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Null Poison Ch196

First Church Visit

“Thanks for all the info. It really was worth the three gold coins.”

“I should be the one thanking you, for coming to me to buy all this minute detailed info from me. I thought it was just another young brat dreaming of the fruit of skill so I wasn’t really interested in even talking first but……..colour me surprised, you turned out to be someone that really gets what’s important so I had fun talking too.”

“I’m glad you thought of me that way. If you find something more, I’d gladly buy that info off you as well.”

“I’ve pretty much sold you all the info I have on the Roza great forest but……..if you’re ever looking for info on the Grotta forest, just come to me. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I know basically everything there is to know when it comes to that place.”

“Got it. If I’m ever heading to Grotta forest, I’ll come to you again. I’ll be in your care again then.”

Giving my thanks to Henjak, I left his home.

I didn’t even have the Grotta forest on my radar but, hearing Henjak talk about it has made me interested in that place as well.

While pondering over such things, I returned back to [Gorush] for now.



The talk with Henjak went on for far longer than I originally planned so it was already afternoon by the time I came back to [Gorush].

After putting out Snow’s food, I also ate the poisonous plants I gathered in Roza forest instead of a normal meal, and then once again returned back to the main street.


Soon the sun will begin to set so I began to hurry up to finish all the things I needed to do today.

My first objective was to go to the church and get an assessment done.

And if I have time left, I need to head to Kevin’s weapon store and pick Snow’s armour that hopefully he’s finished making.

I also want to make more stuff as a countermeasure against the RexBill and Medicine Ant that I learnt about, so I really want to go there today as well……..

But it might be a bit too tight on time for that one.

After all that, I still have to compile all the info I have and begin making a map as well, and I still need to talk to the old golem guy to learn magic as well.

There is so much I wanted to do but there just wasn’t enough time for it all.

I almost want to make tomorrow a free day as well but I also need to start making money again as well.

Esta has been paying for her classes this time as well, and Ralf, outside of the some he made from selling the box, he should be barely scrapping by again as well.

If anything, considering how much it costs to properly prepare for a dungeon dive, Ralf is probably already at his limits.

Which means, we all have to start doing requests again as well……

I really want to devote some time to myself but, perhaps it’s better to just focus on making as much money as we can for a while now.

For the time being, hoping to at least get the visit to Kevin’s place done today, I hurriedly made my way to the church.



Standing slightly away from the main street, the church here was in no way inferior to the one in Norfast.

It’s been about a month since we came to Edestor but this would be my first visit to the church here.


Considering how much ability assessments I do normally, it might seem strange that I never happened to go to the church here until now but……

Until my recent trip to Roza forest, even I knew that I hadn’t really gotten much stronger since my last assessment so it wasn’t worth it.

And since I have no other reason to enter the church, it felt a bit much to waste a gold coin just to show my face to them. Hence, this will be my first visit.

As such thoughts ran through my head, I pushed open the ornate door of the church and headed inside.

Just lie the outside, the interior was equally elaborate, and a truly divine view spread in front of me.

With just the right amount of light seeping through the glass, it really felt like a place where a god would live.

Realzard, Norfast, and now Edestor.

After seeing these three big churches that were always so divine, I once again realized how much of an oddity the church of Oxter was.

Recalling the old priest there who would do my assessments to point of being out of breath completely, I felt a bit nostalgic as I walked towards one of the Sisters here.

I went up and talked to one of the sisters to the side, and not the main priest who was chanting something on the platform, and asked where they do ability assessment here.

“Sorry, do you have a minute?”

“Yes, of course, how may I help you?”


“I want to have an ability assessment done, can you tell me where to go?”

“An ability assessment………..I’ll lead you there, so follow me.”

With a clean clear voice and a bright smile, the sister offered me to lead me there personally.

In some ways it was similar to the smile the receptionists make but this smile didn’t feel as fake, and I could tell she was truly smiling out of her own kindness.

Making a point inside my head to not be rude to her from now, I headed inside the room.

This room was definitely the cleanest out of all the ability assessment rooms I have been to.

As expected of a Dungeon City, I’m sure there are a lot more adventurers here that will get their ability assessed.

I could instantly tell that this room was used quite frequently.

“The assessment is done here. Please sit down and wait for a while.”

“Thanks for the help.”

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Giving a slight bow to the sister as thanks as she left the room, I sat down and waited for someone else to come in to do the assessment.

After a couple minutes had passed, from the other door, another sister came in, one different from the previous sister.


It was an old, elderly Sister.

But perhaps due to her profession, it felt like she had this holy aura around her.

“Sorry for the wait. I believe you want an assessment done?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind.”

“One gold coin for one assessment in case you don’t know, please hand it over alongside your adventurer card then.”

I took out my card from my holder, and handed it over alongside a gold coin and waited for the assessment to be finished.

I was slightly worried whether she would also struggle to do these assessments because of her age, but I continued to sit completely still without letting that worry show on my face.

“Then, allow me to begin.——-And it’s over. Here’s your card back, please check.”

“Thanks a lot.”

But just like the priest from Realzard, with absolutely zero effort seemingly, the old sister finished the assessment.

Man, the Oxter priest really was exceptionally bad at it huh………

But all that aside, I should check my stats first. So I turned over the card to check.

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