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Reason for delay..

I have been ill, very very ill for the past week and a half or so…I was basically hospitalized for a day then sent home on the condition that I remain at complete bed rest for some time. Except for going to the hospital for getting the daily fcking injections!! Like seriously, my life has been shit for the past week. I haven’t even been able to play dark souls 3 properly T-T.

But thankfully, I am finally recuperating and have gotten better, though still exhausted. So I will slowly start translating back again as I recover. Sorry to those who have been waiting patiently for the next chapters, you’ll have to wait a bit more. m(_ _)m  And here I was actually hoping to complete this volume of KENS in this month. Nothing goes according to my plans….

Oh, and here’s the kicker- the cause of my sickness? DUST! simple, tiny goddamned DUST!!! I actually didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Moral of the story? Keep your surroundings dust-free mates or it’ll fuck you up!

Till next time!

9 responses to “Reason for delay..”

  1. There’s such a thing called Dust allergy? Never heard of that term before..

    Get Megumin to cast EXPLOSION in your bedroom to clear away the dust!~

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