Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku LN Volume 2 Illustrations

Not a release! But it’s the next best thing, i.e. illustrations!! For Volume 2 that have been available for some time actually but I had been sleeping apparently.. 😛

There seem to be a few changes going by the illustrations…I think..? I would have been surer if I HAD THE TIME TO ACTUALLY FUCKING READ IT! 24hrs are way too less for my life. I have way too many hobbies and too much to study as well. *Haahh*

Anyway, enjoy the glorious illustrations.

Also obligatory, please consider donating to me so that I can continue translating faster and better. Also, you can buy the actual LNs to support the author as well. Be a honorable leecher! XP 

I am thinking of maybe picking up a new novel since I get bored TLing the same novel continuously. Time to go on a Syousetsuka expedition it seems.

Seeya next time!

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