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AkuMana Ch66

The Girl He Wanted to Protect


While enduring the harsh pain, he broke into a bitter smile.

(It’s all just a lucky coincidence that all these incredible abilities got handed over to me.)

Right now, the amount of skills Leonardo had had crossed the limit normal people were allowed to have.


Once the number crossed 10, it got so ridiculous that he stopped counting.

To Leonardo who had stolen both the skills and the position from his brother and father, he really felt that it was ironic how well his own skill suited him.

(……….But, thanks to these, I was able to protect Francesca.)


He knelt down in front of Gerard and took a peek at his face as he laughed.

“Until you are dead, I’ll personally look over you and stay by your side like this.——-Even if I have to die with you.”


Gerard’s expression finally showed that even he realized that he had no way to run anymore.

And he was right, there was no escape for him. Not anymore.

Even if it took his own life, Leonardo was going to make sure that he erased this man that may bring harm to Francesca.

(………Under these current circumstances and limitations, this is the only way to kill this man.)

Gerard tried to twist and writhe on the spot, and then looked at him completely stupefied.

“Are you serious………Are you really going to stay here just to make sure that you kill me!?!?”

“Damn right.”

With a frivolous smile, he stood back up again.

“If I don’t keep an eye on you, the ice will melt and you’ll be able to run away, no?”


The pain from the gunshot had now gotten to a point where he couldn’t even tell if it was heat he was feeling or actual pain. With every beat of his heart, the gaping wound in his stomach also throbbed and with every pulse, more blood would gush out from there.

“SHIT……!! LET ME GO!!! I must follow the orders and kill all those who have discovered our secret…..!!”


“……..Well aren’t you obstinate. If I wasn’t worried that it might get taken as an attack, I would have sealed your mouth with ice as well.”

“ALDINI!! Aren’t you supposed to be the clever one?! You were not the kind of person that would choose this kind of method that sacrifices yourself as well!!?”

“It can’t be helped. I just found something I really want to protect.”

Sweat poured down from his head down to his cheek. Not because of the flames, but it was because of the pain he was enduring.

“I’ll dispel your brainwashing with death itself.——-let’s fall to hell together, Serranova.”


Even just standing there was becoming difficult to him.

He could just fall to his knees right here and wait for the end of both of their lives now.

(If I die, I wonder if Francesca will cry for me?)

Such a thought crossed his head, which Leonardo found very amusing.

(Forgive me for being the absolute worst kind of [friend].——-but even knowing that my death may leave a scar on your heart, still only makes me happy.)

And then, he slowly closed his eyes.

(If I had any regrets, that’d be…….)


Just when he recalled her smile, it happened right then.



Separate from the rumbling of the flames, a noisy sound reached his ears.

It was footsteps.

Light, yet powerful ones. They were heading straight through the corridor outside and towards this room. Like a bullet itself.

“………No way.”

Just as he mumbled, it happened.



The door of the room was slammed open, and a single girl jumped inside.

Strong willed sky blue eyes, and rosy red long hair.

She waved the hem of her similar red coloured dress as she opened the door, and the girl looked at Leonardo with a face that was on the verge of crying.

“I made it in time……..!!”


More so than even the bellowing flames, her expression looked brighter.

To Leonardo, that girl was like a ball of beautiful light, and for some reason, she was standing there looking completely drenched in water.


“Didn’t you leave the mansion to save your father…….?”

Faced with an unbelievable scene, even he couldn’t hide the trembling in his voice. But Francesca paid it no heed, and then aimed with the thing she had in her hands.

“Leonardo, I’m sorry. Uncle as well, sorry!!”


If it was a gun, Leonardo would have been able to move.

But the thing Francesca was holding in her hand was something completely unexpected. That was clearly a bucket, but everything was happening so suddenly that his reaction lagged behind.

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“Wait, Francesca. You’re not……….”




The large amount of water held inside the bucket was thrown directly at them right afterwards.


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