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AkuMana Ch49

Decision and Hesitation

“If I recall, if one were to make an application to his majesty, the king to approve and hold a duel, the victor will be allowed to take the lady as their bride, wasn’t it………”

“That’s exactly it. The signature of blood is one of the most powerful kind of oath among people like us but, when it comes to engagements and that alone, the king and only him has the right to acknowledge someone else as someone’s betrothed, which supersedes even a blood signature……….”

Ricardo after saying all that, sighed deeply.


“……….isn’t that so? Father?”

“It’s an old tradition, one rarely used these days. But still, that doesn’t mean it went away. That should be obvious to especially anyone from our house who uphold traditions above all, right?”

“……….But still……..”


Blue eyes just like Ricardo’s turned to look at Francesca again.

“Aldini will have no choice but to accept the duel. In the underworld where appearances matter greatly, to reject a one on one duel fair and square would be nothing short of embarrassing. And if Ricardo wins, young lady, you will be able to escape from Aldini.”

“Bu-but, there’s no guarantees that Ricardo will win though.”


Hearing her objection, Ricardo’s father narrowed his eyes.

“——-Oh I can make him win. No matter what means I may need to use for it.”


A chilly pressure was released from him, silencing Francesca.

To quickly gloss over it all, Ricardo’s father quickly showed a gentle smile again and spoke.

“Of course, if you don’t wish for that, we can also break off the engagement with Ricardo later on as well. And then you’ll be able to free yourself from any such oaths and can become a free woman once again.”

Hearing those words, Francesca reflexively looked up towards her father to her side.

“Papa, did you bring me here to let me hear all this?”



Her father simply closed his eyes, and then slowly spoke.

“Because of an oath my father swore, this engagement was made without any regards to your own will.”


“To break that, I was ready to pay whatever the price and make as many sacrifices as needed but……….I know that you are too kind and gentle to agree with such a method, right?”


His tone was gentle, but also clear, as he spoke to Francesca.

“Your future, you will be the one to decided.”


Hearing his words, she felt her heart squeeze tightly.

(To break the engagement with Leonardo was something that I had wanted for a very long time.)

After all, at least in this life, she wanted to live a normal life.

And to live that normal life, marrying a head of family was the last thing that was needed. If this duel were to cancel it all completely, she’d be finally able to live her life as more normal person rather than a person of the underworld.


Francesca, still unsure of her own feelings, opened her mouth to speak.

“………if our two families were to make an alliance, the power balance between the great 5 families will completely change.”

“A marriage between the Aldini head, and Calvino’s only daughter will also result in the same disturbance in the balance.”

“You don’t actually know for sure whether Leonardo has done anything bad or not, do you?”

“You ask a truly strange question girl.”


Ricardo’s father, made a wry smile as he looked at Francesca.

“We are all villains, to our very core, have you forgotten?”



Hearing those words, her heart suddenly felt a sharp pain.

Her father beside her remained silent, to make sure that Francesca made her own decision.

Although it was very clear that he was furious at Ricardo’s father. But still, to make sure to not interject and affect Francesca’s own thinking, he was letting him talk and say whatever he wanted to right now.

“The Aldini family was dragged into a terrible dispute, and lost both their family head and their next heir. But, there are even rumours that even that was all the result of the schemes of a 10yr old Aldini as well.”

“Father, that’s……….”

Ricardo must have heard all that for the first time but, even he seemed to grimace and seemed bewildered at the allegations. But regardless, Francesca looked directly back at Ricardo’s father,

And spoke, in an unhesitating voice.

“Leonardo most certainly did not kill his father and brother.”


That was one thing she was extremely confident in.


After all, Francesca had seen just what kind of expression Leonardo had made when he was talking about his father and brother.

(Everything about this meeting was to help break my engagement with Leonardo………but)


Francesca looked down and closed her, and then took a deep breath.

(But if the only way possible to achieve that is to turn Leonardo into an enemy just to form an alliance then………)

She didn’t want to take that offer.

Just as she was about to say that, at that very moment.

“My oh my, you people seem to be talking about some very interesting things for while eh?”


Just hearing that voice was enough for everyone on the table to drawn in their breaths in shock.

(no way…….)

Seeing the figure that seemed to have been standing at the entrance to the room for god knows how long, Francesca widened her eyes in shock.

“That said, it’s quite the sour and unproductive talk I have to say. I mean, it’s fine for a bit of entertainment but, is this really what a [meeting] between two family heads supposed to be like?”

The young man had had the top button of his black shirt opened and a necktie hung loosely around his neck.

His coat was simply hung on his shoulders, and his hands weren’t through the sleeves and were both in the pockets of his trousers instead.

From a glance, he’d look like a relaxed defenseless man, but anyone with half decent eyes knew that this man would never have any real openings.

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“Don’t you guys think that renting one of the best restaurants in the business often used for some of the most important deals in the underworld is a bit much for such a worthless chat? In the first place, doing this behind my back when I am also a family head, and deeply involved in these matters is quite rude, wouldn’t you say so?”


“Shit…..! how the hell did he get info about this?”

Ricardo’s father clicked his tongue in frustration.

“I had investigated all of his plans and specifically chose a time when he wasn’t in the capital though!? And yet…….”

That person, looking all calm and composed, walked towards them step by step.

“Won’t you tell me? My dear fellow senior family heads.”

And then, his golden moonlike eyes narrowed, and bewitchingly shone as he smiled.

“——-if all you’re doing is sit here this quietly, why not let me join as well?”


Her beautiful fiancé, Leonardo, with a challenging gaze, looked down on the two fathers.

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