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AkuMana Ch42

Melting Sweetly

“You’re so cruel, Francesca. Even though you have me, you say things like that.”

When subjected to a complaint like that, Francesca was hit with a sudden feeling of guilt. But she knew she couldn’t let him trick her.

“Bu-But Leonardo, don’t you also have a bunch of other friends as well?”

“Those guys are all ‘friends’ mostly because we happen to have a common interest that’s all. Even 100 of those wouldn’t equal even one of you.”


(……..I can’t even tell how much of that is a joke anymore……..)

While distressing over it, she took another bite of her choco-mint ice cream.


In the end, the game of her past life was made in Japan, so most of the food, and confectionaries available in this world were quite similar to what you could find in Japan as well.

“………even if I want other friends, it won’t change the fact that Leonardo was my first ever friend. That’s why, you will always be special to me.”

“Is that really true?”


When she affirmed, Leonardo chuckled with satisfaction.

“Then in that case, promise me………..from here on, in the future, even if you gain many more friends, I’ll always remain your number one, okay?”

“………that’s, do you mean…”

Biting on to the edge of the ice cream cone, and swallowing it, Francesca questioned him with nervously.

“We’re best friends forever……..!?!”


Leonardo gave a short laugh which confused Francesca, but then he clearly nodded.


“Yes that’s right, my dearest, closest friend. So even in the future, we’ll continue hanging out together, and having meals together, just the two of us alone.”


Having finally gained a close friend that she had only dreamt of, her cheeks loosened unconsciously. And then, Francesca noticed the state of the ice cream in Leonardo’s hand.

“Leonardo, your ice cream is melting.”



The melting ice cream was dripping down the cone, which Leonardo gently wiped with his finger and then licked it away. When he does it, even that gesture alone held a lot of spiciness to it.

(He really is a ridiculous beautiful man huh.)

While thinking that, Francesca made another question.

“That ice cream is slightly different to mine right, what flavour did you get?”

“Hm?……….here, try it.”

Pointing the slightly melting ice cream towards Francesca’s mouth, he offered her to take a bite.

Taking him up on his offer, she took a small bite. The ice cream had softened up a bit already so it quickly melted on top of her tongue.

“Nmm, ish gud……”

It really had a uniquely sweet taste. She was hit with a slightly bitter then very sweet taste, a truly mysterious flavour.

“How do I put this, it has a very adult-like taste to it……..”

The moment she muttered that…



Her vision softly shook, making her blink quickly.

Leonardo was right in front of her face. But right now, he was looking at Francesca with genuine surprise, an expression he had never really shown her.

“Francesca? You, are you serious…”


“Somehow, my head feels all light and fluffy……..”

The moment she muttered that, she was hit with an intense sensation of drowsiness.

“Oi, you have to be kidding me. Did you actually get drunk from the little alcohol mixed in an ice cream?! Even a child could…………hey Francesca!!”

(Huh huh huh??…….)

It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. Her head didn’t hurt or anything, a there was no pain.

(But it’s just, everything feels so smooth, and fluffy, and warm, and ah I’m so sleepy………)

And soon enough, Francesca quickly closed her eyes, and fell towards where Leonardo was sitting.





As for how weak the game’s heroine Francesca was to alcohol was something that had not been described anywhere in the story.

In the game’s world, you had to be 18 to drink alcohol legally.

Francesca was still only 17, and so there was still an year left, so she was never really seen drinking in the game ever.

But her innate constitution of being [so weak to alcohol that she could get drunk even with a ice cream with a little alcohol in it] must be something that had been set in the game’s setting.



Still feeling a bit light in the head, when she finally opened her eyes again, a familiar ceiling came into her view.

And beside Francesca, 2 men seemed to be talking.

“Like I said, you can go back already.”


His little bro’s voice, which was followed by the reply of her [friend].

“That won’t do. I need to properly take responsibility and make sure that Francesca wakes up normally.”


In contrast to Graziano’s prickly tone, Leonardo seemed aloof as always. Knowing him, he was probably enjoying intentionally instigating Graziano and riling him up.

And Graziano who simply couldn’t let it go, seemed to be getting more and more sulky as he spoke again.

“Who’s room do you think this is, get out already.”

“Quite the funny statement coming from a mere guard dog. This Francesca’s room right? Then not just me, you have no right to be in this room either no?”

“How could I leave the young miss alone when she’s out cold from the effect of alcohol?”

“And I agree. Which is why I’m watching over her, so you should go back to doing whatever job you underlings have to do.”

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Hearing that, Graziano finally lost his patience and angrily spoke.

“In the first place! It’s because you fed something weird to the young miss that……….”




In a panic, Graziano leaned on her bed to check on Francesca. But before that, Leonardo called out to her.

“Good morning, my dear Francesca. How are you feeling?’

“………I ……..”

“Young miss!! Are you okay!? I’ll call the doctor quickly…….!!”

As Francesca blinked, she uttered the only thing, the harsh cold truth that she had on her mind.

“…….Did I fail to finish my choco-mint ice cream………?”



Graziano could only frown, meanwhile Leonardo looked down and was trying his best to suppress his laughter. But was failing at it.

She was still feeling a bit light headed but, she raised her body on the bed, and then checked her surroundings.

“My room………Leonardo, did you carry me here?”

“Sorry. I never thought you’d be that weak to alcohol.”

Saying that, Leonardo lightly touched Francesca’s flushed cheek that was still a bit hot.

“Ah so cold, it feels nice……..”

“Really? That’s good to hear.”

“………Don’t touch the young miss so casually.”



Even more sullen than before, Graziano grabbed Leonardo’s wrist.

Leonardo, seemingly amused and having fun, but with deep dark eyes, looked down on him as he spoke.

“Hahaha! Truly, what an undisciplined dog. Can’t even tell who’s a dear guest of your own master.”

“When my master is in danger, I have been ordered to rip off my own collar and kill the enemy if need be after all.”

(Wh, why are they so antagonistic to each other……..!?)

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