Kuro no Maou Chapter 203

EnTruce Translations

TL: Brady Hauth
ED: Brady | ET

Some good reader (Brady Hauth) had already TL’ed chapters 203 and 204, so I am posting them. There might be some differences in some names or the way I write sentences. Please keep up with them. Over all, this TL is not bad, just some sentences were wrong. Oh, just little mistakes,not much. (Take this as an advice brady). Oh, my 7 mins of lunch break are going to get lost with this posting. Tehee~ 😛

Chapter 203: The Sacrificial Maiden

Too many black wires wrapped around that huge crimson body to count. But to the monster, restraints of that level might as well not exist. There was no way that mere humans could stop it.


As the monster broke the wires, Kurono called out his partner’s name. There was no answer; instead, countless bullets of white light came.


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