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AkuMana Ch35

Tradition and Politeness

Releasing her hand from Leonardo’s who was simply staring in amazement, Francesca moved and grabbed Ricardo’s arm.

“My skill allows me to [restore someone’s skill usage just once], That’s why..”

“…….!! Are you serious!?”


She hadn’t revealed the whole truth behind her skill but, what she said wasn’t a lie either. She hid the fact that her skill permanently enhanced others’ skills and simply nodded.


During the time when Ricardo is activating his skill, he’d be completely defenceless for a time as well. Surrounded by these deranged people, Francesca made another request to Leonardo.

“Leonardo, please, protect Serranova-san.”

“My job is to protect you not him.”

In that case, all Francesca needed to do was simply stand right beside Ricardo. She closed her eyes, and then activated her skill on Ricardo.

(——-Boost count, [Twice]—–!)

Passing through her gloveless hand, a warm power flowed through. Ricardo eyes widened with shock as he muttered.

“……..I can use it again. With this, alongside [Absolute Defence] I can also use my other skill as well……..”

(That’s right Ricardo, I enhanced not just absolute defence but your other skill as well.)

Francesca released her hand. A bunch of men swung their knives in an attempt to attack Francesca and the rest but, Leonardo instantly punched them away.

(Not just his skills, his raw physical strength is crazy high as well………)

While looking towards Leonardo, she was also attentive of Ricardo’s presence as well. To use a skill in such a vast range would require a huge amount of concentration.


“——-Skill, [Absolute Defence].”

The moment he uttered those words, a pale bluish light spread out and enveloped the people inside the hall.

(With this, the defence skill has been reapplied.——but that’s not all.)

She knew very well about Ricardo’s skill.


If one were to raise his skill’s level to the maximum, his skill would completely nullify all damage done against his allies. And then, he could also enhance the physical strength of his allies on top of that with, Attack Aid.

And then lastly, he even had a healing skill that [could cure all his allies from abnormal status] as well.

(When the first person lost his mind inside the hall, Ricardo had quickly used his healing skill to heal him from the [abnormal status], and that person alone returned to normal. However, it would be after this that the abnormal status effect would spread across the entire hall……….)

Because of Ricardo hasty actions, he had lost the usage of his healing skill instantly, which ended up leading to this dangerous situation.

But now, he should be able to use the skill again.

Ricardo opened his eyes and put his hand down on the floor of the hall.


An electric shock like sensation spread across the floor that one could feel from their feet.

Depending on the how you use it, everyone has their own way to best concentrate when activating a skill. She could feel this invisible healing energy spread across her own body as well as well travel across the floor coming from Ricardo.

“Gu, ugh……..”



The people that were going berserk until now began to groan in discomfort and fall to the ground.

Although they were falling directly to the ground, the defensive skill made sure they didn’t get hurt because of it. Slowly but surely, the shouts and screams began to dissipate as silence returned inside the hall.


“Is it, finally over……..?”

“We, we’re saved…….!!”

“Ricardo! Oi, what just happened!!?”

Ricardo’s father ran towards his son worried for his safety. Seeing that, Francesca closed her eyes to ready herself for what comes next.

(uuuwaah, I’ve really done it now……!!)

Ricardo will, almost certainly, report everything to his father. His overtly strict personality was something that would often be talked about even in the game.

(Since I wanted to hide the true effect of my skill, I did say [that it simply regens one use] of a skill. But even that, is something that is almost never seen and is an extremely rare and valuable skill……..)

The red haired girl named [Francesca] that came alongside Leonardo to the party. It won’t take long before someone figures out that she was the daughter of the Calvino household.

Not just her lie of being skill-less was going to be exposed, once the rarity of her skill becomes common knowledge, her life would begin to greatly change.

(………but I can’t change what has already happened. I won’t cry about it. I knew what I was doing and had made my resolve, I must accept whatever comes next……..)


She told herself that over and over, while she stood there with her eyes closed.

But suddenly, her shoulder, that was exposed due to the style of her dress, was gently covered by Leonardo’s hands from behind.


“Surely even you, as boorish as you are, understand what to do in this situation right, Ricardo?”

“………..Don’t mock me.”


Ricardo glared at Leonardo, and then walked towards his father.


And then gave his explanation.

“Apparently, among the people who had gone berserk and had activated their skills, there was someone who had similar skill to my own.”


Francesca’s was amazed at the words she had just heard.

“A skill like yours?…………you’re telling me that there was someone with an absolute defence skill, as well as a abnormal status healing skill among these lot?”

“Yes. This is simply my hypothesis but, having lost their sanity and not knowing what they were doing, they just randomly activated their skill and this was the result.”

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(Ricardo, is actually hiding the fact that I used my skill………?)

Francesca could blink in shock while Leonardo leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“I suppose even the hardhead can read the mood sometimes eh? C’mon, let’s go Francesca.”

“Bu, but..”

“It’ll be troublesome if we stay here. While the Serranovas are not looking, let’s return.”


While agreeing to leave with him and beginning to leave, she gave another side glance to Ricardo.

Ricardo noticed her gaze, and gave a curt bow to her without letting his father notice.


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