Kuro no Maou Chapter 208

EnTruce Translations

3rd release of the day. Got too much fixed in reading ISSTH and chatting that I forgot to post. Here you go with the author becoming an sadist by not telling us any main stuff and suddenly shifting to some irrelevant talk. Still a really short chapter.

Chapter 208 – Visitor in Fourth Laboratory

Existing about 10 kilometres away from Capital Daedalus, the『Media Ruins』was crowded more by researchers in white robe rather than adventurers in armor.

That was because the『4th Laboratory』established by『White’s sacraments』started it’s work.

In the deepest part of large geofront inhibit rank 4 monsters, but because the laboratory was set up in upper part, only somewhat of guards have been spread out.

At first the crusaders were doing the guard job, but currently the adventurers have taken that job.

Only because Sariel wanted an early stage opening of adventurer guild, the environment where adventurers from republic could work…

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