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Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku Chapter 1

You know you have been waiting for it and thus i deliver. It’s finally here, the first (proper) chapter of my side project! I am going to shorten this novel to KENS from here onwards.

Also, I decided that I would use the ‘donate and sponsor a chapter’ system for KENS because, well, I felt like it’d work better for both me and the readers since otherwise it’ll always remain unloved by me like this XD. So do check out the Donations page if you are interested in it. Also, Kuro no Maou will continue as it has been…I’ll probably put up that manually updated donation box/status report thingy if and whenever I receive donations for it lol.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 1. Our MC is …..well..unique XD. Enjoy!!

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