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Kuro no Maou Chapter 150

Last Chapter of Volume 9

3 responses to “Kuro no Maou Chapter 150”

  1. Translator-sama, oh wise and noble god, can you please skip and start translating the ch where Kurou eliminates the crusaders, apostoles and the white god? Think of it as a fast forward to quench the thirst for a bloodbath for all the wrongdoings the humans did.


    • Relax bro.. kurono and the elemental masters will get stronger in further chapter.. so strong that they can have an equal footing with those apostles..
      But the process isnt instant. And it will be many more chapter ahead. You can only wait step by step on how he grows..
      I enjoyed it very much and I hope you will too..


      • I’m enjoying it, but we are 150 ch into the story and kurou is still being forced to run away helpless. .while the bad guys keep doing whatever they want…

        Honestly my heart breaks for the bunny girls living in the former dragons capital that are force to do unspeakable thing each passing day. . By the time Kurou stops being a pushover they will already have deep emotional scarrs…

        And all he has to do is pray one time to the dark gods along the lines of ‘-Hey, if you don’t give me a power boost like the white god gives to his followers we will lose the war and all your worshippers will die and you will loose all your power. So hurry up and give me an upgrade so I can save the bunny girls!’


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