Kuro no Maou Chapter 204

EnTruce Translations

TL: Brady Hauth
ED: Brady | ET

Nothing more to say here, deal with it. These two chapters were not done by me, but a open TL’er (reader too), who got horny from cliffhangers. I will post the other 2 chapters tomorrow. Or maybe 3 too~ Well, it all goes to my personality ahaha. 😀

Chapter 204: The Price of『Queen Beryl』

The burning fist of the WrathPun had sent Fiona’s body flying along with fragments of the rock shield she’d raised. As Lily danced through the air, she saw that Kurono had caught her. She wanted to go complain about the sweet situation Fiona was enjoying right now, and this red monster getting in the way of that was unforgivable.

Her gem-like emerald eyes met the ominous red-black eyes of the WrathPun. Lily understood that she had once again become its target.


She continuously fired bullets of…

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