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KENS Chapter 75-78 (External) + I’m still alive!

Well, this is awkward. I had said I’ll be back in a few months a whole fucking year ago! I don’t even know what to say and how to apologize. Hell, I barely even opened the site and had been mostly away from everything. But finally I think I can get back to TLing

but first things first, While I was on hiatus some cool dude did a few more chapters to KENS, namely from chapter 75-78. You can find the links to their site here. I only noticed it a few weeks ago but decided to at least link it here because I don’t know if everyone uses novelupdates and might not know about these.

As for what I’m going to do? I’ll try to pick KENS back up from here and hopefully, this time I won’t get burnt out so bad and actually maybe even finish the damn thing. Also, if you guys have a recommendation for me to translate, make sure to leave it in the comments. Make sure said novel doesn’t have an ongoing TL and is a Japanese WN cuz that’s all i can do as of right now.

What lies in the future for me and this site? God knows, but I hope to get back to my former form.

Till then, see ya! Have a great day!

28 responses to “KENS Chapter 75-78 (External) + I’m still alive!”

  1. Okay, that explains it, I saw this post in my feed, but no releases on the NU feed. Welcome back, it’ll be good to have your consistent releases when you can get something out, since all new translators to a series have their own style, making some words sound awkward, when you’re used to others.

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  2. OOOHHH…. You are here again… YES… Welcome. PLEASE PLEASE. Retake Kuro No Maou… En-truce leave it. And Bastion too… I NEED IT 😥


    • Its nice to know this site is still here 😀

      But its been a year since this post so are you actually still alive? Pls say yes ;-;


  3. Are you alright ? Asking because you said you were back but then it’s been a few months now so it got me to think that maybe something wnt wrong or something


  4. 3 years have passed since I’ve last read this novel. Still hoping somewhere deep down I can read your translations because Asian Hobbyist makes no effort to improve their english. I never bothered to read their chapters since it takes me half an hour to figure out a paragraph to understand what’s happening when I was reading another series on AH’s site.


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