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AkuMana Ch25

Confrontation with a Strong Enemy

No matter how you look at it, he must be planning something.

After all, Leonardo intertwined his fingers with Francesca, and continued like this.

“If you do so, I will act and do my utmost to put an end to the drug trafficking problem.”


(The balance between the two conditions is so completely off, it’s highly suspicious!!)

Francesca was irrelevant to whether Leonardo chooses to abide by the Iron Code or not.


Conversely put, Francesca had no real right to tell him that [You must protect the Iron Code] or anything like that either.

And if she still wanted him to stop, then like Leonardo asked, she had no choice but to accept his conditions.

(I feel like I’m getting dragged further into something else instead but……..)

While weeping inside her heart, she sighed.

(—–having run away from the [Story], I cannot simply avert my eyes from the drug trafficking problem in the capital. I need to solve this problem…………)

“Understood. I’ll go. On a date with you.”


When Francesca answered, Leonardo could only stare in amazement.

(You were the one who set these conditions, so why are you looking so surprised that I accepted!?!)

While she was thinking that, he began to laugh softly.

“………..It will be my honour. I look forward to it.”



She almost believed that he truly meant that.

( No, no, I must be careful. I cannot let him deceive me!)

But more than that, now that she had accepted his condition, there was a different problem.


(If it’s a night date, I’ll need to convince him——……)


It was late at night.

Having changed into a indoor nightwear dress, Francesca looked at the man that walked into the dining room and broke into a smile.

“Welcome back! Good job with your work today as well!”

“………What, did you wait for me without eating?”

Saying that, he sat down right across where Francesca was sitting. The members began to walk in, preparing to carry their dinner to the table.

“I have told you, you don’t need to wait for me and can have dinner earlier haven’t I?”

“But, didn’t you say today that you’ll come back a bit early? I just wanted to have dinner together.”

Francesca was smilingly as prompted the person in front of her as well.


“Well then, let’s eat.——-Papa!”


With the same rosy red hair and light blue eyes as Francesca herself, the beautiful man in front her, her father, showed a slight smile on his expressionless face.


But, inside her mind, Francesca was deep in thought, strategizing her next move, although her father was completely unaware of that fact.

(…….I need to make sure to not let things escalate to some kind of family war and get permission from him. [I want to go to a night party with Leonardo, so let me go outside at night], I must say it…….!!)

Her heart was beating frantically from nervousness, as she put strength in the soup spoon she was holding.

Francesca’s father, Ewald Dante Calvino, was a character that she would reconcile with only at the end of the Fifth chapter of the game.

He was only 36yrs old, but his looks were close to someone in their mid twenties. Whenever she would walk around the town with him, the onlookers more often than not mistook them as older brother and sister rather than father and daughter.

Inside the high society that Francesca had yet to take part in, apparently a quiet battle was taking place between the women for the position of becoming his second wife.

Even in her past life, he was quite popular amongst the player base. Cold, and expressionless, he was a capable adult character, and was available only as playable character of the highest rarity.


(When I recalled the memories of my past life, at that point Papa was not concerned at all with anything to do with me, his own daughter. In fact I was mostly seen as a burden and nothing more, but from there, I had to slowly build a new relationship with him as parent and child, and now we’re at a point where he’s always doting on me………)


But that is exactly where the problem lay.

(——-Going out for a night with a man, that too Leonardo? If I mess up, he’s more likely to wage an all out war against the Aldini family……!!)

While drenched in cold sweat, she deliberated how she should start the conversation.

“By……….By the way Papa, thank you for coming back so early today!”

Let’s start with some daily, normal talk. Francesca thought to herself while smiling awkwardly.

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“Even though you’re so busy, I’m really sorry. But whenever you’re home at night Papa, I feel much more relieved as well.”

“It’s all to protect my dear daughter, there’s nothing unnatural about it. No matter what kind of strong security I may set up, in the end, the greatest way to protect you is for me to stay by your side.”


Right now, it was around 8’o clock. For the head of the Calvino family, there was definitely more work left to be done still.

The house head’s duties included a lot of things. But her father, no matter how busy, would always make it back home by 10pm at the very least.

All of it was for Francesca’s sake of course.

(Even though he comes back at night just for my sake, for me to ask [I want to go out at night with Leonardo] will be……….)

“Francesca? You’re not eating?”


Realizing her hands had stopped, her father showed a frown.

His well proportioned face, showed only worry and consideration for Francesca.

“Did you perhaps dislike the soup tonight? Wait a minute, I’ll call the cook here right this instant.”

His tone was gentle as always, but the words that followed were ice cold.

“—–…….If I push a gun into his mouth, I’m sure his pathetic tongue that made something that you disliked will learn something, and maybe his cooking level will increase.”

“Th- tha, that’s not it Papa!!”

She quickly put the soup spoon in her mouth, and praised the food while trying to calm her father.

“The soup’s so tasty today as well!! He, here look, it’s even been decorated to look like a flower!! Ahh I’m so happy!!”

“You like it? Then it’s fine.”

Before her father continued his dinner, he continued to speak just to remind her.


“If there’s something you don’t like, just tell me straight away.——-I’ll make sure the ingredients can never even appear inside the capital ever again. I’ll destroy both the distribution channels as well as the manufacturers.”

(……….I know Papa is unironically serious when he says that………!!)

Francesca was frozen with a smile, as she nodded while cold sweat ran down her back.

In truth, the soup today did have carrots in it, something she didn’t quite like but, she was never ever going to tell his father that she didn’t like something.

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