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AkuMana Ch1

The Beloved Daughter of The Mafia Family

I can boldly and confidently claim that I have never once resented my own fate.

But, I do sometimes wonder “Why me?” to myself. I mean, in my past life, I’m sure I always prayed to god that “If I were to reincarnate, in my next life, I want to be born a commoner, and live a simple, peaceful life”.

“Haa, Ha……..! Shit! What’s happening……..?!!”


In a corner of the royal capital, in a dark alley, 2 men were breathing roughly and squatting on the stone pavement.

They were dressed in ragged clothes, a sign of poverty, but the 2 men still had well built bodies, and their expression were giving off an emotion that showed that they were terribly confused at what was happening.


The reason behind their troubles was the singular girl that had defeated them instantly all on her own.

The girl who wore a beautiful dress, had long rosy red hair, and spoke in clear and confident voice.

“Can you promise me to never commit burglary again?”


The girl seemed no older than 17 years in age, and had tied her long hair to the side in form of a braided pony tail.

Her eyes were large and bright, her nose was shaped life a beautiful doll’s, and her soft lips gave her an adorable look. Her expression showed off her strong will power but besides that, she looked like a frail delicate girl.

“Damn brat, you’re underestimating us………!!”

“Oi, just stop……….this was useless from the start. We are just some fools. We were never going to succeed and get away with it anyway.”

“But!!! We need to get the medical fees somehow, or else how else are we going to cover the treatment costs for all the little ones!??!”

Seeing the men twist their expression in pain, the girl sighed in relief.

“I’m glad you two seem to be reconsidering this………..this area is part of the Calvino family’s territory. If outsiders like you commit an actual crime here, the family would not have stayed silent.”

“We know the risks better than anyone dammit!! But we need money no matter what………!!”


“Regardless of your reason, I simply cannot forgive any attempt at stealing money and hurting others. However…”

The girl continued to mutter to herself.

“The fact remains that there will always be people like them who need to do such things, simply to survive.——-And that too, falls under my family’s responsibility as well as the ones who control this territory.”

She said that quietly, and no one here could hear what she had said.

“Lady Francesca, I apologize for the wait.”

“Thank you, Graziano.”

The girl called Francesca, held out her hand towards the young man that entered the alleyway. The young man then handed over a single piece of parchment to the girl.

Francesca confirmed the contents of the paper, then took a knife from the young man and cut open a small slit on her thumb.


A small drop of blood formed on her thumb and she pressed it at the bottom of the document as the 2 men watched dumbfounded.

“Yup. That should do!”


Francesca looked satisfied and looked down on the 2 men with her light blue eyes.


“I apologize for being so rough with you two, even if it was to stop you two from committing burglary. But, if the underworld had set their eyes on you, your fate would have been far, far worse so do forgive me for this.”


Francesca had a cute and delicate look, but her clear voice as she bluntly spoke with the men after signing a document with her own blood told a different story.

“———even if it is for the sake of your loved ones, please don’t stoop down to committing crimes.”


The men were lost for words, as Francesca knelt down and handed over the document to the men.

“Here, take this. It’s an introduction letter to the hospital marked on this map. They won’t charge you any fees for the treatment there.”

“………What did you just say…….??”

The man jaw dropped open upon hearing this.

As Francesca stood back up, the young man with her quickly moved to wrap her bleeding finger with cloth. Then, she took back the long formal gloves worn by ladies back from the young man and put them back on her hands as she spoke to the two men once again.


“The doctor who runs this hospital  has sworn to help anyone who is suffering from poverty and can’t afford medical fees. There you can treat not only your injury but also get those ‘little ones’ treated there, all for free of charge.”

With her work here done, as Francesca began to leave the alley having left the two men speechless, they suddenly called out to her.

“Wait, please wait!! Who even are you…….!??”

“So-sorry! I am already very late so allow me to take my leave here!!”

Hearing them, Francesca suddenly panicked and began to run, and the young man with her simply sighed seeing that.

“……….and there’s your bad habits showing again. My lady, you have zero intentions of actually keeping your identity hidden do you?”

“I do, I really do!! But I mean, this time it was unavoidable. I just happened to see these suspicious men so I had no choice but to act!!”

“A normal daughter of a noble house, when she sees a couple suspicious men on the street, doesn’t come to the conclusion that ‘these men must be planning to burgle someone!’ you know.”

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Hearing the young man retort, the girl could only grimace as she continued to run.


“Haah………..why not just use your family’s authority to the fullest?”

The young man, seeing Francesca like this, said so with a bored tone.

“The Calvino family is one the five big families that control this country from the shadows.—–And you, are the beloved daughter of said family, a member of the underworld.”

“No! Absolutely not!!”

Hearing the young man, Francesca furiously shook her head.

“Once I transfer to the Royal Academy, I will live a nice, simple life of a normal noble’s daughter!!”

“Yeah, sure……”

(I mean, that was always my dream! If I were to reincarnate, I will live a different life!! Although I was surprised the moment I realized that I had reincarnated into the world of a game I used to love in my past life……….)

Recalling her secret she had told no one about, she thought so.

(All I ever wanted was to live a normal, peaceful life!!………So why did I reincarnate into being the sole daughter of one of the biggest mafia families in the world, and that too as the heroine of said game!)


She shut her eyes tightly.

(———if it stays like this, even in this life, I will end up on the same path as my past life when I was [a granddaughter of a Yakuza household]! A life with no friends….!!!)

She wanted to avoided that. No matter what.

At least in this life, she hoped to make at least a few friends.

Francesca swore inside her heart, and quickly returned back to her carriage on the main street.

At this point she had no way of knowing that a single man was carefully observing her from a window, high on the alleyway.


“………Well aren’t you quite the soft-hearted person, Francesca?”

Black hair, golden eyes, this beautiful man rested his head on his hand while supported by railing, and laughed darkly.

“How interesting. I have feeling I will really enjoy playing with you.”

And so, the man continued to observe her, as if he had just set his sights on his prey.

“………So that’s my dear fiancée, eh………”


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