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Null Poison Ch182

Temp Party Dissolution

Since the Ogre subjugation request, approximately two weeks had passed.

In that time, we continued finishing platinum rank requests alongside Bors, and finally after today’s request, we all promoted to platinum rank.

Since his party member Rufus who had been out with a cold had also recovered and returned, we finally decided to dissolve our temp party with Bors as well.

“Bors-san! Thank you for everything till now! Not just the requests, but you also helped us with many other things!”

“Exactly! If not for Bors-san, we really wouldn’t have been able to complete all these requests so well until now.”

“Like these two said, thanks a lot, Bors. You were a huge help.”

After reporting the completion of our last request with Bors, a RhinoDuck subjugation, we all gave a our words of gratitude towards Bors.

At first I thought he was a shoddy and suspicious adventurer but, his ability was real and he went out of his way to introduce us to all sorts of great places in Edestor.

Thanks to Bors, we were able to settle in Edestor very quickly and were able to avoid all sorts of problems.


“Oh stop it you guys! It’s only natural to help friends in a pinch right! Besides, thanks to you guys, I also made a hefty profit so if anything, thank you for partying up with me!”

With a refreshing smile, Bors thanked us back and we firmly shook hands with each other.

“But still………in the end, I wasn’t able to get Chris to use formal suffixes for me!”


“Don’t worry about it too much. My standards are just unrealistically high that’s all.”

“But that’s exactly why I wanted it!!”

Bors really was fussing over getting me to use formal speech for him till the very end.

Honestly, it’s because he was so desperate that I refused to do so in the end but……..I’d rather not tell him that at this point.

“But to be honest, I never really grasped how your fighting style works. I realize how incredible what you do is but, I couldn’t really figure out what thisincredible thing is till the end.”

Yes, in the end, I never really fully comprehended how Bors was able to fight Monsters like that.

I watched him fight many, many times since then but, all I could tell was that he was fighting normally and everything else just didn’t make sense.

……..but, if it really was a normal fighting style, then the monsters he faced and beat should have won considering they all had far more raw strength than Bors.

This oddity was something I just couldn’t clear out till the end.

“Well even if you say that……….I really can’t think of anything special that I do in battles, so I really can’t help you there! Well, maybe when we both have some free time, I can show you how I fight directly against you so maybe that’ll help.”

“Now that’s something to look forward to. If we fight each other, perhaps I will figure out the secret behind your fighting style.”

“I’ll contact you when I have the time to fight!……….Anyway, it was a lot of fun! It was only a mere two weeks but, it was nice to complete some requests with bunch of young ones! If you lot see me at the guild, be sure to stop and chat every once in a while!”

Saying that, Bors walked away while waving us goodbye.

We all gave a bow towards his back as he left and then we returned as well.



After returning back to [Gorush], while eating the parcelled food that we picked on our way, we began discussing our next plans.

In these two weeks, thanks to completing only platinum rank quests one after another, we have saved up a lot of money.

From tomorrow, I’m thinking we each spend some time dedicated to our training.

“As for our plans from tomorrow, I’m thinking of heading to the great forest of Roza by myself.”


“Sounds good no? I was thinking it was about time too!”

“I think so as well!…….as for us two who remain, should we continue doing requests?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about actually but, do you guys want to keep doing requests for now?”

When I asked, both put their hands on their chins and began pondering over it.

Even if I say to train during this time, for these two, completing requests itself is a great form of getting stronger as well.

The surroundings of Edestor were filled with strong monsters and in these two weeks, Ralf and Esta, and even Snow had been consistently getting stronger.

As for me, unfortunately no matter how many monsters I fight and no matter how much battle experience I gain, my body itself would show no real sign of growth so, I need to head to the great forest of Roza but……..

For these two, they’ll keep getting stronger even if they continue doing requests.

“I think it’s fine if we keep doing requests! We get to keep making money, and there’s always things you’ll learn when fighting all sorts of monsters after all.”

“………………I will have to unfortunately object against Ralf’s opinion as I would like to not do requests during this time. Of course I understand wanting to make money and get stronger that way but, I really want to go and learn under Phillip-san properly again.”

As expected, Esta obviously prioritized learning new magic over doing more requests.

I had been expecting this since she went and met the golem guy but, whenever I’m off to the forest, Esta can go learn more magic under him.

But that would leave Ralf on his own unfortunately.

“That’s what Esta thinks so what do you have to say about that Ralf?”

“Well if that’s what she plans on doing, I ain’t gonna stop her you know? I mean I have a lot money saved up over the last two weeks as well so I guess I can do some personal training as well!”

“if Ralf’s okay with it, let’s all focus on our independent activities for the next couple weeks then. You two okay with that right?”

“Ou! I’m good!”

“I’m fine with that as well………What about Snow then?”

Hearing its name called by Esta, Snow stopped eating its dinner and looked towards us.

Honestly speaking, considering how strong it already is, we can let it do whatever as well but……..

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“I’ll take it alongside me to the great forest of Roza. If I let it free wherever I create my base there, it’ll even find it’s own food and stuff and manage.”

“in that case, I’ll leave it to Chris!”

“Agreed. Please take care of Snow!”

And thus, with our plans for tomorrow onwards settled, we finished our dinner and began cleaning up.


Afterwards, Esta went to bathe, so I decided to ask Ralf what he plans to do from tomorrow in detail.

I know he said that he had ideas but………

I was a bit suspicious whether he actually did or not.

“Ralf, you sure you’ll be fine by yourself from tomorrow? You didn’t just say that for the sake of it without having any real plan………right?”

“I’m fine! Actually, I’m thinking of heading to the dungeon!”

“The dungeon? Alone?”

“Yeah! Well Chris, you said that we’re going to avoid dungeon for a while didn’t you? From what I heard from Bors, although rare, there are some people who challenge the dungeon solo so I was thinking of doing the same thing!”

I’m glad he wasn’t without ideas but……..solo dungeon diving eh?

Dungeons were obviously dangerous, and Klaus’ academy classmates were there as well.

To be honest, I wanted Ralf to reconsider doing that but I don’t think he’ll listen at this point.

Ralf had been looking forward to visiting the dungeon since we started gathering info in Norfast all that time ago.

“…………..just make  sure to be very, very careful. Not just from monsters, but there’s also the academy people there alright?”

“I know man! I’ll be extra cautious as I go through the dungeon!………Also, one more thing, is it okay if I blow all the money I saved up over these past two weeks?”

“It’s not my money but yours so I don’t really care but, be sure to not skip out on paying the Inn rent alright?”

“Oh I think it’ll be fine! I mean I will make more money from the dungeon as well, or at least that’s what Bors-san told me!”

I feel like he’s not planned it all out as far as I hoped he had but, no need to rain on his parade either.

If he, for whatever reason, is unable to make money from the dungeon, he can always shift back to completing requests and earn money that way.


“As long as you can make money, it’s fine. That said, I’m pretty sure we all made quite a lot so…… blow it all means, you’re finally gonna buy that sword?”

“Yeah! The tamahagane (Iron Sand steel) sword as well some items to help me with my dungeon diving.”

“I thought so………so our tank will have a sword better than myself eh.”


“Then you can buy one too no? You also have a lot of money after all!”

Thanks to Ralf, my own materialistic desires were trying to overcome me but, I only just bought a new sword In Norfast, I can’t splurge on another one so soon.

I barely used it even over these past two weeks.

“I literally just bought mine so no. I can’t be wasting money that much.”

“Damn, both you and Esta have a lot of self control! If I see something I like, I end up buying it instantly!”

“That’s not really true. When I start raising my abilities, I tend to splash a whole lot of money on assessments without any restraint after all.”

Since I hadn’t gone to the great forest of Roza yet, there had been no need to do any assessments but as always, when the time comes, I’ll have start throwing money like its nothing again.

In my head, ability assessments were more important than a better sword so this wasn’t really self control as he thought it was.

“Now that you say, Chris does throw a lot of money at the church huh!……..Well, anyway, that’s pretty much my plans for tomorrow onwards! I have thought it all out so don’t you worry.”

” Yeah I see that, and I am in fact relieved to know that as well. Good luck with dungeon.”

“You too, good luck with the forest exploration! It seems like this forest is filled with all sorts of dangerous monsters after all.”

“Yeah, I’ll be extra careful as well.”

With that, our conversation came to a stop so we ended our chat there.

Once again, from tomorrow, both me and Snow will be heading to the great forest of Roza to explore.

Ralf would go dungeon diving solo, meanwhile Esta will train her magic under the old golem guy.

We’ll all be working on our own things separately but, these are all the best ways to get stronger for all of us respectively.

I’m excited to see how much each of us will have grown when we reunite a couple weeks from now.

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