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Chapter 49

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Doug

ProofReader: Doug

Tense: Ask the author.

Chapter 49 The Hungry Witch

That day, after distributing popsicles to many villagers, I made my way back to home. Of course, I didn’t take any quests like yesterday.

Well it’s not like I have to do quests everyday for my livelihood, one way or another it will be okay.

I give Lily a piggyback. While thinking how to sell the popsicle recipe to the merchant guild, I advance on the highway.

I’ve also gotten way more familiar with this highway having a dark background during the time the sun sets.

Normally, peddlers pass by this highway sometimes, but today I discovered a person that I have never seen.

That person was lying on her back without moving a twitch……It was a witch.

“No matter how I look at her……she’s a witch right?”

She has a three-cornered hat covering her…

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