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AkuMana Ch21

Unnecessary Consideration

With a plainly cold tone, Ricardo asked her so.

“Even if you are but a transfer student, I’m sure even you know what kind of families myself and Aldini come from…….And there are others like us in this academy as well.”

It would seem Ricardo hadn’t realized that Francesca too was ‘one of them’.

She should honestly be happy of that fact, but Ricardo’s words that followed weren’t very gentle.


“This is the first time that man has so openly threatened members of other families like this. That too, for a single woman. Honestly, I was quite surprised.”

(Well, it’s not because we’re having some sweet love affair or anything. But I can see how weird it might look to someone that doesn’t know of my real background. It’s quite easy to misunderstand the situation……..)


She was sure that Leonardo must have intentionally made it look like his threats had some deeper meaning behind it to Ricardo and others. She could very easily envision him doing something like that, which only made her more dejected.

“So? Do you want to be freed from Aldini’s shackles or not?”


Hearing an outrageous question, Francesca inadvertently squeaked out a shout.

“If you have only just come to know of him and somehow don’t know his real background, allow me to warn you once again. That man is cold, ruthless and brutal. Even amongst our kind, he’s considered an exceptionally dangerous man.”

(Well, yeah, I already read that in the game……..)

With clear contempt in his words, Ricardo continued to talk about Leonardo behind his back.

“On top of that, I’ve heard he’s very egotistic as well. Forget abiding by the normal rules, I’m sure that even the [Iron Code] that we have to protect with our very lives will be one day destroyed by that man.”


“Even among the people of the underworld, that man is an extreme abnormality. If you’re okay with it that’s one thing, but if a commoner of the surface world like you were to fall into his clutches, it is the job of us, other family members, to save you from him………[Those who belong in the underworld must never bring harm upon innocent people.] That too, is one main rules of the Iron Code.”


Of course, the Iron Code was something that was already deeply ingrained inside Francesca as well. The teachings of her grandfather existed here in the underworld of this world as well.

“If you continue to stay beside that man, all that awaits you is a life of ruin.”

And then Ricardo spoke, in a icy voice.

“So say it. Leonardo Valentino Aldini is hurting me.

The pupils of his blue eyes were wide open.

Ricardo put a hand on the wall, beside Francesca’s face, and cornered her by the wall as he spoke.

“——If you do, we can [purge] that man for you.”


She could sense the tinge of bloodlust in that man’s eyes.

No matter how much of a stickler for rules and code he was, in the end, Ricardo was fundamentally different from the people on the [surface].

(……….geez, seriously……….)

Francesca closed her eyes and sighed softly.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m perfectly fine.”


“I am the type that will always solve my problems on my own. That’s my rule.”


Ricardo’s frowned with displeasure.

“Also, I dislike being conveniently used for other people’s fights as well.”



“To try and use an innocent person from the ‘surface’ to conveniently make an excuse to purge the Aldini household, isn’t that too against your Iron Code?”

“………How dare you talk to me about the Iron code like you know anything about it, that too in front of me of all people.”

The colour of clear anger painted over Ricardo’s face.

But, Francesca wasn’t going to falter either.

“Then let me warn you as well. Be careful with what you do next.——Your schemes to try and find a valid reason to purge the Aldini household, that’s exactly what Leonardo wants, and you are almost certainly dancing on the palm of his hand and doing everything he thought you would.”


When she said that, Ricardo eyes opened wide from surprise.

According to the game’s scenario, Leonardo’s main goal was always to start an all out fight between the families.

That’s why he first kidnapped Francesca, to disrupt the balance between the 5 families, and then began to crush everything involving them.


“…….Was I too late?”

Grimacing unpleasantly, Ricardo’s palm on the wall had turned into a fist gripped tightly with frustration.


“Have you already fallen completely under Aldini’s control?”

“As if. I have no plans to stain my Rose black.”

Francesca declared nonchalantly.

All the five families had a flower dedicated as their insignia, as well as their [creed] granted to them by the royal family.

For example, Francesca’s Calvino family’s insignia was of course the blood red Rose, and their creed was [Loyalty]. They were more faithful to the royal family than the rest, and would always act in accordance to that.

And, as for Leonardo’s Aldini family, theirs was also a rose similar to the Calvino’s. However, their Rose was a Black Rose in contrast to Calvino’s Red Rose.

And just like the colour black can crush and devour all others, their family’s creed was [Power]. Leonardo’s charismatic strength was indeed the perfect show of what an Aldini family head should be like.

However, no matter how much strength Leonardo may wield, she had no intentions of getting subdued by it.

(——No matter what happens.)

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As if seeing through her resolve, Ricardo inquired in a low voice.

“………You, who are you?”



Francesca, with upturned eyes, simply laughed and challengingly spoke.

“…….I am…”

And then she quickly turned her eyes away and continued.

“………………….an ordinary, totally normal student, that you can find anywhere……………….”


Sweating profusely, she made sure not to look Ricardo straight into his eyes. Ricardo also panicked and quickly questioned her futher.

“But, no, Wait! That’s way too weird, isn’t it!?!”

“it’s true. I am simply a person from the surface who doesn’t know much about the underworld.  I know nothing. Underworld, so dangerous, so scary!”

“What kind of normal person can face my killing intent upfront and not even lose the colour on their face!!?”


Hearing a shocking truth, she ended up looking back at Ricardo.

“Can you tell me exactly what kind of colour would a normal person have then!?”

“Uh, well, I mean reddish, or pale blue, or whitish, something like that……….”

(Damn, normal people can change the colour of their faces during situations like these!?! I need to practice this later to further adapt to my normal and peaceful life……..!)

While Francesca was taking a memo inside her heart, Ricardo simply clicked his tongue.


“Shit, this is getting nowhere. Sorry, but you, I need to talk to you a little bit more in detail……..”

“What’s going on here?”


Hearing a familiar voice, Francesca quickly turned her head.

(Uwaah, Graziano……!!)

With a silent anger emanating out of him, her little bro was staring straight at Ricardo as he walked towards him.

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