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Null Poison Ch198

Snow’s Equipment

I finished the discernment of all the plants I had brought, so after giving my thanks to the elderly sister who had now started to feel a bit tired as well, I left the church.

Thanks to the Sister swiftly doing all the multiple assessments, the sun hadn’t set completely yet.

I think I can just barely make it to Kevin’s store as well then.

I quickly walked off the main street and into the back alleys and headed to Kevin’s weapon store.

Oh by the way, of the 5 new poisonous plants that I tried today, only one of them increased my stats.

Although I should be clear, the first plant that I tried raised my stamina by 10……….however when I went back to assess the next one, that +10 was gone so it was a temporary boost like the Venom Python poison.

I really thought I had found an incredible plant for a moment but, my joy was short lived unfortunately.

But that didn’t make it unusable by any means, so I’ll keep that one in mind to find a good way to utilize it.


The strange part was that not only did it only raise just my stamina, and the increase only lasted for a about 5 minutes.

With conditions like that, I can already tell that its uses are going to very limited though.

I mean, even the Venom Python’s poison got used only against the battle with Carlo.


In this one’s case, it feels more like a waste to use it at any situation though……..

While I continued pondering over how to use this new plants effects, I made it to Kevin’s shop before I knew it.

Since there was no sign or anything outside his store, I didn’t know if it was still open or not but I could see the light from inside so I’m gonna assume he’s still in.

Opening the door, I entered the store for the first time since Bors brought us here.

“Hey it’s me, Bors’ acquaintance, Chris. Are you still open?”

Since I didn’t notice anybody after entering, I spoke up loudly to call him out.

When I did, I heard some sounds from the smithy inside, and then came the sound of footsteps approaching me.

“Been a while. As for if I’m open, I guess I am.”

Kevin showed up from inside.

He must have been working on something as he was in his work clothes covered in black soot and looked a bit tired.

“Well that’s a vague answer. But if you’re open, then mind if I ask work related stuff?”


“Yeah, sure, go ahead. Oh by the way, I did finish your pet,—- Snow’s equipment.”

“Perfect. That was precisely what I came to ask for anyway. Can you show me right now?”

“of course. wait here, I’ll be back in a sec.”

Saying that, Kevin returned back inside to the smithy to pick up the equipment.

He did say it was worth 5 silver so I didn’t have crazy expectations but I was still excited to see it.

While I waited and looked at the weapons on display outside, Kevin came back with the equipment in his hands.

It looked like leather made, blackish in colour, and looked much higher in quality that I originally expected.

“……… that Snow’s armour?”

“yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve made some armour for something other than humans so I ended up having some fun with it. You can check and see if something’s not to your liking.”

He put the leather armour down on the counter and I slowly, carefully touched it to check its quality.


From a quick observation, I could tell that it really was high quality like I originally thought.

It was also quite light weight, contrary to its appearance, so I’m sure Snow wouldn’t find it irritating to put on either.


I had no complaints regarding the coverage of the armour either, and although I originally was thinking of having the armour cover more parts, this was already pretty acceptable.

With this armour on, it’ll work as a good counter measure to RexBill and Medicine Ant as well.

Especially against Medicine Ants, while I might not be in any danger from then, that’s certainly won’t be the case for Snow.

To reduce the risk, I also considered letting Snow go with Ralf to the dungeons instead but, with this armour, I can take it with me no problems.

“I have no problems with it. Thank you for going out of your way and making such a great equipment for Snow.”

 “Pay it no heed. I was the one who brought it up after all. So take good care of it alright.”

“Yeah. With this equipment, I can take Snow around with a lot more peace of mind.”

With the time already being what it was, I was thinking of paying for Snow’s equipment and then quickly leaving but……..

But I was honestly wondering if it was okay to get such  a high quality item for just 5 silver coins.

It’s quality was almost the same as my own, PhorosCobra armour.

And with the size of it, just 5 silver felt like it was too cheap.

Just the upper body armour of my Phoros Cobra armour was 6 gold coins after all.

“What’s the final price? Surely 5 silver isn’t enough for this right?”

“Nah, that’s more than enough. I promised I’ll make it in 5 silvers after all didn’t I? If I asked more now, it’d be the same as a scam.”

“C’mon that’s not really true. Even I can tell the quality of this thing, and the fact that 5 silvers is too cheap for it.”

“I told you it’s fine. But if you really rate it that highly, then continue using my store in the future as well………you young ones shouldn’t try and act so mature all the time and let the adults spoil you from time to time.”

Patting my shoulder twice, Kevin spoke so.

I still felt a bit bad about this but, if he’s going as far as to say something like that then I should simply accept it.

“………..If you say so, I’ll gratefully accept this kindness. As long as I’m in Edestor, I promise you I’ll be a regular customer.”

“Sure. You can come for maintenance for your equipments as well. Especially Ralf, tell him to come regularly for his new sword’s maintenance.”

“Wait has Ralf not come to you once since he bought the Tamahagane sword?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if he’s too busy or what but, I’m a bit worried since he didn’t come even once. It’s not a cheap sword after all.”

“Well I did teach him how to do basic maintenance so it should be fine but……..Yeah, I’ll be sure to ask Ralf to visit you soon-ish.”

“Yeah, take care.”

“thanks for everything today. We’ll be in your care from now on.”

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Handing over the 5 silver coins to Kevin, I gave a deep bow and then left the store.

As soon as I return back to the Inn, I need to have Snow quickly try this out.

There’s still a lot of stuff I need to do but, I’m still happy with all that I accomplished today.

From tomorrow, we’ll go back to completing requests so, let’s keep our spirits up and work hard until I’ve saved up enough money to dive into the Great Forest of Roza again.

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