Chapter 27

Translator: Doug | EnTruce

Editor: EnTruce

Proofreader: Doug

Chapter 27 – First Quest!

Quest: Collection of Rixei grass.

Reward: 5000 silver per bag.

Deadline: the first week of the month of Distant Thunder.

Client: Irz Village tool shop owner Kische.

Details: Required to enter the Fairy Garden and collect a prescribed amount of Rixei grass in bags. The party which brings more than three bags will receive one potion set compounded from Rixei grass.

“And so, here I am in the fairy garden!”

Wearing the clothes and carrying the items bought yesterday I have come to the location of my first quest.

Our current location is in front of Lily’s home.

“It doesn’t feel like an adventure.”

It can’t be helped because the herbs I need grow in the Fairy Garden.

I left the hut in the early morning, went to village, accepted the quest, and returned back. Truly a…

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