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Null Poison Ch202

A Flashy Duel

The first one to switch things up was Esta.

Until now, she had been using intermediate magic of the 4 basic elements like [Fire Ball] [Hydro Ball] etc, but as the Dead Lich could handle those, she began using compound magic now.

While I was cooped up inside the Roza forest, she finally practiced and learnt how to use intermediate level compound magic in actual battle.

The magic that Esta unleashed was, a compound magic that used Fire and Wind magic—–[Flare Blast].

It was a compound magic made of two intermediate level spells but thanks to the affinity between fire and wind elements, the firepower of this magic rivalled advanced level magic.

The big flaring flame fired by Esta rapidly rushed towards the Dead Lich as if to swallow it whole.

Seeing the magic fired by Esta, the Dead Lich must have realized that its guarding methods until now won’t be able to make it in time, covered its body in its splendorous robe and moved to try and limit the impact to as little as possible.

The [Flare blast] didn’t just stop at the almost defenceless Dead Lich, as it completely enveloped the monster and then continued further behind, incinerating the land behind the Lich as well and flew into the distance.


A solid 10 seconds passed.

It didn’t seem like the Dead Lich was going to come out of the burning flames, so I wondered if the battle was over and the Lich had just been completely incinerated to ashes but——-

As the flames of the [Flare blast] slowly died out, from within the embers and smoke, the Dead Lich walked out. Covered by its robe and also the burnt ground itself.


The Robe also had traces of burns all over but, it seems that Dead Lich had somehow managed to survive for now.

Seeing it still alive, Esta began setting up her next magic but before she could, this time it was the Dead Lich that moved.

It waved its 2m long staff, and launched the basic magic [Earth Arrow] at Esta.

Normally, Ralf would guard against it and the next magic that Esta would use would hit the Dead Lich directly, ending the battle but, to avoid getting burnt himself by the [Flare Blast], Ralf had no choice but to create some distance from Esta, so this time Esta had no choice but to cancel the magic she was going to use and quickfired [Fire Arrows] to counter.

This stalled Esta just enough for the Dead Lich to stab the earth with its staff and prepare for its next big move.

I had no idea what it was going to do, but I had a ill premonition, so I began wondering if I should finally move to help when………….

From the place where the Dead Lich had stabbed its staff, a big magic circle appeared.

Since I basically had zero knowledge when it comes to magic, I had no idea what this magic circle was for but, the only magic circle I had seen before this was the one in Oxter’s ruins with the Golem.

If this was similar to that, the magic circle would unleash a magic as powerful as the time allowed to prepare it.

……….Looks like I’ll need to intervene here after all.

“Esta! I’ll help now!”

“………Chris-san. Please let me fight it alone just for a little while longer! I promise I’ll win so please!”

I was preparing to rush in as I spoke but, Esta quickly replied back to stop me.

I really thought that the [Flare Blast] would end it but if it survived that, then this Dead Lich was a stronger monster than I originally expected.


Even if Esta said that, in my head I know that the correct decision here was to intervene alongside Snow and quickly put an end to this fight but…….

Even in this deadly duel of magic where one misstep could lead to danger, Esta was still standing there without a single scratch.

With the circumstances being what they were, I could potentially let her fight solo for a bit longer.


“………..Fine. If you say so, I won’t interfere.——–But, the moment you get hit by even a single spell, I will join the battle. Those are my conditions. And don’t you forget that!”

“Chris-san, thank you very much! I understand!”

Esta turned back to the Dead Lich, and started to prepare her own magic after replying to me.

Multiple magic circles had appeared on the ground by now.

I thought that since what magic the Dead lich was trying to use was unknown so she’d struggle with how to defend against it, but instead, Esta paid it no heed and simply began firing magic at the Dead Lich again.

It was a simple intermediate level [Flame ball].

The moment the [Flame ball] passed over one of the magic circles, the circle began to flash and activated.

A black pillar of light released from the magic circle and what appeared from within it was another monster, one exactly similar to the Dead Lich itself.

Furthermore, as if resonating with that magic circle, the other magic circles also began flashing, and five different Dead Lichs appeared from them to stand in front of Esta.

———[Mana Sense].

I quickly activated my skill and checked the newly appeared Lichs.

……….outside of the original, all the rest had very little mana.

This is my assumption but, I think these were all just Skeleton mages that were made to look like the Dead Lichs, and they weren’t actually Lichs.

Looking closely, the newly summoned Dead Lichs all had clean and unscathed robes unlike the original’s now tattered red robe.

Also the red jewel like thing in the right eye was not present in these copies.

Esta must have noticed these things as well but without [Mana Sense] she probably won’t get a clear idea of what these things were like I did.

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That said, I made a promise to not say a single word or interfere until she got hit once.

While I was feeling complicated inside from this sudden change in situation, the Dead Lich began its next attack.

All 6 Dead Lichs, the original and the fakes, began chanting something and prepping to fire magic at Esta.


………I know made that promise and all but clearly this was an abnormal situation with 5 new fake Lichs joining the fray.

Deeming it an exceptional case, I began to move forward and got ready to start barking orders to Esta and Ralf but——–this time, it was Ralf who stopped me with his hand raised.

Looking back, Esta was standing with her eyes shut, focusing and preparing for something.

……….Fine, just a bit more. I’ll continue watching just for a little bit longer.

Trusting Ralf and Esta, I held myself back and continued watching over how these two will overcome this situation.

The first one to make the next move was of course the Dead Lich’s side.

The fake Lichs launched a [Fire ball].

Meanwhile, the main Dead Lich was raising the ground around it and was preparing to use some kind of earth magic I had never seen before.

From its sheer scale, it seemed like an advanced magic so I was worried whether they could handle it or not.

The fake Lichs continued launching fire balls, and the Dead Lich, having finally finished its chant, launched a massive earth type magic towards Esta.

Esta, with her eyes still, showed no signs of moving still, meanwhile the fireballs began landing on Ralf’s shield as he continued to block.

Soon, the next barrage of five fire balls assaulted Ralf and finally, the massive earth magic was approaching where Ralf stood.

The [fire balls] were a lot more stronger than usual as after 6 consecutive hits, the explosions made it difficult for me to see how Ralf was handling it.

And as you’d expect, at this point it was too late for me to interfere, so I could simply watch as the massive earth magic headed towards Ralf.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious seeing this but, I also had belief that Esta will surely do something to handle it.

As I continued watching trusting Esta to do something——–the massive earth magic that the Dead Lich had fired and was roaring towards them, suddenly stopped in mid air.

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