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AkuMana Ch64

The Villain’s Wish

In that instant, Leonardo bent down, and rushed forward. The bullet flew over his head, and struck the door with loud blast.

While enduring through the pain of the wound, he closed in on Gerard, and the kicked at his wrists from below to knock the gun out of his hands.


Even though he made a clean impact, Gerard didn’t falter even one bit this time. His strong defensive skill had completely nullified the force of Leonardo’s kick.


“You must die here, immediately…..!!!”

The muzzle of the gun was pointed at him again, which he flicked away with snap of his wrist. The gun fired into the roof, and the sound of the chandelier shattering echoed.


The gunshot rang thrice, Leonardo made sure to count them. From a while back, he had been paying attention to how many bullets Gerard had fired. Although, with how freely and recklessly he was firing that gun, it didn’t seem like he needed to worry about such details.

(No one can use attack skills inside the mansion. Physical attacks will be deflected by Serranova’s defensive skill. Mind control skills won’t work on him right now either, and besides, there’s still time before I could use it again anyway.)

The reason why Leonardo couldn’t maintain his control before was because the [mastermind]’s skill that had already been applied on Gerard was stronger than his own.

(I’ll try restraining then…….)

He grabbed Gerard’s wrist and instantly twisted it behind and threw him to the ground. But, the moment he tried to put weight on the wrist from atop him and hold him down, the same strong force repelled him just like with the kick.

“Hahaha, even strangle holds can get repelled? It seems like there’s still time left till it runs out as well. What a pain.”

“I’ll kill you! I’m going to KILL YOU….!!!”

“Surely, you jest.”

Leonardo took a short breath, but still continued to laugh.


“If I were to die a pathetic death here, you’d go after Francesca next.”

And that was one thing that he simply would not allow to ever happen.

Even if he has to suffer through massive amounts of pain for it.


It was on a certain day, three years after Leonardo had become the family head.

[Will you be preparing an assortment of gifts for your fiancée’s birthday this year as well?]


[……….Oh, is that time of the year already?]

Inquired by one his subordinates, he recalled how he didn’t care even one bit about that day.

He had never even met this fiancée that was chosen for him on birth. Not even once. And yet, Leonardo was expected to send a bunch of gifts to this girl every year on her birthday.

[Yeah sure. Just prepare whatever and send it.]

[Understood……but still, I know this happens every year but, this formality is still being continued huh. Is there even a point in giving so much consideration towards a fiancée that you’ve never even met?]

[It’s because we probably won’t be meeting any time soon that we have to continue this formality, no? After all, this marriage is a beneficial one for both the families.]


Leonardo was still a young buy but, he was able to continue talking without letting his true thoughts reach the surface.

[An alliance with the Calvinos is not that important for us. But, an engagement is a different matter. If we can get their sole daughter as the bride of our house, depending how we play our cards, not just an simple alliance, we could even reap a lot of benefits for the Aldini house through that connection, right?]



[We don’t need to flatter the other families.——–Don’t forget, one day we will surpass all of them with pure strength.]


The subordinate looked at him with wide eyes, and then gave a deep reverent bow as if he was looking at the god he worshipped.

[……..All will be as the Boss wishes. We will follow you to the depths of hell if need be.]

Looking down on the subordinate who was twice as old as himself, Leonardo narrowed his eyes.

The reason why Leonardo had continued to act as the perfect family head after the passing of his father and brother was not because he had inherited their dream.

Everything, was for his own ambitions and goals.

(Those traitors from the Selena family are all dead but, there is definitely a [mastermind] behind it all that instigated this. Making two families fight, this was certainly someone’s plan to destroy both of our families………. To pull them out of the shadows, I’ll do whatever I must.)

He’ll gain power, and gather info.

As a way to make other families bow to him, he would even use his own betrothed with no hesitation.


(……..both father, and brother…)

Recalling their faces, Leonardo mockingly laughed at himself.

(They would have scolded me if they were alive.)

But ever since their deaths, there was no one else in this whole world who would dare scold Leonardo.


Leonardo continued to keep his true motives a secret, and while gaining the trust and confidence of his surroundings, he had already turned 17 years old.

He had many goals, and to achieve them, he had to lie many times. With no one there to scold him, he went around skilfully manipulating everyone he met, all for the sake of fulfilling his ambitions.

But then he met this one girl, who he had met for a certain reason, on whom his tricks just didn’t seem to work.

[I want you to break off our engagement.]

That girl had beautiful rose like red hair, and her eyes were the colour of the blue sky.

He found her suggestion to be very interesting, yet also quite troublesome as well.

But still, Leonardo hid his true feelings as always, and simply asked this in amusement.

[Now that’s a funny thing to say. Even if it was an arbitrary promise between our grandfathers, this marriage is advantageous for both our families, no?]

When he asked that, his fiancée Francesca, who he had met for the first time on that day spoke with clear eyes.

[You don’t actually believe that, do you?]


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As if she was scolding him.

7 years. In these 7 years this was the first time someone had seen through his true feelings that he had kept hidden and seemingly pointed it out to him. For a moment, he was completely caught off guard.


To Francesca, that was a normal conversation. Nothing special to it.

But for Leonardo, that moment was an almost priceless moment.

From then on, Francesca continued to find surprising ways to completely break past his façade. And continued to look at him in unexpected ways.

[Thanks to the family you were born in, I’m sure you’ve also had to deal with your own fair share of burdens no?]

Compared to what his father and brother had to go through, it was nothing.

He thought that and yet, he found himself unable to refute Francesca. He didn’t understand why.

[You never hid the fact that you’re the Aldini head because you don’t want people to get dragged into such problems as well, right?]

[——–To do something like that, you’re very kind.]

That wasn’t true at all.

A truly kind person was like his father or his brother. It was a word that was far away from Leonardo.

(I can’t be someone like my father or brother. I basically took their lives. I don’t even have the right to yearn for them, and yet)

Francesca saw through all of lies and spoke.

[………Leonardo you, you really loved your father and brother, right?]


Francesca’s gaze when she said that implied that she knew of the rumours that insisted that Leonardo had planned to have his family killed.

And yet, she still looked at him directly, straight into his eyes.


Before he knew it, everytime she called his name, why did he always feel like something deep inside his chest was being pressed?


And at that point, as the sole person in the entire world who was allowed to call him by his name, Francesca gently spoke.

[Leonardo, you’re surprisingly the type that gets lonely easily huh.]


While pressing down on the wound on his stomach, Leonardo broke into a smile again.

“………you’re the only one that can make me feel lonely.”

The words he spoke on that day, he repeated to himself out loud.



(I want to make your dream come true, Francesca.)



An unpleasant amount of cold sweat was pouring down his entire body, he could tell.

(If your father getting hurt makes you cry, then I’ll happily take that wound on my own body.)


Looking down on Gerard who was still holding his gun, he somehow managed to stop his shortening breaths.

(If you want to end the drugs problem, I’ll end it. I’ll even fulfil your wish to not let this man hurt the innocents that live in the capital………if you wish to not get married to me or anyone in the underworld, and live on the surface world, I’ll make that a reality too…….)

He roughly wiped the sweat off his chin with back of his hand.

And then, Leonardo calmly laughed, ignoring all the pain he was feeling right now.

“Come. I’ll put an end to this, even if it costs me my life.”

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