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AkuMana Ch60

Healing Ability

She almost teared up unconsciously but, now was not the time to be all relaxed. Gerard was up again and aiming his gun at him instead.

“Leonardo, behind you!!”

“I know.”

 And the Leonardo, turned and pointed his finger at Gerard.



Some kind of skill activated, and Gerard suddenly curled up on the ground in pain.

With a composed voice, Leonardo spoke to him.

“——Now, you will obey me.”


(Leonardo’s skill that allows him to control others…….!)

Inside the barrier set up around this mansion, it was impossible to use attack skills.

However, mind control skills didn’t qualify as attack skills it seemed. On top of that, since it wasn’t a physical attack, Gerard’s defensive skill couldn’t counter against it either.

“Guh, ughh………”

“Drop your gun, and slide it towards me.”


Gerard’s hands were forced into throwing the gun towards him. And Leonardo quickly kicked the gun away to a corner with his black leather boots, and then coldly looked down on Gerard.

“Good job. Now, bow your head and kneel in front of me.”


Leonardo’s voice was neither rude nor rough. And yet, it possessed an incredible amount of intensity within it.

Even if he didn’t use his skill, his voice alone could make people unconditionally kneel in front of him. Leonardo continued to look directly at Gerard, as he questioned Francesca who was behind him.


“Francesca, can you take your father and run away?”

“Of course I can! I’ll carry him in my own arms if I have to!”

Having lost a lot of blood so suddenly, she knew that her father was barely hanging on to his consciousness. Francesca continued to support his body to stand up, and spoke to him as they slowly began to walk.

“Just hold on for a bit longer, Papa……..!!”


Francesca didn’t have the strength in her arms to fully support a grown adult man like her father. She knew that but still, she was not going to give up on trying anytime soon.

It was right then..



The sharp sound of something smashing was heard. Like some invisible chains had been forcibly broken and torn apart forcefully.

“No way, did he break out of Leonardo’s skill!?”


Gerard glared at Francesca once again.

“Shit…….Shit, shit, FUCK! If only, if only you didn’t exist……!!!”

But soon after, he dashed out of the room stumbling and barely maintaining his balance.

“He’s running away, we must chase after him…….! If he’s like that, we don’t know what kind of crazy thing he might do after going outside!!”

“Don’t worry, he went upstairs instead. The fact that he didn’t instantly run outside means that there is something upstairs that he really wants to take.”




Hearing his groans, Francesca’s face grew even more pale.

(I need to save Papa. But, we need to chase after Uncle as well or else, he might hurt normal innocent people outside. Both are urgent matters, and yet…….!!)

“It’ll be fine. Francesca.”


Leonardo gently laughed, and then knelt down beside Francesca.

“I’ll heal your father right now.”


Leonardo nodded, and then put his hand over her father’s abdomen. Light began to flicker and spread, as it enveloped the bloody red area on his stomach.

Making a serious face, Leonardo spoke once again to Francesca.

“I won’t let the Serranova head run away either. If he gets outside, he will most certainly try to hunt down anyone that might know their secret. He might try to blame you and me, and if that doesn’t work, he’ll most likely going to try to kill us again.”

“………Even though, nothing he does will help him cover or escape his crimes anymore……..”

“He didn’t seem like he was capable of making such a sensible judgement anymore unfortunately, right?”


Francesca gripped her father’s hand tightly. When she did, the light coming from Leonardo’s hand suddenly became stronger as well.




His ragged breath slowly became normal again. And seeing the grim expression from his face disappear, Francesca felt so relieved she almost burst out in tears.

“Thank you, Leonardo…….!!”

“……….it’s still, too early to be happy. Your father, wake him even if you have to slap him, and then you two need to quickly run out of this mansion.”

Hearing his words, Francesca was shocked.

“No way. Are you planning on chasing after Uncle all on your own!?”

“Your father’s wound may have been healed but that doesn’t mean the blood he lost suddenly came back. He still needs treatment, do you understand?”


“Good girl…………now go.”

Saying that, Leonardo began to walk towards the door Gerard dashed out of as well.

“——the man that dared disobey the blood signed pact, I’ll be the one to purge him.”


Feeling the cold tension suddenly spread in the room, Francesca could only breathe in sharply.

But Leonardo, turned around to look at her once more, and then showed his usual calm smile.

“So, just leave the rest to me Francesca………And you, you must protect those who are dear to you.”



Seeing him leave with those words, Francesca could only clasp her hands together tightly.

But still, she didn’t have the time to just sit there absentmindedly. Like Leonardo said, she needed to wake her fatehr up quickly.

“Papa! Papa! Wake up!! We need to get you to a doctor quickly!!”


His father’s own very similar light blue eyes opened and looked at Francesca.

“Francesca……..? are you, alright?”


“Enough about me!! We need to hurry and go! can you stand!?”


As Francesca pulled on his hand, her father was quickly able to get up again.

But in the next instant, his face suddenly distorted from some kind of pain.



Hearing his voice, trying his best to endure the pain, Francesca’s voice began to tremble.

“Why!? I thought Leonardo had healed the stomach wound. Did it fail……..?”

“……..That’s not, it………it’s not my stomach, that’s hurting……..”

Still grimacing from the pain, her father put his hand on his ankle.

“It feels like I had suddenly twisted my ankle very badly or something.”


“So it just surprised me that’s all. The pain isn’t that bad otherwise. If anything, I almost feel fully healed.”


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Hearing his words, Francesca eyes widened with shock.

She quickly looked at her father’s feet, and as he had said, his ankle had turned past even dark bluish, into a swollen deep yellow colour.

This was the kind of colour you only saw when a few days had passed after suffering an internal bleeding or something similar. And so it didn’t seem like he had twisted his ankle when he had got shot or something like that either.


(……..a sprain in the leg. The left ankle. That too, one that has been there for many days……..?)

She didn’t recall her father getting such an injury in the recent past.

The only wound her father should have had would be one on his stomach from getting shot.

But, that wound was healed by Leonardo but strangely, a different wound had appeared on his body instead.

(Papa never got an injury like that………..But, I had.)

That was of course, on the day of the meeting, an injury that Francesca had incurred.

Chasing after Leonardo in high heel shoes that she wasn’t used to, she had taken a magnificent fall. It had hurt so much, she could barely even stand but that injury was healed by Leonardo, who had turned around to come back to her.

By his skill specifically, just like how he healed her father just now.

(I may have been mistaken…)

Coming to a stark realization, she gasped.

(Leonardo’s skill was not a healing skill. No, this is…)


Francesca mind was frantically thinking right now.

(——-Leonardo, he can switch an injury between two bodies!)


Realizing that, she looked back at the current situation.

(Which means, at that time, he had switched my ankle wound with his own unhurt body then? That’s why I felt no pain but that’s only because, he had taken my injury on to his own body.”)

And then, she muttered the words that had popped inside her mind just now.

“In that case, if he healed Papa who got shot, Leonardo’s condition right now is…….”


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