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Chapter 26

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Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Doug | EnTruce

ProofReader: Doug

Sorry guys it got a little late than half an hour. but HAVE FUN! Sorry guys i before typoed the tile to Chapter 27

Chapter 26 – Story of a Normal High School Student.

Kurono Mao was a 17 year old high school student.

He never dyed his hair, neither smoked nor quarreled, there was also no one in his surroundings who would do such things, he was living a truly peaceful high school life.

His family background was also normal, he had two parents and one older sister.

The only worries he had were the exams next year and the deadline for the literature club’s anthology.

A regular and peaceful daily life, I had all of these things. [ET: Author changed from third person perspective to first person perspective]

“But, without understanding a thing, I was in a place I didn’t…

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