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AkuMana Ch15

The Mastermind Fiancé and his Schemes

For a moment she was in shock, but she quickly came to her senses again.

(Wait, wait, no . This is what the real Leonardo was like!)

That’s right.

In this world, Leonardo had been, for whatever reason, acting unusually sweet to Francesca but this was how he originally was in the original game.

He could brainwash innocent people into doing his bidding, he’d burn people’s mansions to the ground, and every single action he made was that of one befitting the title of the main villain.


Even to his classmates, he was the type to say [I might kill you so go away] while laughing and without hesitation.

“……….Fine. I’ll leave then.”



Becoming expressionless again, he let go of her wrist.

His face almost unrealistically beautiful but when he made a serious expression, it also made him look extremely cold. He was so beautiful that he looked like a doll, but when you can’t see any emotion on his face, in turn it made him look completely inhuman, like a robot.

Francesca curtly gave a bow to him.

“And, I apologize for only coming to talk to you when I had business with you, I’m sorry.”


Now that he had told her to stay away, it’s better to quickly disappear from here.

Francesca went diagonally to the completely opposite desk from Leonardo, which was right near the entrance and put her bag down there.

To be honest, the real reason she had come early was so that she could say ‘good morning’ to whichever classmate come in next and greet them.

But, if Leonardo doesn’t want her to be here then she gave up on that idea for today as well.

(I should stay out of his sights for now. Hmm, maybe I could wait in the courtyard……….)


Thinking that, she began to leave the class. But one last time, she turned back to look.


Leonardo was once again lying completely flat on the desk. He looked like he was sleeping but she wondered if he actually was.

But she didn’t call out to him again or anything, and Francesca left to go take a walk in the courtyard until it was time for classes to start again.



Unlike yesterday when Leonardo had disappeared from the class, today it seemed he had chosen to stay in class the entire day.

That said, he was in the back corner in the window seat, and was mostly dozing off the entire day.

In a way, he almost seemed somewhat relaxed and defenceless, like he was at home or something. With his head lying on the desk, he continued to peacefully breathe while sleeping.

Now you’d expect a teacher to scold him for it but they all chose to completely ignore his very existence instead.

Even the homeroom teacher quietly put a checkmark beside his name even though he didn’t even reply when his name was called.

After the classes started as well, everytime the lecturer came in, they’d be startled from seeing Leonardo there but that was all.

But after a while, one of the male teachers who seemed to be unaware of his situation, decided to scold Leonardo as soon as he entered the class.


“Oi, you over there, the bell has rung. Get up!”

“Se, sensei……..!!”

One the students tried to stop him but, it was already too late.


Leonardo, still languid, slowly raised his body, and replied in a low husky voice.



The teacher instantly reeled back in fear from just that.

“Any…..Anyway, let us begin the lecture! This is the first class of the term, please open your books……..”

(……….yep…… expected of the head of Aldini family, one the big 5. He doesn’t even try to hide his status huh………)

The students who come here who belong to the underworld, don’t try to hide their status.

That said, at school they all try to be very gentlemanly, and make sure to not make the normal students be afraid of them. Or at least, that’s how it was in the game’s scenario.

(it’s an academy where nobles and commoners both can attend but, most people here either belong to the great 5 families or have received some kind of favour or blessing from one of them. The people here are a bit more ‘open-minded’ towards the underworld as compared to my past life but……….there is line that is drawn still.)

The atmosphere in the class became a bit restless and didn’t seem to calm down.

Everyone kept peeping and glancing at Leonardo and were trying to maintain a distance from him. But they weren’t just afraid of him either.


“Leonardo-sama looks so cool even when he’s sleeping………”

Not just some of the girls in class, but even some girls from different years, during breaks would come to get a look of Leonardo.

“He barely shows up or attends classes, yet he always aces his exams and gets rank 1 every time doesn’t he!? He’s athletic as well, and not to mention his beautiful face!!”


“But, isn’t he also kinda scary? I mean, isn’t he from that Aldini family? That too, he’s their head, isn’t he……..?”

“But, don’t scary boys make your heart beat faster? I mean, he’s the head of the family. The head!!”

“You should stop that. People of the underworld, in the end, are just criminals that cause problems to us normal people. They are violent despicable bastards, all of them.”


Francesca’s heart also got stabbed by the words spoken by one of her female classmates.

“I mean, yeah that might be true but my dad said the great 5 families are what keep the economy of this country going as well though.”

“Oh enough! Everyone, forget about all that and look at Leonardo-sama! Hey, if we go a little bit closer right now, he might not notice us you know.”

“Y, you’re right, this might be a great chance……..!!”

Hearing their whispers, Francesca also thought to herself.

(………..they really shouldn’t try that I think.)

To everyone else, Leonardo might just seem like a harmless guy taking a nice nap under the warm April sun.

But, she knew that the reality was different.

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(He’s not even sleeping.———–Leonardo was waiting. For something to happen.)

This was just her guess but, it was probably related to the presence they felt in the school’s backyard yesterday.



Right at that moment, Leonardo abruptly woke up, which got the girls in the class even more excited.

Leonardo slowly and sluggishly stood up, yawned deeply, and then put his hands in his pocket and began to walk out. But before he could enter the corridor, one of the girls ran up to him to talk.



“Good morning. Are you perhaps heading to your next class? In that case, if you’d allow my insolence, would you mind if I were to come with you and guide you there?”

“Nah, no need. Thanks though, Bye bye.”

“Ahh!! Please wait!!”

She was a really cute girl, but Leonardo just shooed her off and walked by her.

In a panic, the girl suddenly grabbed on to Leonardo’s arm. That might have actually hurt Leonardo considering her nails must have dug into his skin. But regardless, the girl looked up to him with cute eyes.

“Le…..Leonardo-sama might not be aware but my father has been very friendly to the Aldini family for many, many years.”



“In fact our relationship is very deep! Right after I was born, my father had even visited your family to ask discuss it! As for what, well, to hopefully get me engaged to Leonardo-sama, or so I was told………”


Leonardo looked back down at the girl, and showed a gentle smile.

But his eyes were not smiling at all.

“Could you please be quiet already?”


His way of speaking was light but his voice was heavy. The girl’s face turned pale in fear and she quickly let go of his hand.

Leonardo fixed the crease on his sleeve with his hand, and then walked to the corridor without even looking back at the girl even once.

“are, are you okay………..?”

“hm……..Hmph, what the hell……..!!”


Worried for the girl, a bunch of her friends quickly gathered around her.


The class continued to be quite restless but, soon the 5min bell indicating the next class rang, and then everyone suddenly panicked to quickly move to the next class.

(Leonardo, could it be………? But, even if I went out of my way to…………)

While lost in deep thought, she gathered her books and stood up.

It was then, a couple of girls walked towards her.

“um, Trovato-san.”


One of the girls called out her mother’s family name that she used.

“M, m, Me!?”

“Our next class is in the music room right? Since you are a transfer student, I wondered if you knew where the class was so, if you want, should we go together?”


Francesca’s mind completely cleared in a flash.

(A classmate came and talked to me…….!! Amazing, amazing, amazing……!! Such incredible things can happen if they don’t know about my family!?!)


The situation made her so happy, she almost cried.

“th, thank you so much! I’m really happy that you were so concerned for me……!!”

But, Francesca, bit her lips and hung her head and continued.

“bu….but, I’m sorry.”


“……..I forgot to buy my music notebook unfortunately. So I need to quickly go and buy it from the store before class begins.”

She gave a deep bow to her classmates, and apologetically gave her thanks once again.

“But really, really, thank you for inviting me!!”

“Ah!……..She’s gone already.”

Francesca’s rushed out of her class, and then rushed through the corridor.

(I shouldn’t carelessly intervene in the matters of other families, and I know I shouldn’t unnecessarily butt in where not needed but!!……..And, I know this was a great to chance to finally make some friends, but still………!!)

But to ignore the current situation was completely against Francesca’s creed.

The place with the strange presence was not inside the school building it seemed. Since the windows of the corridor were open, and she sensed something was happening right below here, she quickly hung her body out of that window.


And then called Leonardo’s name who was right below her.



Looking down towards the school backyard, she saw Leonardo with his blazer off, surrounded by a bunch of men.


(I knew it! He was being targeted by assassins……!!)

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