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AkuMana Ch7

What wasn’t granted.

Leonardo walked towards he broken window as he continued to talk with Francesca.

“In the first place, did you really think you could get away with breaking our engagement? I know we both come from the underworld, but we’re also nobility of this country. Political marriages are basically part of duty.”

“That’s why I was aiming for a ‘peaceful termination of the engagement’ by mutual consent. Papa listens to most of my selfish wants but if I unilaterally asked for the engagement to be broken off, you’d also use that as an excuse to further your evil plans.”


“What an incredible woman you are. Even though we have only met today, you already understand me so well. But if you are really that smart my dear fiancee, knowing the benefits that come from being engaged to me, why exactly are you trying so hard to avoid marrying me knowing full well how much you’d lose?”


Resting his elbow on the broken window pane, and looking down on the man collapsed outside, Leonardo laughed.

“Ahh………..perhaps, rather than me, you want to marry someone from another family?”

His expression was more ominous than any of the smiles he had shown until now.

“That’s not a bad move either. If the Calvinos were to join hands with a different family, they could certainly destroy even my family.”

“Eh!? Nonono, that’s not happening either. I have no intention of marrying someone else from any other family either! After all………”

Francesca breathed in, and shouted with all her strength.

“——if I became the wife of a gangster, I could never live the normal and peaceful life that I want!!”


Turning back towards her, Leonardo looked stupefied.


“I just want to live a simple ordinary life! Live my days in peace, and finally make at least a few [friends] that I have always dreamt off!”


This time definitely, she’ll live the life she wanted.

In the first place, not just the incidents with Leonardo, she wanted to avoid everything that happens in the main story.

After all, if it all went according to main story, the only people Francesca will become close to in the academy are the handsome young men of the underworld.

That kind of life was the exact opposite of the [ordinary peaceful life] that she hoped for. Her first priority was to make friends, and not a lover like the game was designed for.

(If I were to marry an inhabitant of the underworld, let alone the men that the heroine Francesca is supposed to meet, I just know what kind of life awaits me………!!)

She recalled the women who were married to the members of her ‘family’ in her past life.


The wife of a yakuza, would act as their husband’s proxy in case of an emergency or a long absence. They look after the new underlings of the family, look after their husbands, and sometimes even help with their ‘work’.

That was obviously going to be the same even in this world.


On top of that, the system of divorce was not very prevalent in her current world, so unless something major happens, she could never leave her husband either.

(I want to avoid getting dragged into the incidents caused by Leonardo. I want to have the engagement with him called off. And I don’t want to get close to any of the other ‘capture’ targets either! These are the bare minimum conditions required to make sure I can live my academy life in peace and make some friends………!!)

Francesca made an ‘x’ sign with her hands to show her [firm rejection] to Leonardo, only to have him begin to chuckle at her.

“…………Basically you’re saying that you want to live on the ‘surface’ world eh? Now that’s unexpected. Although, no matter how I look at you, you’re already a resident of the underworld, down to your very bones.”

(Down to my very bones he says………!!)

She had been hit by a shocking statement. But she quickly recovered.

“………..that’s genuinely what I want. But you don’t believe me, do you?”

“Why would I not? You have already become my precious woman. Why would I not believe you?”


His words however, were extremely shameless. Francesca glared at him for a while, and then got up from the sofa.

“I had enough. I’m going back. Your tricks to use me for your plans, like I said before, won’t work. So it’s time for farewell.”

“No way, I want to meet you again though. Don’t worry, I’ll come to pick you up again Francesca.”


“………..let me tell you in advance, you’ll gain nothing from marrying me.”

Francesca gave a deep sigh, and then spoke to Leonardo.

“I, don’t possess any ‘skill’ you know?”


“Even though I was born a noble, a rarity, don’t you think?”

A part of the populace in this world possess a power called [skills].

From Francesca’s point of view, it was basically similar to being able to use magic.

But, perhaps because this world was fully following the game she played, the lingo, [skill] seemed to have also been taken as it was.

It was common knowledge in this world, that people of royalty or nobility almost always possessed a skills inherent to them.

(I imagine this has also something to do with the game’s system.)

In the game, depending on the rarity of the character card pulled from the gacha, the more skills that character would have.

In her past life, characters with rarity of 1 or 2 didn’t possess skills.

Once the rarity became 3 or higher, they started possessing skills. Rarity 4 would give them 2 skills.

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And characters with rarity5, the highest available, would have three skills available.

The concept of [rarity] of the game, was translated into this world as [Preciousness of Blood].


Basically, commoners had no skills.

The higher the rank of the noble, the more skills they’d be able to use. Characters with Rarity 5 were the heirs to the big 5 families, and members of the royalty.

(Leonardo as well, if he had been implemented as a playable character, would have been a rarity 5 character. Since he only showed up as an enemy, there was no way to truly check his actual status, but I’m sure, that he belonged to the highest rarity rank………..)

Even her classmates in her past life, were constantly talking about it in class. [“Leonardo will definitely get added to the game once the story is finished! As  the highest rank, no less!!”]. They’d get all fired up talking about it. Although she could only observe them from the side, she still remembered it all.

(Now I’m just sad recalling all that……….but anyway!!)

Francesca continued speaking to Leonardo.

“I should have discovered my skills when I turned 10 but, nothing showed up. Papa and the others told me to not worry too much about it though.”


“So if you were to marry me, your successors might get affected too you know? And when then that happens, everyone will talk about me behind their backs as the cause for it all. I can tell you that from experience.”


As expected, Leonardo continued to listen to Francesca quietly.

Even he must have taken serious damage from this revelation, she was sure.

To the head of one the big 5 families, prestige and appearances were all extremely important.

(——–That said, in truth I actually do properly have my skills though!!)

But only Francesca and her father were privy to this information.

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