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AkuMana Ch29

Privilege and Standing Out

The hall owned by the royal family was a dazzling venue that could quite literally dazzle your eyes.


A lush red carpet decorated the spacious white marble hall, while a giant chandelier lit up the whole place.


The hall was as big as a gymnasium, and was currently filled with well dressed men and women who were chatting with each other with a glass in hand.

Tonight wasn’t a dance party, and was more of a buffet style one. And perhaps because of that, the women were dressed up much more elaborately than usual and it was fun for her just to look and appreciate their clothes. A cheerful and bright tune was being played in the background matching the uplifting vibes of this party.


Francesca, who was holding on to Leonardo’s arm, was looking around with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Amazing. Everything, and everyone looks so pretty!”

“Indeed. The light of the chandelier reflecting on your eyes really make them look like precious gems.”

“Leonardo, you really cannot stop saying stuff like that, can you………?”

Astonished from his relentlessness, Francesca looked around and continued to observe the event.

“Do you see any of your acquaintances here?”

“Not really, I have never met any of these people. Besides, thanks to everyone proudly showing their family’s insignias on their dresses, I can tell which family they come from though.”

On top of that, she once again reaffirmed a very obvious fact.

(……….this hall is filled with people from the underworld………)

In the description provided in the game’s scenario, these things weren’t explained too well. That said, she had already resolved herself for this to be the case.

Most of the people in the hall, quickly realized their presence, and began to walk over here with smiles on their faces.


“Lord Aldini! What a great evening to have your presence amongst us.”

“Good evening, Earl Tavano. I have heard a lot of good things about your casino business. It’s good to see it doing so well.”

“But of course, it’s all thanks to the great efforts of the Aldini family after all.”


The man bowing his head towards Leonardo was the head of a Earl household that had territory in the south of the country. The territory had fallen under serious mismanagement and a slump, but over the past couple of years, it had been revived and revitalized under his leadership, or so the story had spread.

(I see, so Leonardo had provided help with that. Thanks to that, even an elderly Earl like him ended up bowing his head in respect to Leonardo.)

Next, the man moved his gaze towards the lady who was linking arms with Leonardo, Francesca.

“Tonight as well, you have a truly beautiful lady by your side it seems! The moment you two entered the hall, it seemed like the whole place suddenly became more colourful. O beautiful lady with rose-like hair, may I know your name………”

“Lord Tavano.”


Before Francesca could talk, Leonardo interjected in between.

Leonardo showed a sweet smile, and then spoke to the man with darkness in his eyes.

“——–I do not recall giving you the permission to ask this lady’s name, did I?”



Faced with clear bloodlust, the man reflexively shrunk back in fear.

It was as if their surroundings had been turned to ice so Francesca panicked and quickly looked up towards Leonardo.


“Hey, no need for that, Leonardo……….”

In that instant, the entire surrounding suddenly gasped.

(Wh, what now!?)

She was trying to repair the mood but the people around her seemed even more in turmoil. While she was confused and surprised by their reactions, in place of the Earl who had run away, she heard the whispers from the people around them.

“There’s someone other than the family heads of the great 5 families calling Lord Aldini by his given name……….that too so casually, I have never seen it before!”

“And Lord Aldini has allowed that as well!? Just who is that young lady……..!?!”


Hearing these unexpected words, she panicked and looked up back towards Leonardo.

“Le-Leonardo, just how do other people normally refer to you by the way?”

“I don’t really care specifically. As long as they show a certain level of politeness, I let them say whatever.”


“That’s almost definitely a lie, isn’t it……!!”

If that was the case, Francesca wouldn’t have caught so much attention just for saying his name.

Leonardo simply laughed, and then looked down straight into Francesca’s eyes.


“Of course it’s a lie. As if I’d let any random fool talk to me so casually……….the only person who can refer to me as [Leonardo] in the entire world, is just you alone right now.”

“…………no way………..”

She was speechless upon realizing the kind of authority she had been unknowingly handed by him.

(This is all because everyone in my past life would call him [Leonardo] like normal because he was just a game character!!)

But certainly, it was still weird. In an awkward manner, Francesca tried to fix her way of calling him.



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Laughing out in a fit, Leonardo then narrowed his eyes and spoke with a teasing expression on his face.

“Well well, are you perhaps in the mood for that kind of fun tonight?——-Francesca-sama.”


“Wh, what the hell! That’s so scary……!!!”

Their surroundings were making a ruckus once again. Leonardo of course knew what he was doing, and continued to tease her even further.

“Francesca-sama, if you wish to enjoy this kind of game tonight, then I will follow thy will till the end. Go ahead, order me as you like, O my beloved princess.”

“OKAY, I’ll apologize!! And I’ll call you normally so please, STOP! I BEG!”

As she desperately tried to seal Leonardo’s mouth with her hands, he simply snickered in amusement, enjoying the situation.

The people in the surroundings, were now completely focused on Francesca, as if they were witnessing a unique species in front of their eyes.

“She’s acting like that to the Aldini head, but rather than incur his wrath, he seems to be having fun…….!?”

“This goes beyond being [fearless]! Hey someone, quickly go and check that girl’s background—–….”

(Uwaaah, I’m getting so much unnecessary attention!!)

But Leonardo grabbed Francesca’s panicking hand tightly.


“Let’s go somewhere where no one’s watching us shall we?……….I can’t bear having these people all constantly focused on my cutie like this.”


She hated the fact that she had to go along with such words, but she too wanted to get away from this position for now.

When she nodded, Leonardo smiled and escorted Francesca away from there.

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