Kuro no Maou Chapter 224

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I’m sorry, but this breaks in days may go on till 5th of Feb. You know, exams, so the stress and not being able to work or TL. I somehow got this chapter done, which I think is a bit more of a cliffhanger than the previous chapter, furthermore I can assure as soon as my exams end, I’m not going to take any breaks any more before April and will bring you guys chapters everyday. So just bear for some more days. As expected, the readers are so full of patience.

Chapter 224 – Identity of the Devilish Murderer

The person swinging the large fang sword, facing the female Elf who has already fallen on her back, must be that murderer from the rumors.
However, for that criminal to be a person whose face and name I know about.
No, the most surprising fact would be that Joto, a…

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