Kuro no Maou Chapter 206

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Well got a little late, had to make breakfast. Tell my my mistakes in comment sections, please do. Oh well, without further ado, let’s go to chapter~

Chapter 206 – Nest of Firedrakes

[ET: Firedrakes = Salamander. Author changes between both, so I also changed it from using salamander all time]

「Whoaaaa!? What is this, what is happening here!?」

The power idiot knight Kai, entered the nest of firedrakes and shouted those words.

Normally any one would retort saying「Shut up」, but currently everyone, even I, weren’t able to retort.

That is because, the thing waiting for us in this nest wasn’t the two-headed salamander but the heaps of corpses.


Nell, standing besides me, knit her thin brows and turned her eyes away from the disastrous scene being illuminated by『Torch』.

Small or big, powerful or weak, the bodies of all sorts of monsters inhabiting within the Galahad Mountain Range…

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