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New Novel taken and a short teaser for it as well!!

Alright since I had teased you guys that i would be taking another novel, I’ll decide to tease you with a proper teaser! here it is- Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku!! by Umetane!!

Note that this a side project so it won’t be updated as regularly as Kuro no Maou. Also the chapters are quite longer than usual as well. But still try and enjoy it as much as you can!XD

Without any further ado, here’s chapter 0 which is basically sorts of a prologue and doesn’t even properly introduce the MC but hey, it’s better than nothing right!?

Also a usual friendly reminder, that you can donate to me thru paypal to It really helps a lot in maintaining my pace of regular and fast releases. Thank you very much!

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