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KENS Character Index

The 13 Heroes:

  1. Yamada Renji [GodSlayer]: MC, 28yrs old. The leader and father figure of the 13. His power is the “Weapon to kill god, [Eremenhilde]”, A medal with it’s own consciousness that can transform into any kind of weapon and capable of killing even god. Due to restrictions put on Eremenhilde, Renji cannot pull out the full potential of Eremenhilde unless the requirements are achieved.
  2. Amagi Souichi [The Brave]: 18 years old teenager with good looks. He respects and admires Renji, enough to dream to become a man like Renji. His power is  being [Undefeatable as long as his will is not broken.]. Also possess a Holy sword.
  3. Fuyou Aya [Grand Magus]:Childhood friend of Souichi and Yayoi, 18 years old. Her power is [Magical power that rivals the Gods].
  4. Amagi Yayoi [Saint]: Little sister of Souichi, 17 years old. Bro-con slightly. Her power is [To heal any kinds of wound]. She is revered as the [The Holy Woman] and has a lot of fans.
  5. Utano Yuuko [The Sage]:  28-29 years old. She is the mother figure of the team. Her power is [To use any kinds of magic from any story etc. that she knows]. Also sometimes called as a [Witch].
  6. Inoue Koutarou [The Wizard]: 21 yrs old. Total chuuni. He also changed his appearance which resulted in silver hair, right red eye, left gold eye, and androgynous appearance. Has the title of [Magic-eyes Holder]. His right eye can see glimpses of the future.
  7. Hiyuu Yui [Monster Tamer]: 16 years old Albino girl. The youngest of the group. She has a timid personality.Her power is [To make contracts with monsters]. Currently she has contracts with 3 monsters: Fairy Queen <Anastasia>, Dead Knight <KNIGHT>, Dragon King<Fafnir>.
  8. Kuuki Yuuta [The Knight]: 23 yrs old. Very tall. His power is [Shield to protect from any kind of attacks]. Currently the vice commander of the Knight Orders. In love with the princess of the country.
  9. Kudou Rin [Item Creator]: 22 yrs old. beautiful but has no interest in fashion. Likes girls more than men. Likes teasing others.Her power is [To create any kinds of item]. She can create weapons, armors, even furniture, etc.
  10. Hisaki Masaki [Demonic Sword user]: 19 yrs old. Her power is [To cut through fate itself]. She is also known as Magic-sword user and uses katanas as a weapon.
  11. Toudou Hiiragi [The Cook]: 26 yrs old.
  12. ???
  13. ???

Other Side Characters:

  1. Francesca Barton: 19 years old. From a noble family. A student at magic academy. Was saved by Renji and became friends.
  2. Feirona: A very handsome Elven male. Often teams up with Renji and Francesca.
  3. Mururu: 15 yrs old. A demi human girl from the wolf tribe. Very strong.
  4. Solnea: A mysterious girl found by Renji in a cave.
  5. O’brien Arbelia: 48 yrs old. Commander of the Knight order and the strongest human knight. Trained mostly Renji, and others as well sometimes, to fight when they arrived in this world.
  6. Astraera: The Goddess governing light. Created the human race. Summoned the 13 to this world.
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