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AkuMana Ch31

The Shape of this World

Even in this world, she’d sometimes hear it.

While walking through the city, or while shopping at a store while incognito, someone will slander someone else like this.

[This guy, his skill is so weak there’s no use for it.]


[That’s about what you’d expect from a commoner’s blood. People without skills shouldn’t expect to live decent lives right?]

Everytime Francesca heard something like that, she’d become depressed.


“I mean, aren’t a lot of people that drift into the underworld………….,well  other than people like us who are born into it because of our lineage, aren’t most of them only resorting to life of crime because they had no place in the surface world?”


At the very least, most people that Francesca met were like that.

If they actually had a choice to live freely in the [surface] world happily without any problems, most of them would have never become a part of the underworld.

Yet they were simply not allowed that freedom, and there are even some that don’t even know what the [surface] world looks like. She was constantly surrounded by people like that.

(In this world, the royals or the nobles, and only those connected to them by blood can possess skills.)

That had created a clear gap between the two kinds of people purely based in their lineage.

The reason why these underworld households held so much power was also because of the existence of this power gap.


“I would prefer to live in a world that would reward the merits of every individual …………rather than their lineage or their skills………”


His usual smile was nowhere to be seen, as Leonardo muttered.


“A world that would value more than just a person’s [lineage], was it?”


In that moment, Francesca’s eyes suddenly sparkled with interest.

“Leonardo, you actually understand what I mean!?”


Seeing her suddenly lean in close to his face, Leonardo breathed in a bit.

“………Only the literal meaning of your words, but yes.”

“That’s still great! I’m really happy!”

Thank god!, she seemed to be smiling in relief.

“No matter who I talked to about this, they never really got what I was trying to say! In the first place, I didn’t have many people to talk to though ………..still, I’m impressed, it’s almost like I’ve finally made a friend or something!”


Seeing Francesca in such high spirits, Leonardo looked at her as if she was shining, almost too brightly for him.

And even he didn’t even realize but, he had a gentle smile on his face again.

“Call my name, [Leonardo] once again, will you?”



Suddenly being asked an incoherent request, Francesca could only blink in confusion.



“one more time.”


Being made to say his name again and again, even she was starting to feel a bit embarrassed by it all.

On the other hand, Leonardo’s shoulders began to tremble from laughter, and then he looked at Francesca again and spoke.

“——–I knew it, hearing you call my name just feels really nice somehow.”

Francesca could only sigh in amazement.

“All said and done, Leonardo, you get lonely quite easily huh.”


It seemed he himself was unaware of it, as Leonardo’s eyes opened a bit wider in surprise from hearing that.

And then, he gently denied the accusation.

“……….I only feel lonely when only you’re not with me.”

The tone of his voice made it really sound like it was a matter of fact statement.


(Even though he was supposed to be a [liar].)

But Francesca didn’t say that out loud, and simply continued to quietly stare at Leonardo.

(I wonder why……….his words just now, felt like he was really telling the truth………..)


While she was pondering such things, Leonardo suddenly stretched out his arm towards her.


Suddenly, she was pulled into an embrace by him. It was tight, warm embrace, one you’d only give to someone very precious to you.

“Whawhaaaa! Hey, Leonardo !?!”

 Trapped in his arms out of nowhere, Francesca stirred and tried to break out of his embrace.

But, even though he wasn’t even using much strength in his embrace, she still found herself unable to escape.

Not just that, he easily  turned her body around and suddenly it was her back pressed against the pillar instead of his own.

Trapped between the pillar and Leonardo, she was running out of ways to move.

“You’re so cute, Francesca.”

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(uwaah, I’m pushing him and he’s not budging even a little!)

He was a slender looking man, but his body was well trained, and knew exactly how the strength of one’s body should be used.


“I love you so please, don’t you ever stop entertaining me.”

“Absolutely no way! I’m not your toy!”

Chuckling at her reaction, Leonardo whispered in a sweet gentle voice.

“……..then, you better start running from me.”


Hearing his teasing tone of voice, Francesca could only frown even further.

“You should have had no reason to get involved into the drug trafficking problem inside the capital. And yet, you came directly to me, and continued to close your own escape routes as well.”

“………..I can’t just ignore it. To make sure I achieve my dream of a peaceful life, I need to first create a peaceful environment.”

And also, she continued inside her head.

(I need to set things right, and end these problems as penance for running away from the main story………)

Francesca continued to stare directly at Leonardo, and he only seemed to find her more and more precious the more he stared at her.


“………..You are a bit too gallant, yet adorable. So much so, that I fell less and less inclined to let you get away from me.”


Francesca narrowed her eyes, and then whispered into his ears in a small voice.

“———Just because you want to hide me, doesn’t mean you have to [act out like you’re flirting] with me, right?”


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