as she was told to not have a talent in magic but it seems she’s really loved.

“Ah but, talking so much even when dinner is in front of us, I’d feel bad for the cooks who went through all the effort to make this.”(renji)

Since my talk about Ms Francesca finally reached an end, I spoke that. It’s fun to talk about our travels but it’d be rude to the cooks to not eat the dishes in time. And I’d feel bad to make Mururu wait any longer as well.

“That’s true. Then let us continue our talk after dinner is done, shall we?”(leo)


“If possible, Aya-sama, it’d be great if you could tell us some stories of Francesca at school as well…….”

“of course.”(aya)

First both Aya and me took a taste of the dishes, then everyone began to eat at their own pace.

To Solnea, Aya said to imitate her as well as she could. Looks like Mururu was imitating after Ms Francesca and Feirona as told beforehand. As expected, it’d be impossible to teach her table manners in a single day after all.

She seemed quite eager to learn but simply didn’t have the concentration for it. She was bad at delicate actions and staying still after all.

Normally, it’s considered good manners to not talk when eating but tonight, as if showing to be at ease, Leonhart-san often spoke up. I for one truly enjoy a lively meal so I continued to answer to him. Of course, most of these questions were about Ms Francesca though. At times, as if he finally recalled, he did ask about us as well.

It’s fine to just treat me and Aya as normal people you know? But even if I said that, I’d only end up making these people feel troubled so I didn’t.

When we finished with the appetisers, the soups were brought in. It was a maid who brought it in, and there was no excess in any of her movements. Without making a single sound, she took away the dishes on which the appetisers were served and the soup dishes were placed.

[……….this won’t be enough for Mururu.]

But since I couldn’t reply to her, I just gave a slight nod so that Leonhart-san and others don’t notice.

Beside me, Aya, gave a short giggle.




(Part 2)

After finishing the main dish and the dessert, I took a breath as I wet my throat down with the wine. Though I have been properly taught table manners, all this formality still stiffens up my shoulders.

By the way, Aya and Mururu were brought fruit juice. Alcohol is only after they become adults. Both seemed to look at me implying not to treat them as children but on this matter alone, I won’t yield.

“Renji-sama, Aya-sama, would you perhaps have some time after this?”(leo)

“Is there something you need?”(renji)

“Need, or rather, there’s something I want to discuss about.”

He must have something he really wants to talk about it seems. Judging by his side glances, it must be about Ms Francesca. The fact he asked for Aya as well was……..well, probably because he’s treating her in the same way as me as she has the status of a hero like me as well. Honestly, I’d like nothing more than to be treated normally but with Aya here as well, I hesitated to say that.

“I do not mind. Feirona, can I leave Mururu and Solnea to you?”(renji)


Somehow I feel like I have been asking Feirona to act as babysitter quite a lot of times recently. But if I said that I feel like Mururu would get angry so I won’t.

“Then, Francesca, go take your friends to your room to talk will you?”

“Ah, yes.”(fran)

“Melentia, Kalafina, both you also go and get acquainted with them as well.”

When leonhart-san said that, everyone else left their seats silently. And at the same time, I handed over Ermenhilde to Feirona as well.

[I can finally talk.]

Her voice resounded in my head. Since Melentia-san and others are still there, I wanted to tell her to not talk yet. Well, Feirona should be able to take care of that. I feel like I rely a lot on him. Or maybe Ms Francesca might introduce even her to her sisters.

I’ll leave that aside for now. Though I don’t want too many people to be able to hear Ermenhilde’s voice either. As everyone left, only me, Aya, Leonhart-san and Mrs Arteria were left in the room. The maids silently cleared away the dishes and left as well.

“Once again, you have my gratitude to have been helping my daughter till this day.”(leo)

Once again, Leonhart-san and Arteria bowed.

“Please, I said this before as well but your daughter has helped me many times as well. And she has even been helping Aya here at school as her senior as well.”(renji)

“Yes, Francesca-senpai has been very kind to us at school as well so please raise your heads.”(aya)

Now if I only I could tell how much I dislike such formalities. But that’d only make it sound even ruder. Since they are the ones welcoming us here, we have a duty act accordingly as well. That’s what we refer to as courtesy.

It was too stiff for people like me and Aya who were commoners to the core but this also comes as a part of having the title of a Hero I believe. This’d sound like worthless nagging but I really don’t think the title of a Hero suits me. I wasn’t born as a noble and lived such a life after all.

“So, what is the matter you wanted to talk about Leonhart-san?”(renji)

“Yes, that’s……this may sound rude but from your point of view, how is Francesca?”(leo)


Unable to get what he was asking, I asked him to explain.

Leonhart-san looked towards him straight, and with a strong gaze.

“I always thought that she was the type who hated fighting. Raised almost as a princess, she grew up as a tender-hearted girl……..but then she awoke to magic, and began to head on that path.”

Looks like the topic was about ms Francesca after all. As he spoke while slightly shivering, I almost felt sadness from him. And as his face bent lower and lower as he spoke, I got worried for a second that he might even be crying.
……….Beside him, mrs Arteria seemed to be looking at him with a chilly gaze though.

“I do not wish for her to get involved in such dangerous things, we are from a merchant family after all. Now though it’d be difficult for her to inherit the family business, at least I want her to live the life as a daughter of a merchant house would, and one day marry a man in the same business like Kalafina.”

“uh, okay……….?”

Aya spoke sounding troubled but Leonhart-san seemed to have not heard that. After that, for a while, he told us about Ms Francesca before she went to the magic Academy. Like how she hated bugs, and even used magic to get rid of them. That was how the [magician] Francesca Barton was born in fact.

It seems though the people of this family posses magical energy, they can’t use magic itself so they were very surprised at first, and then became very happy. But as a result, she got completely absorbed in magic and finally enrolled in the academy. By the way, Leonhart-san was against that decision apparently.  He even gave fervent speech about it. Just how much does he like his daughter? At first I thought he was the mild type of person but looks like inside, he’s quite the passionate man. That part of him quite resembles Ms Francesca as well to be honest.

“I apologise. When it comes to our daughters, my husband stops seeing everything else.”(arteria)

“No, as a man, I do understand his feelings as well.”(renji)

I think every male parent is like this when it comes to daughters.

I’ll get really worried whenever Yui-chan would be reckless or do something dangerous and if she ever got a boyfriend I won’t be able to calm down I think.

Well, before me, that boyfriend would have to pass the tall wall that is KNIGHT and Fafnir though. And she’s just 16 right now anyway, such things are still far away.

I thought that but then again, Aya was 15 back then, and Masaki-chan was 16………..realizing that, I guess they were this age as well when she began clinging to Souichi. Then there was also Yuuichirou’s case but when it comes Yui-chan, I don’t think she’d get a lover without telling anyone. When I met her in the capital, she showed no such signs as well and even that over talkative Anastasia didn’t say any such thing.

“Is that so?!”(leo)

I got a bit surprised by leonhart-san as he suddenly rose his face and said that but something happened underneath the table that he shook once and then seemed to calm down a lot.

What the heck just happened under the table? His foot must have been stomped on I think. Happens a lot to me as well after all. I won’t say by whom though.

“Well—–this is the main matter but, can Francesca survive and achieve accomplishments as an adventurer?”(leo)

“As an adventurer, is it?”


“After returning home, we heard a lot about Francesca’s travels with Renji-sama from her.”(arteria)

“………I see.”(renji)

Now, what did she tell I wonder. She didn’t go through anything that might make this father of hers so sad though. In contrast, Mrs Arteria didn’t seem to show much unrest like her husband. So, she was the one who continued the topic.

Even though he looks like such a firm man, is he that weak mentally? Or was it only because it concerned his daughter?

“She spoke about it very happily, in fact she showed a smile we never saw from her when she was at home.”(arteria)

“I see…”

“After getting saved by Renji-sama, everything started when you decided to help her with her academy assignment supposedly?”

“Yes, that’s right. Now that I recall, the first time I met her was when I saved her from that goblin attack eh?”(renji)

How nostalgic. It’s almost been half a year from that time.

After getting almost killed by some goblins, she cried a lot. Even though now I think she has grown strong enough to manage even a group of goblins alone.

“But, though she was very lively at first after returning home, recently she has been sighing around a lot.”

“Sighing, you say?”

I glanced at Aya but she shook her head. Looks like even Aya has no idea what’s this about.
Of course, neither do I.

After a few months, she’ll also graduate from the academy. Now I don’t know what she plans to do after that but I believe that she’s been sighing because she’d be unable to travel with Renji-sama and your group any longer.”

“Did she say that?”(aya)

“No. That girl, I wonder who she’s taken after, but she always tries to carry her burdens and problems alone.”

“I see.”

Giving vague replies, inside, I agreed as well.

Back when we first met, she had been trying to do everything alone after all. Even though she wasn’t even used to travelling, she tried helping me as well. Even though she couldn’t cook, she tried hard to.

She did all out of good intention and she did help me a lot. And above, all it was lonely to travel alone so travelling with her made me feel lively as well.

But, she wasn’t in any way perfect at everything and there were many times she got depressed due to not being of much help to others. Because I know that, I could understand what Mrs Arteria was saying.

“So, how does this concern to being an adventurer?”(renji)

“……..if she had the ability to excel as an adventurer, would it be possible for her to continue to travel along side you Renji-sama?”

“I see. So that’s what you mean.”(renji)

Fumu, I rested my chin on my fingers.

I didn’t expect something like this. I didn’t see any difference in Ms Francesca when she came to meet us at the inn and she didn’t seem to show any reaction when I talked about travelling to Elfreim either.

That’s why, I was sure that she had also somewhat resolved herself to part ways with us.

“Did Francesca-san say something like that even once?”(renji)

“No. Like I said before, she—-”

“Now this might sound very harsh of me but our journey from hereon will be very dangerous. Honestly speaking, I cannot guarantee that even me or Aya would return back safe.”

I could sense the two in front of me gulp.

I said this to Mururu as well but we aren’t strong enough to be able to protect her in that kind of place as well. The divine protection of the goddess didn’t make us omnipotent.

I can’t even fight properly unless against an apostle or a descendant of a God and Aya only specialises in attacking. I hired Feirona and Mururu solely to protect Solnea. There was not much margin to add Ms Francesca into it as well. Then, she’d have to protect herself.

“If she understands  the danger, and wishes and openly speaks to still travel with us, and……”


“If Leonhart-san is still willing to send his own precious daughter to such a dangerous journey, I am willing to conduct a test.”

I wonder will he allow it? To let her daughter go off on a dangerous journey…..where she could even die?

If it was me—— I don’t know. I wonder what it’d be. I have never truly had a daughter and I am currently taking Aya, who was closest to a daughter to me, on said journey but somewhere deep inside I wish for her to be somewhere safe as well.

If Yui-chan ever said that she wanted to go on such a dangerous journey, how would I answer?

“I assume you are aware of the Griffin nest near Merdior yes?”(renji)

“Wha, yes.”

“Information is life to merchants, I guess.”

It should be obvious that’d they’d be aware of such a thing.

“Soon, we’ll be subjugating those griffins. If she says that she wants to come with us, she’ll have to prove her strength there.”(renji)

Saying all that without a pause, I took a deep breath.

If Ms Francesca were to travel with us again, Mururu will be happy, and Solnea will also have another opponent to play chess with. And honestly, it’s never bad to have too many beauties on a journey.

But, the journey is very dangerous. Death is a possibility.

If she fully understands that, gets approval of her parents, and shows to have strength enough to protect herself, only then——

“From when I first met her, she has definitely gotten much stronger. But the question still remains whether she’d be able to protect herself in the upcoming journey.”(renji)

But, I thought. It was like this back when I first met her as well. Even when I said that she might die, she still looked ahead. She completed the Orc subjugation.

These two asked whether she’d be able to become an accomplished adventurer but I wouldn’t know that.

I may have travelled around the world in order to subjugate the Demon God but still I have only been an adventurer for just 2 years.

But then again, I do think I faintly understand what’s important to an adventurer.

Will and effort. Talent comes second. Though one might need talent to make some great accomplishments as an adventurer but to an adventurer, what’s more important is the will to survive and to put in effort for it.

“Is that all you wanted to talk about?”(renji)

“Uh, Yes.”

“I see. Then, we’ll take our leave. Thank you very much for this enjoyable time tonight.”

Taking another breath, I gave a meaningful smile.

Relaxing at that, both clearly broke their expressions. I may consider the title of a Hero as a burden but that’s not so to the society. They will see me as the Hero no matter what. Even now they seemed to be acting sorry wondering if they had angered me by anything.

Even though they are much more amazing having so much wealth, and ships that were the corner stone for trade, than someone like me whose only accomplishment is to have killed a God.

But no matter what I say right now, it wouldn’t reach these two. I’ll ask Mururu to tell it to Ms Francesca later.

“We’ll prepare a carriage so can you please wait a while?”

“Of course. I need to talk to Francesca-san as well. When the carriage has been prepared please call us.”(renji)

Saying that, I stood up. I’ve eaten my fill and also got to hear a lot about Ms Francesca and her past as well. In the end, it became slightly awkward but I can call this an enjoyable night I think. I really must be a commoner to the core to be already thinking for a way to apologise for tonight later.

“Aya, let’s go.”

Holding out my left elbow, Aya entwined her arm around mine. Looks like she still hasn’t gotten used to the heels. How charming, really.

“Sorry to have decided all that by myself.”(renji)

“It’s fine. As long as Francesca senpai wishes for it and Renji-san is fine with it.”

“……….It’ll be a dangerous journey though.”


Did I say something amusing as Aya gave a small laugh.

Leonhart-san gave a clap and the door to the dining hall was opened and a few butlers came in. Looks like they’re here to lead us to ms Francesca’s room. So we followed after the butler.

“I’m with you as well. Let’s protect them together.”(aya)


How reassuring, really.

“I’ll be relying on you then.”(renji)

“Yes. Please do—-as much as you want.”(aya)

The moment she said that, due to the heels, she stumbled even though there was nothing in the way.
She didn’t fall as she was supported by my elbow but how should I say it………..yeah..

“I’m still uneasy about this.”(renji)

“……..I’m not wearing heels ever again.”(aya)

That’s not okay on its own though.

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