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Null Poison Ch158

Back to Work

Two weeks have passed since the fight to the death with Carlo.

Due to the use of multiple skills, I had gone far beyond the limits of my body and so I alone spent these last few days doing nothing but rest in my room.

The recoil from using [Mad Warrior] was too strong, as it gnaws into your mind as well so it took a lot more time than I expected to recover completely.

In the meantime, Ralf and Esta alongside Snow completed our share of requests that we had missed out on over the 3 month period, and once I recovered went back to completing requests together.

Thanks to our 3 months of training, as well as the death match with Carlo, Gold rank requests were now child’s play to us and by the end we were all rapidly completing requests solo rather than as a party.


Due to spending time away from the town for some time, it felt like we’re behind things in many ways but——-after about two weeks of hard work, we safely recovered back from being penniless back to having money saved up.

“I’ve kinda realized over these last two weeks but,……..haven’t we gotten a bit too strong!?”


“Well, we did nothing but train for three straight months inside the Carlisle forest after all. It’s only normal to show a increased rate of growth.”

“I was surprised as well! After being basically usless against Carlo, I almost lost confidence in my magic but………these gold rank monster are now dying in a single shot——with beginner magic, no less!”

Just like these 2 said, Esta could take down monsters in a single hit with basic magic and Ralf could block and deflect attacks from them even with his eyes closed.

As for me……I had become strong enough to fight Gold rank monsters with bare fists, and without using a single skill.

But, since these requests felt like easy work, compared to the time in Carlisle forest, our overall intensity felt low in comparison which made me a bit impatient.

If only there were more stronger monsters around, completing requests would also make for good training but at this point, the requests in the area around Oxter lacked any kind of challenge to us.

According to the vice chief, we haven’t gotten anything similar to the Platinum rank Red Kong subjugation since then, and thanks to our own rapid completion of gold rank requests, there were very few of those left as well.


We had quite the money saved up, so we could go and seclude ourselves in Carlisle forest one again but……..

Regardless of whether we’re being pursued or not, for the sake of our growth, it might be time to leave this town for good after all.


“Anyway, now that we’ve saved up a decent amount of money, let’s quickly head to Norfast. We need to report about what happened to Alyazi-san and the rest, as well as about Carlo.”

“Yeah……..I hope we can do a proper mourning service for them or something.”

“There’s a good chance that Carlo hid their bodies. The [Silver Winged Lion] were Mithril rank adventurers, if we ask around we should quickly find info about what happened afterwards I think.”

“Yeah, well, I guess we’ll figure it out when we actually go there. What do we do with Snow?”

Hearing its name, Snow tilted his head looking at Esta curiously.

Snow eh. Hmm…….What should we do?

We did register it as my familiar so it shouldn’t be a problem to take it with us but, it’d be a problem if it caused some trouble in a big city.

It’s body has gotten a lot bigger as well, and though it can still be carried in a bag, it’s head would pop out all the time now.

But if we don’t take it out of worry that something might happen, then there’d be no point in getting it registered as a familiar in the first place……..

“Let’s take it along. Being a registered familiar should make things a lot easier I hope.”

“Ooh! Good for you eh Snow? Looks like you won’t have to stay home alone this time!”


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Wagging its tail, Snow howled happily.

I always wonder this but damn, it really feels like it perfectly understand our conversation.

“Alright then, shall we leave? Since we have been there before, You can count on us both to lead the way.”

“Yeah, let’s go. I’ll follow you so guide me around, Ralf, Esta.”

“Got it! This time even I remember stuff so leave it to us!”

With our prep done, we decided to head to Norfast.

This will be my first visit there.

Since Carlo was in Norfast, I was a bit worried that there might be other pursuers as well but…….now that we have beaten Carlo, I don’t need to unnecessarily feel afraid of every little thing anymore.

Doesn’t mean that I won’t be cautious, as we’ll be going about collecting info on the [Silver Winged Lion] over there.

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