Kuro no Maou Chapter 192

EnTruce Translations

This chapter hadn’t been edited by SK, but by me, furthermore I need to inform that I have less than 1% confidence in my own editing capabilities. So don’t criticize me, yeah you can write the wrong sentences in comment section. I will fix them. This message will be shown in all chapters today. Idk why SK and AK (editor of MnD) took a holiday today. It’s a conspiracy, no doubt~

Chapter 192 – Genealogy of Demon King

I had always felt something ‘different’ from this world ever since I was a child.

I also think that the place I need to be is not this boring world but a different place.

However, I don’t know where that is, and it’s troublesome to go find on my own without any clues, is ridiculous, and I hate to waste my energy.

[ET: Hyouka anyone? Well this guy is more like me!…

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