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AkuMana Ch68

A Method made Together

But now was not the time to act all easygoing.

“Aldini…….Calvino’s girl……..!!”

Gerard who had been stooping on the ground, exerted abnormal strength as he somehow stood up once again.

The Ice shackles on Gerard had also become as weak as the ice wall. The shattered ice scattered everywhere and Gerard quickly moved to grab the gun that was lying on the ground.


“DIE, right now…….!!”


Leonardo moved to quickly shield her, and Francesca on the other hand, hugged him tightly.



(I want to end the drugs problem. I don’t want to get innocent people involved, and I want to live a normal life………Leonardo is trying to fulfil all of my wishes right now.)

She had no idea what were the motives behind the actions Leonardo took in the game. But it didn’t matter, because she absolutely understood the Leonardo in front of her.

If he wasn’t trying to constantly prioritize Francesca’s feelings and wishes, she was sure that Leonardo would have had a lot more choices and ways to solve all of this.

“Thank you, for protecting me.”

Saying that, she looked up into his full moon-like eyes.

“To be honest, I need a lot of courage to choose this method. But, even so…”

Gerard’s stretching hand finally reached the gun on the floor.

“I was the one who wished this from you, so therefore, I must personally [settle] the matter as well——…….”

“……..Very well, I understand. Francesca.”

Leonardo laughed gently as he tightly grabbed Francesca’s hand.


“I’ll fight with you………My friend, my dear fiancée.”


Francesca smiled, and then activated her skill that can enhance other people’s skill.

(A skill that can enhance other’s own skill. The second big advantage of this skill is……….)



She grabbed Leonardo’s collar and pulled it down with strength. The bullet passed over Leonardo’s bent head, and disappeared into the flames behind them.

When she let him go, Leonardo’s turned his body around, and then, with a speed unbelievable for a man that had lost a immense amount of blood, he instantly rushed close to Gerard.


Leonardo grabbed Gerard by his neck, and then slammed him into the ground.

Confirming that, Francesca quickly moved to make her next move.


She grabbed the bucket, and then began the shattered pieces of ice into it. And while she was putting the bucket on top of the flames, Leonardo too made his next move.


“……..How dare you fire a gun in Francesca’s direction.”

“Wha……..!! You can try as many times you want, the result won’t change you brat!!”

His defensive skill was active, and Leonardo’s hand got repelled. Gerard laughed and then moved to pick up the gun he dropped once again.

“Looks like you’ve run out of the limit to use the ice skill eh? Just wait there. This time, I will definitely kill you, and then kill that Calvino girl as well! All for that person’s sake………

“Shut the fuck up.”

With a rare occasion of Leonardo actually using a crude tone, he narrowed his eyes.

“It’s already your loss……….too bad, old man.”

“Hahaha, what are you even talking about!!? Not even guns would work on me right now. No matter what kind of skills you may possess, attack skills won’t work inside this mansion!! The best you can do is hope that the fire continues to spread faster, otherwise………”

Leonardo held up and pointed his palm straight in front of Gerard’s eyes.

“You can never hurt me in a million years………”



Leonardo simply coughed and kept his mouth shut.

“……..What, is this………”

Gerard, with a face that showed his utter shock, pressed down on his stomach.


His white shirt began to get stained in the colour red, and so did his fingers that were pressing down on that area.

“How……..why, this wound? Attack skills shouldn’t work inside this mansion, I thought…….”

“You are indeed right………but.”

Leonardo stood up again, and then stepped back as he spoke.

“The skill that put the hole in your stomach just now, technically qualifies as a [Healing] skill you see.——I already knew that the barrier won’t seal it when I used it save Francesca’s father after all.”

“No way………”

Gerard finally recognized the true identity of the skill.

“The wound exchanging skill you inherited from you father……..!?”

But even that was still an unbelievable idea to him.

“IMPOSSIBLE!! You used it not too long ago, on Calvino!! That’s why you had the wound on your stomach, and had become so weak!! So why!? Why is that wound transferred to me now…….!!”

“——because this was the best way, Serranova. If physical attacks won’t work, and while we’re inside a barrier that stops attack skills, this is the only way to kill you while we’re still inside this mansion.”

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And then, Leonardo exhaled deeply.

“In the first place, it’s you who made this gunshot wound, right?”

His smile, was so daring and beautiful that you wouldn’t believe that this man had lost life threatening amounts of blood already. It was the face of a true warrior.

“……….treat it with care, and then die with it.”

“DAMMNIT ALLL!!!!!!!!”

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