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AkuMana Ch38

Father’s Cherished One

“But, are you really sure about this? Leonardo?”

“About what?”

“We’re not just hanging out today. This is more of a personal errand for me.”


When she clarified that, Leonardo simply laughed [of course], and then called out to the person inside the flower shop.

“Beautiful madam, may I have the flowers I picked out a while ago?”


“Fufu, boy, you are quite smooth with your words eh?”

An old woman walked out of the shop while holding a bouquet of flowers.

It was a bouquet made of bright red roses, but the ribbon that tied it all together alone was a deep black, a colour often used in mourning of lost loved ones.

“Leonardo, this is…..”

“C’mon, let us go.”

Leonardo took the red rose bouquet and carried it in his arms delicately as if it was the most natural thing.

“As your [friend], I believe I need to greet your mother as well………..I can only hope that she finds this little present to her liking.”


Saying that, the two began to walk towards their destination for today, the cemetary.


The woman that was Francesca’s mother had passed away right around when she was born. That was of course before Francesca had recalled the memories of her past life, and so she had no idea what her mother really looked like.


Her mother was a noble lady from a foreign country’s family, and had had a rare love marriage with her father.

They truly were deeply in love with each other, and live a very happy life until Francesca was born.


But that happiness was soon torn from them, and soon after hearing Francesca’s first cry, she lost her consciousness forever.

The fact that her father had seemed to lose all emotion and expression on his face, as well had originally maintained a distance from her out of a complex feeling of hate, was all because of the death of her mother.

Kneeling down in front of her grave, Francesca gently put down the red rose bouquet, and then spoke her mind to Leonardo who was standing beside her.

“You know, Papa really loved my Mama.”


This was not something she had heard directly from him however.

And even in the game, this was not really something that was explicitly described in the game’s scenario either. But still, hearing his father talk about her, his tone of voice, the expressions he’d make, she could feel the love he had towards her now departed wife.

When Francesca had only just regained her memories, he genuinely hated his own blood and flesh daughter, and always looked at her as if he was annoyed by her very presence.

[It’s a hindrance to have a child roaming about inside the mansion. Quickly moved her away somewhere else.]

[Wait, Father!]

But still, Francesca desperately worked hard to rebuild a loving relationship with her father.

(I won’t let his scary face deter me, because I was constantly surrounded by men with scary faces in my past life anyway! Even if he glares at me or shouts at me, I’m not gonna falter………!!)

With such a strong resolve, she shouted so at her own father.


[I will stay with father! I won’t get in the way of your work, so please!]

[——Don’t let this eyesore do as she pleases.]

But her father was obstinate. No matter how much Francesca clung to him, the members dragged her away, and made her keep a distance from him.


And still, she never gave up, and continued to take any chance she could get to cling to her father for the next couple of months. And then one certain day…

[Just what exactly do you want to do?]

Her father who normally wouldn’t even look at her, suddenly spoke to her like that.

The hatred that were filled in his light blue eyes had dissipated somewhat.

But now, his eyes seemed cold and empty as he looked down towards Francesca.

[Always running around me, you keep clinging to me no matter how many times you get torn away from me…………It’s not like I ever gave you any sweets or anything either, so what exactly are you aiming for?]

Hearing those words, Francesca became teary eyed.

[………I don’t have any hidden ‘aim’ !!]

Looking back, even she was surprised that she got so emotional.

To rebuild her relationship with her father was nothing more than a condition she needed to fulfil to achieve her [peaceful life] that she dreamt of.

Or at least, that was supposed to be her goal. And yet, the words that came out of little Francesca’s mouth were the emotions that had been hiding deep inside her heart.


[I just, as my father’s daughter, I want to be with you, that’s all…….!!]


One night, and only just once, she caught her father longingly stare at a picture of her mother while sitting in the study.


He looked like an empty shell, impossible to discern what he was truly thinking inside his head. But, no that’s precisely why, she ended up realizing her father’s true feelings.

[……….I’m sorry, for making mother die………]


As tears poured down Francesca’s face, for the first time, she heard her father call her name.

[I’m sorry, father…….i’m sor……]

The words that came out of Francesca’s mouth were filled with guilt for not only leading to her mother’s death in her past life, but also making the same tragedy occur in this life as well, so she could only apologize as a way of repentance.


The very next moment, her father suddenly stretched his arms and took her into a strong, deep embrace.

[——-It wasn’t your fault.]


She was stunned in place, as her father continued to repeat as if trying to carve these words into her mind.

[There is no reason for you to take the blame for her death.]


[……..I’m sorry, for everything until now………]

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His voice seemed to slowly squeeze out of his throat, and she recalled how deep in pain his voice sounded back then.

Still hugging her father tightly, Francesca continued to sob in his arms as well.

And perhaps that was the one and only time, that her father, who hadn’t cried even on the day his wife died, let a single drop of tear flow down his cheek.

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