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Null Poison Ch19

Ability Assessment

Approximately 2 months had passed since my first ever Goblin hunt.

My lifestyle, since coming to Realzard, hadn’t changed much although if I had to think one—-

“Chris-san, good morning. Breakfast is ready.”


“We’re heading out first so lock up after you leave okay?”


I had started sharing a room with the 2 thieves, Esta and Ralf, in the [Shangri-la] hotel.


Perhaps they had felt the limits of living life as a thief after getting caught by me, they came to asking for me about a month ago.

Since I needed to limit my expenses one way or another, I decided to consent to their request of living together. The two had also become adventurers like me and were currently heading out today once again to finish some quests.

As for me, I had saved up about 3 gold coins from the many goblin hunts I had undertaken.

All I did from morning till night was to hunt more and more goblins, but with food, clothing and shelter all stable, I was able to continue without much hardships.

And finally yesterday, I had safely promoted to Bronze rank from Rookie. Another step forward in my adventurer career……..and so, I intend to head towards Peixa forest from tomorrow.

My true goal was not to just live life as an adventurer, it was to get my revenge over Klaus, the [Sword God].

Adventuring was nothing more than a means to that end, and so I needed to get stronger as fast as possible.

While eating the breakfast prepared by Esta, I organised in my mind the things I needed for tomorrow’s departure.





Having eaten my breakfast, I headed for the backstreets.

I was a bit excited to go out on a proper shopping trip in almost 2 months but I have already decided on exactly what I need to buy; the money on had remains lacking.

I didn’t exactly have to leeway to enjoy a casual shopping spree so I quickly headed towards the shop Ralf had told me about.

My purchases were- A big bag, preserved food and water; and also a set of spare clothes alongside a couple low class healing items, just in case.

Far from perfect, but it was the bare minimum I needed for my trip.

Instead of the small bag I had been using all this time, I bough a proper backpack that could hold a lot of things. For example,  it could hold a lot of plants and herbs.

It was all second hand so there was old-ish feel to it all but since I was able to also keep my expenses low, I left the backstreets feeling satisfied.

My last destination, was the church.

Before I headed for the forest, I wanted to get a good grasp of my current ability, something I had yet to do.

Like the receptionist had told me some time ago, if I were to go to the church with my adventurer card, I could get a quantified description of my current strength.

The procedure does cost 1 whole gold coin, but you simply cannot ignore this info forever so I was okay with paying it.

I need this to compare my stats before and after I have consumed the various herbs inside Peixa forest and confirm whether the theory was true or not.

With the amount of money I have on hand, I can’t measure which plants I have to eat to see my abilities increase, but for now it’s enough to know if the plants that raise my latent abilities are real or not.

Having decided that, I headed towards the biggest building in all of Realzard.

Around the church located in the prime location of the city, a truly divine atmosphere could be felt.

The church where I underwent [Heavenly blessing] ritual was so small compared to this that I felt overwhelmed, but soon I headed inside passing the giant doors.


Perhaps it was built that way or maybe the affect of being a divine place, Sunlight shone the entire inside area of the church beautifully.

While passing through the various people clasping their hands and praying towards area with the priests, I reached and stood in front of the platform.

The head priest of this church was not your typical old man but was a handsome blue-eyed blonde young man.

“Good morning. How may we help you?”

“I want to get my ability analysed.”

“An adventurer I presume? That is not done here but in the room in the back to the right. Please head there instead.”

“I see. Thanks”

Giving my thanks to the priest who explained with a smile, I entered the aforementioned room.

The insides were dim and dusty, and almost felt like a different room in comparison.

Inside, a big blue crystal, similar to when I undertook the ritual, was placed in the centre alongside a small bell.

After ringing it, I waited silently for someone to come while staring at the crystal.


“Thank you for waiting. You’d like your abilities analysed, yes?”

“Huh? You’re the priest from before…”

“Sorry, we’re a bit short on people right now, and as it turns out, I had to do it anyway.”

“What about the prayer and service happening outside? Can you leave?”

“Yes. If its only ability analysing, it shouldn’t take too long. Unless of course you wish to make a confession as well, in which case I certainly won’t make it…….but you don’t right?”

“Yeah. Just analysing is all I want.”


For a second, my thefts came to my mind, but I don’t plant to repent for it anytime soon.

Pulling myself together, I urged him to begin.

“Very well. We’ll be taking 1 gold coin as fees first of all.”

I pulled one out of my bag and handed it over to the blonde priest.

“Thank you very much. Now then, can you please hand over your adventurer card?”


“Now continue staring straight into the crystal. It’ll be over very soon.”

Saying that, the priest held its hand above the crystal. Instantly, the crystal to shine with a bright blue light and then soon after faded away.

“And its done. Here’s your adventurer card back.”

“So where can I see the stats?”

“Look at backside of the card please. It was blank until now but it should all be recorded there I believe. Now then, the prayer is about to begin so I must take my leave.”

“Aa, thanks for the help.”

I thanked the priest, who bowed his head and walked out, and saw him off.

Sitting back down, I turned the card over and confirmed my abilities.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 10(+6)

Strength: 5(+8)

Stamina: 7(+2)

Magic: 1

Agility: 4

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None


It’s not overly detailed but all my ability had been properly quantified and presented in a an understandable manner.

All stats were mostly in single digits, and at one glance far from abnormal.

With how easily I beat the Orc and Goblin I was frankly expecting something insane, but its about what you’d expect from a Bronze rank adventurer I imagine.

Since there weren’t any real specifications about the sword ability etc, this doesn’t cover everything about my ability but its still a good representation of my current physical prowess.

While slightly disappointed, I was also happy to know just how much more I have scope to grow.


While feeling a bit conflicted, I thing among the stats really caught my eye.

The numbers written in (+) column as an addition, separate from the base stat.

If my thinking is correct, the number on the left is my normal ability and the (+) represents the boost attained from external non-traditional methods. For example, strengthening potions, magic items or……….unknown herbs that boosted your ability.

Perhaps I’m interpreting it with bias, but it just makes sense, and it also makes the theory completely correct.

And, my skill was [Null Poison] instead of [Poison resistance]. Just like Ralf said, it was definitely stronger than {Poison resistance].

Did that old priest in my town make a mistake, or did something happen to cause a change; regardless, this was another plus for me.

Now I do want to look at other people’s ability and compare, but the only adventurers I know are the  2 thieves.


Well, if they got their ability discerned here it’d be great help, but they’ve barely started as adventurers. No way they can pay a gold coin as fees. And no matter how much I want to see it, even I cant so easily pay that for tem either.

I should be satisfied with just finding out my own stats, and thinking that I left to return to the inn.

Tomorrow early morning, I will leave Realzard so I wanted to go to sleep early today.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch19”

  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Vyda Avatar

    Im guessing either the other priest misspoke, and didn’t really care about the difference between resistance and null, or his skill leveled up by eating poisonous stuff.

    Although maybe leveling up blessings isn’t possible, otherwise his fsther could’ve gone beyond a [swordman]


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