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Null Poison Ch187

Searching for Poisonous Plants

After safely spending the night at the base, I quickly left alongside Snow to begin my exploration of the great forest of Roza.

The first item on the agenda was to find the 5 base stat raising poisonous plants with the help of my self-made guide, and only then would I begin looking for new plants.

With the info I had written in my notes as my guide, I began exploring the areas I believed these plants would grow at.

I tasked Snow with detecting enemies around us and hunting them, and I focused purely on finding the poisonous plants.

My first target was Reizen grass, the endurance raising plant.

Reizen grass grew mostly in the shade, but also where there was a good flow of air.

Furthermore, it tends to grow near trees that specifically have rough feeling bark, so I looked for trees that I could tell even from afar that they’d have a rough to touch bark.


Since the great forest of Roza was massive, I had divided the entire forest area into four divisions, and right now, I was exploring the South area of the Roza forest.

Honestly, even after dividing into four, each area was still pretty huge but………but it is better to not divide them further and complicate things.

Our base was located to the south of the South Area, and right now I was about 30 minutes to the east of the base.


I found a place with a large group of trees that all had very rough looking bark.

Since there was a lot of space between every tree as well, this seemed like the right place where Reizen grass might grow——-thinking that, I began my search and sure enough, I quickly found some.

“There it is. Looks like it’s growing in the Roza forest as well, no problem.”

With cute purplish flowers as its iconic characteristic, I found a dense group of Reizen grass growing here.

Since it was a poisonous plant, there was no worry of it ever being eaten by herbivorous animals or monsters, and it was thankfully growing just like it always did in every other forest as well.

“Snow, I’m going to start gathering some so be cautious of our surroundings. If you sense a strong monster nearby, quickly give me the signal.”


Leaving the guarding duty entirely to Snow, I began hauling Reizen grass into my bag.

Since this place was close to my base, I made sure to leave enough that it can continue propagating in this area, and moved from tree to tree, finally ending up with a whole bunch of Reizen grass.

Just like in Carlisle forest, I did consider fully uprooting some and planting them in the base itself but, it’s a bit too early to start home gardening here.

My base isn’t even finished yet, and I don’t have the time to start cultivating the land for that just yet.

Right now I am focused on exploring every inch of the Roza forest first and foremost, home gardening and stuff will come only after that’s done.

While thinking of these things as I continued gathering, I finally finished harvesting as much as I could from this area.

Let’s continue looking for the areas that I have written down just like this, and hopefully collect all 5 types of plants before the end of the day.



I explored the entirety of the South area over the course of the day, and finally finished collecting all 5 types of poisonous plants that I wanted.

The size of this forest was really no joke. I found all 5 types of plants within just the South region of the whole South area alone. It was truly incredible how big this forest was.

Reizen grass was in east of the South region of the South Area, Genpei mushroom was in the centre of the south region of the South area, Lizaf fruits were thinly spread across the south of the South Area, Jinpi leaves were slightly to the north of the south region of the South Area, and Eggmash was to the west of the south region of the South area. (T/N; Ah yes. This is not confusing at all Chris)


Turns out even the division into 4 main Areas was not enough so I had to further divide it into regions of the areas itself but……….regardless, I ended up finding all 5 types here itself and these were the general locations for them.

The two I wanted the most right now, Reizen grass and Jinpi leaves were both in almost opposite directions which was a bit unfortunate, but I should just be glad I found them already.

Since I had already filled 1/4th of my bag with just today’s worth of gathering, I decided to sun-dry them all to extend their longevity.

Tomorrow I’ll focus mostly on more Reizen grass and Lizaf fruits. The day after, on Jinpi Leaves and more Lizaf fruits. And so and so forth. I’ll continue gathering all the plants I need to strengthen myself like this.

Also, in these next two days, I’ll need to also finish the base somehow, and on the third day, I’ll begin my search for Ongneer, I’m thinking.

I had still not found even a single one since that first one that had sprouted out of a goblin after all.

I had made it work by continuing to propagate that same one over and over with different corpses while I was in Oxter but,…………honestly, I still lack info on that plant.

I found it purely by a coincidence, so I had no idea if it had like a suitable environment it grew in or anything like that, so I’ll just have to walk and walk, until I find another one.

I’ll have to look for that eerie, ominous atmosphere that it releases, and use that as guide to find one.

I’ll keep Snow continue re-freezing the Orc King’s corpse every once in a while so it should last a bit more longer.

I really, really wanted to absorb this Orc King’s abilities but, I couldn’t let myself get too impatient either

As always, boots on the ground, and take it step by step. First, the gathering of the plants is my priority.

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……… then, with my plans for the near future set, I should start working on the base again eh.

The first thing was to make a nice home to sleep in.

I had thought with fully ventilating the Orc huts, I’d be able to reuse them but the stench stuck to that place refused to disappear so that plan seems to have gone out of the window.

It was so unhygienic that it genuinely might be better to make myself a new hut from scratch.

I’ll leave these huts still standing as sort of a camouflage, and build my own home in between them.

Yesterday I built a temp home, which was basically just a roof of straws and leaves for a bed, but now I’ll use that as the base and build an actual decent home around it.

Man, the goblin cave in Carlisle forest really was perfect huh; while reminiscing of my old base, I continue working late into the night.

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