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Chapter 38

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Shikkaku

ProofReader: EnTruce

Tense: Past

Perspective: Don’t know and the author doesn’t care.

Seriously, those  wanting to know what person view (1st or 3rd POV ) it is . Ask the author. He writes good in just 1st person view.(Kurono) and not bad but very bad in 3rd person view (anything other than Kurono.)

Chapter 38 – Story of a Certain Witch.

On the main gates of Virginia stronghold, stood a girl.

The beautiful girl had faint light blue hair like a spring water flowing and had shining gold eyes which were more than enough to charm a person, but her expression looked like absentminded sleepy expression.

The girl wore a tri-cornered hat, and was clad in black clothes. She held a long staff in her hands.

Even if a person from arc continent or pandora continent saw her, they would call her a “witch”.

They are…

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