KENS LN Volume 3 Illustrations [Heavy Spoilers]

Okay so these illustrations contain some VERY HEAVY SPOILERS, the last image to be exact, which you would definitely recognize from the most recent chapter you read. I don’t like how they gave such a big spoiler away so easily in the illustrations but scroll at your own risk!!



17 responses to “KENS LN Volume 3 Illustrations [Heavy Spoilers]

  • half-heart

    right in the heart. the last image.


  • The One Above God

    Holy crap, those are some good illustrations. Also, that last one really gives a strong impact for that particular scene…


  • Shiikun


    *cries in the corner*

    … The feels… too stronk. From merry and casual pictures dived to heavy feels.

    Thanks for the illustrations.

    P.S. Can I get Mururu’s pic as wallpaper?


  • Chibazx

    Is the Goddes-sama in the last pic ?


  • Tabeleta

    The last pic is the same from volume 1’s color illustration. I thought she was Eru’s personification, but is she the Goddess?

    Or Eru at first could take human form?


    • Note

      OMG It matches exactly with that of the one in Volume 1’s color illustration and the other where Francesca and Renji was illustrated…

      Eru or Goddess… Hmm… How does this even relate to ‘heavy spoiler’ anyways? Does it mean it REALLY is either one of these two characters? That said, since these illustrations are out after the latest chapter (34) where Renji’s interaction with the dying ‘woman’ was depicted… How is it still a spoiler? Heavy on top of it…

      PS: Kinda leaning towards speculations that revolves around Eru regarding the spoilers, y’know, them “golden hair” and “jade-green coloured eyes”. Eru died and became a god-slaying weapon or something? Sealed? Something similar? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    • Deathspider

      more like illustration volume 2, you see a medalion on her chest with 7 pearls!


      • Note

        I feel like any further than this is really, just red-spoiler zone…

        The medal, the dying woman and the goddess – I don’t even…

        PS: Chapter 5 intro and them spoilers… sure are related, but I’m not quite there yet with how it all comes together.


  • Red

    is it just be or does Renji look like Naofumi from tate no yuusha no nagiri? Especially the illustration when they enter the cave is shown.


    • King of the End

      The hairstyle is similar to the point that it might be a stereotypical hairstyle Japanese illustrators use. The obvious differences between them would be age plus Naofumi having that cynical/dead look in his eyes while Renji has a more aloof/slacker look in his eyes. Even their respective serious looks are different with Renji’s face looking purely serious while Naofumi’s always has a trace of annoyance/anger in his.


  • King of the End

    Thanks for the illustrations. Well your fears were right, but it seems everyone is more interested in figuring out what the exact spoilers might be rather than having anything completely spoiled for them.

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  • Dood

    Well here’s something interesting. As of interlude 4, the goddess is still alive. The picture of the girl who is bleeding out smiling looks the same as the pictures in the volume 2, specifically the outline in the sky as francesca and renji are heading to the city of magicians. We do know according to Utano, that Goddess Astrarea is watching over Renji. So while people are assuming the girl is the same girl who died, it is also completely possible that at the end of the third volume, the goddess astrarea intervenes and dies. That’s only because otherwise, the evidence doesn’t make sense. Either that or the goddess can’t die, and we were all trolled by the heavy spoiler alert at the beginning or Renji doesn’t realize astrarea is still alive.


  • ahmadmahd

    Well my theory is that whenever goddess come to meet someone she will takethe form of whom you love the most


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