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AkuMana Ch11

Caretaker of the daughter of a Villain

Right at the moment, the bell indicating that there were 5mins left before the start of the next lesson, rang.

“We need to return! Class is about to start.”

Francesca let go of Leonardo’s necktie and spoke to him.

“C’mon, Aldini-san as well, let’s hurry up! Or we’ll be late!”


Hearing that, Leonardo looked a little surprised but then grinned.

“……..if you return alongside me, won’t you stand out even more?”

“You’re right!! Alright, I’ll head back first!!”


Quickly making the decision, she said “see ya!” to Leonardo and quickly rushed back to the class.

On the way, she thought to herself.

(………the moment we reached the back of the school building, I did feel a strange presence. Leonardo definitely sensed it as well, didn’t he.)

It’s likely, that’s the real reason why he chose to stay back.

(I’m a bit curious but, if Leonardo chose to stay, I might get unnecessarily in the way if I tried to get involved. Besides, bunking classes on the first day of school is not a great way to make an impression if I want to make friends.)

But even after she returned to the class, her classmates maintained a strange sense of distance with Francesca much to her dismay.

And so her first day of making friends since transferring in ended in failure.


“Lady Francesca.”


After school, Francesca dejectedly left her class and despondently spoke the name of the young man walking towards her.


He had fluffy brown hair, which he kept cut short. And right now, the boy was facing down and staring Francesca with his red eyes.

He was slender but tall, had a sweet looking face, and was the centre of attention for many female students simply by standing there.


Especially third year girls seemed to especially interested in him. However, he didn’t seem to pay them any heed.

While looking only at the dispirited Francesca, the young man could only frown.

“What a horrible expression. I’m going to guess your [Friend making] ended in failure huh?”

“Th, that’s not true! This was just the first day after all, it’s only just begun!”

Hearing that, Graziano simply sighed, uninterested.

He was 16yrs old, a year younger than Francesca, and had been appointed as her caretaker from a young age.

Well, that said, since they were both close since childhood, their relationship was closer to that of childhood friends, or a sister and her younger brother.

Graziano was younger but, he was always calm and candid, and was a lot more reliable than even Francesca herself.

“The faster you give up the better it’ll be. Living on the surface world, that is.”


Graziano was always negative towards Francesca’s dream of a [normal peaceful life plan] even when they were kids.

“it’s obviously impossible.” He would say with cold eyes and try to persuade her with logic.

“I mean, young miss, you are a part of this side down to your very bones. It’s almost as if you were part of the underworld even before you were born. Rather than attend this school, you should be taking the necessary education needed to become the next heir to the family. That would be a lot more efficient.”


(Again with the ‘to your very bones’ thing……..!!)

Shocked by his words, she quickly shook her head.


“No, No! I will definitely make it work! No matter what happens I will not inherit the family, and live my peaceful life!!”

“Sure sure, well, not that it matters to me I suppose. Anyway, I’m really tired since classes have begun from today, so let’s quickly go home already.”

“Huh? Speaking of…”

Realizing something, she raised her head.

“Aren’t first years supposed to have a short day since today’s only the first day after entrance ceremony yesterday? Were you waiting for me perhaps?”

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

Saying that, he turned his face away.

“……….But, it looked like it was going to rain, and we have to walk from the school till the carriage rotary, and I had a feeling young miss didn’t bring an umbrella with her so here I am.”

Now that he had said so, she noticed a large umbrella held in Graziano’s hand.

As he said, the skies looked cloudy, and it seemed like rain would begin to fall at any moment now.


Graziano lived with the family so he would return in the same carriage as Francesca.

He could have gone ahead and waited inside the carriage, yet he remained here just for her sake, even if it meant becoming the centre of attention in front of the school.


His consideration for her made Francesca very happy, as she laughed.

“Thanks! Dependable as always, Graziano!”

“…………..Yeah yeah.”

Graziano frowned a little, and seemed to be pouting.

But, Francesca knew that this was how he always hid his embarrassment.

(In the game, since Francesca is raised away from the house, after meeting her, he would always maintain a cold attitude towards her and keep a wall between them even when acting as her caretaker. Well, even now, as my childhood friend, he still mostly maintains his cool and aloof attitude though……)

Fufu, Francesca giggled, and then took the umbrella.

(But in reality, I know that he’s extremely kind.)

If she said that out loud to praise him, he’ll only get angry so she kept her thoughts to herself.

“Oh it’s begun to rain. Here, let me share the umbrella with you.”

“Ha? No. I don’t need it so please use it for yourself young miss.”

“I knew you’d say that! That won’t do, let’s share it together. Graziano you’re tall, so crouch a bit, will you.”

“…………if I have to crouch and walk to share with you, I might as well hold it myself…….”

He reluctantly took the umbrella back into his own hands, as she laughed and said her thanks.

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Graziano’s expression could only be described as awkward as he tilted the umbrella to a side to mostly cover Francesca, as they began to walk towards the carriage.


“Ah, by the way, remember the people you introduced to that hospital the day before yesterday? Well they came to the place carrying a child with them. Thankfully, the child’s illness can be cured with the medicines, and the child will hopefully recover by the end of the week or so.”

“Really!? Thank god…….! Hey, maybe we should go and pay them a visit later as well.”

“I had a feeling you’d say that so I have already asked for some nutritious eatables to be prepared as a gift to take with you for the visit.”

“As expected of Graziano!!”

While talking of such things, they went and got inside their carriage.

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