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Null Poison Ch134


“Hey, Alyazi. Can you be my teacher then?”

“………..Eh? You want me to be your trainer, Chris-san?! I don’t think I have much I can teach you though? For close combat, Leon-san’s better, for ranged combat, Janet’s better. And for magic, or healing magic, Joyce is a much better choice of course. Like I said before, my ability can be very weak depending on how you perceive it.”

“I don’t mind that. Please, I only want to be taught by Alyazi.”

When I bowed my head to him, even the other members of the [Silver Winged Lion] were surprised.

“Like he said, he’s not really the teacher type you know! I can teach both you and Ralf well so don’t worry about it!”

“No, I think I’ll get much stronger if I learn from Alyazi rather than you Leon……..So please, teach me Alyazi.”

I bowed to him once again.

Alyazi looked a bit troubled but, he realized that I was being very serious, so after a while he nodded his head.


“………Very well. If you’re going that far to ask me, I cannot refuse either. I’ll teach Chris-kun then. If you don’t like my way of teaching, by all means please switch to someone else whenever you feel like it okay?”

“yes, of course, and thank you.”

“…………man, Chris you really are an odd fellow! To ask neither me or Leon for help, but instead Alyazi!”


“I agree. But conversely speaking, it just means that he sees Alyazi’s strength for what its actually worth……….He certainly has a good sense for things.”

“That must be true! No wonder both Ralf and Esta are constantly idolizing him! He’s bit of a cheeky brat but he’s also incredibly skilled for his age as well!”

It seemed the members of the [Silver Winged Lion] had many opinions in regards to me asking Alyazi as my teacher.

Ralf, like last time, stuck with Leon as his trainer, and Joyce who was free decided to support Leon with it.

So Janet decided to act as support for Alyazi.

“No then, first of all, Chris-kun why exactly did you get so stuck with idea of asking me to teach you? I need to get at least some kind of idea of what sort of training we should focus on, so please tell me as that’d help.”

“Yeah yeah! Most people would chose Leon there! He’s flashy and strong and also really cool!”

“I don’t really want to look cool so. All I want is pure, refined power and felt that Alyazi could help be best with that.”

“Huh………can you be more specific why you felt that?”

“Firstly, it was the way you observe the battle, then your movements and lastly——the way you use your skill.”

After watching his duel with Ralf, I felt immense power from him even though he was short in height and was clearly lacking in his raw physical abilities, in comparison, as well.

I had no basis for it but, that feeling I had where I was sure that he was not going to lose no matter what—–

I don’t whether it was observational abilities, his defensive body movements or his way of using his skill, that made me feel that but, regardless if I want to grow, learning that would be an important factor me, I just know it.

“Hmm, I don’t really get it! My field of vision is better, and defensive movements are Leon’s speciality! Well, if its Skill usage then I guess it would be Alyazi………but is there really anything to learn, when it comes to using your skills?!”

“…………….Janet-san, why don’t you go to the other guys and support them instead? I think I’ll train Chris-kun on my own.”

“Huh? Why? So suddenly?”

“I changed my mind, so please.”


For whatever reason, he drove Janet away and I was left alone with Alyazi.

He had these gentle eyes until now but, something was lit inside him……or at least that’s what it felt like.

“Now that the extra noise is gone, allow me to talk for a minute.”

“………, that’s harsh.”

“Just speaking facts really. Now, as I said before—— I can be both as strong and as weak as you think depending on whichever way you believe it. Do you understand the meaning behind my words?”

“That your stats are low? You are strong, but compared to someone like Leon you are obviously much weaker one to one.”

“Precisely. Perfect answer. Outside my agility, my stats are not high at all………but to make up for it. I possess a total of 18(Eighteen) skills.”

“18?? Did you get them all during [Heaven’s Blessing]?”

“Of course. Like I said while my stats are far from what you’d consider high, those skills have allowed me to climb this high as an adventurer.”

So that unexplainable strength that I instinctually felt was from the number of skills he possessed.

But since you can’t see those skill upfront…….it was difficult to explain why I felt that way, but now I’m starting to get a better idea of it.

“The thing I focus on most during a fight is the decision making ability. Which Skill to use, when to use and the speed with which I switch to a different skill. Hence, the only thing I can teach you is in regards to said Skills.”

“That’s good enough………actually, that’s what I want to learn the most.”

“Then I suppose I am the right teacher for you after all. Well then, let’s begin your training right away.”

After a light bow, I quickly began my lessons with Alyazi.

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This person was weak, yet learnt how to best utilize his strong point to the maximum and get stronger.

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him.

“First, let’s start with practicing activation and deactivation of skills.”

“Activate and deactivate eh. I can activate my skills normally like I always do, right?”

“yes, of course.”


“[Flesh Enhancement].”

When I spoke, my skill activated as always.

Thanks to its effects, my body became lighter and I could strength seem into my body.

“Now, deactivate that skill.”

“——it’s done. Was that fine?”

“yes. Now, you need to practice it again and again. Watch me. [Secrecy]——how did it look?”

“Certainly, the speed with which you activated and then deactivated it was abnormally fast. It was basically already deactivated by the time it even activated properly………..but, is there a point to this?”

“But of course. There’s nothing that uses as much stamina as skills. In my case, my stamina is lower than average so to use all 18 skills properly without running out of stamina, it was vital that I learnt this super fast activation and release method……….but, even to a normal person, to be able to have complete mastery of this level on your skills will still be very useful.”

Now, considering I plan on absorbing more skills in the future as well, it will definitely come in use in the future to me as well.

Especially with something like [Fortification], if I can learn to activate it for a brief instant to guard against attacks and then instantly cancel it, it’ll become a lot easier to use and will be a whole lot more useful to me as well.

Having realized how useful this ability could be to me, with Alyazi’s signal, I began the process of activating and deactivating my skill over and over again.

While Alyazi clapped, and I just stood there doing it over and over again, the scene of us two must have looked strange from afar as I could feel the gaze from Leon and the rest get stronger, but I continued frantically going On and Off with my skills as my special training continued.

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