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Null Poison Ch204


A week had passed since we completed the emergency request.

The reward from the completion turned out to be much larger than I expected, and on top of that, the red jewel from the Lich was also sold by Esta for an additional platinum coin.

Thanks to all that, even though it had only been 2 weeks since I returned from the great forest of Roza, we had already saved up enough money to not require finishing requests every day again.

Of course part of it was also the fact that the total amount earned from requests had increased since we rose to Platinum rank as well and it became even more efficient to quickly earn money so, from here onwards I think we’ll be able to maintain the routine of two weeks of regular requests followed by two weeks of free time to focus on ourselves.

And so, we entered the free time again now, and the three of us will be working separately again while focusing on further strengthening ourselves in various ways……….


As for me, I had a lot choices to choose from in regards to that.

I could head back to the Roza forest to gather more plants and check on Ongneer.

I could use Henjak’s info to explore some of the other regions of Roza forest.

It was also about time I asked Bors to fight and train with me like he promised, and I could also head to the old golem guy, Esta’s teacher, and learn to use magic as well.


I haven’t even fully compiled and processed all the info I gathered from my previous visit to the greta forest of Roza either, and neither have I started making that map I had been thinking of doing.

…… be honest, I greedily wanted to just go back to the Roza forest again but, this time I think it is the better choice to stay in Edestor and finish off all the things I can do here first.

I spent a lot of time racking my brain over this and finally came to this decision.

My main priority was to learn Magic. Then I want to go spar with Bors, and then hopefully also make that map.

With my plans set, I decided to ask Esta to introduce me to the golem guy.



The next day.

Alongside Esta, I came to a big store located slightly away from the main street called [Magic Cave].

“This is Phillip-san’s place! Chris-san, can you wait here for a second while I go in and explain the situation to him first?”

“Sure. I’m counting on you.”

Seeing Esta off as she walked into the store, I waited alone outside.

I would have preferred to have at least waited inside and looked around the store in the meantime but, I am already asking for a big favour asking her to get in a good word for me so I shouldn’t be too selfish and quietly wait here.

By the way, Snow went out with Ralf and is probably currently experiencing its first dungeon exploration.

Having Snow with him would increase the overall attacking power, and will help him in detecting enemies as well.

Of course, it’ll depend on Ralf but there’s a possibility that I might have to fight Ralf over who gets to take Snow with them in the future.

While I was thinking of Snow, having finished her talk with the old man, Esta came outside from the store.

In her hands was some kind of paper.

“So, how did it go?”

“It was fine of course. You need to write down your details on this piece of paper, so do you mind doing it yourself Chris-san?”

“Yeah, sure. Let me write.”


We both entered the store, and sat down on a table placed near the entrance and began to fill the entry form.

The paper was mostly meant to record the basic profile of the person so I quickly began writing the details down but…….

After my date of birth, name, and specialized job column, it was all magic related stuff so I had no idea what to fill.


Speciality magic, element of magic that I used, my degree of mana control, etc………

I came here precisely because I can’t use magic so I just entered ‘n/a’ in all these columns and finished my profile.

“Alright, I’m done. What do I do next?”

“Then, I’ll go and submit it so you can wait here, if you don’t mind?”

“………..Am I not allowed to see him or something?”

“Phillip-san is currently in the middle of making a magic item so he’s in bit of a sour mood. Since it’s you Chris-san, there’s always a chance a random argument might break out so it’s better if you wait here.”

“Well if you’re gonna say that much, fine. I’ll leave it to you.”

I handed over the piece of paper, and waited for Esta to return once again.

This whole process was such a pain so part of me wanted to talk and deal with him directly but…….

I am also well aware of my own personality, I understand that my compatibility with people who are already in a rough mood tends to be pretty bad.

I was the one who made the request to her, so I should just quietly follow her lead and do as told so that everything goes smoothly.

I convinced myself like that, while I went around glancing at the goods on display in the store.

A magic shop……..this is my first time coming to one, and let’s just say that the odd atmosphere here definitely got a perfect score.

There were a lot of people inside the store, surprisingly enough, and that included both employees and customers.

While mixed in with these customers, I began carefully observing the various items displayed here.

The first thing to catch my eye was one I had heard from Esta as well, a Magic ball.

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An item supposedly invented by the Magus Family, it’s a crystal with magic embedded within it.

There were all sorts of magic balls being sold inside this store ranging from the spells I knew of, like [Fire Ball] or [Earth Ball] and other elementary magic, and there were even intermediate ones like [Flame Ball] and [Hydro Ball].


There were no advanced magic ones here in the store, but according to a notice here, it said that even advanced magic balls could be custom made on order.

The demand must not be very high for those to put them out on display but, they could make one if required I guess.

I was a bit interested in advanced magic balls but, I left it aside for now and went to look at a different place.

Moving away from the magic balls, I came to the area with various grimoires put on display.

An amount of grimoires incomparable to [Shichifukuya] were displayed here, and all of them were so expensive that even I couldn’t purchase them right away.

I mean, the cheapest one was 10 platinum coins.

And the truly ornate ones, didn’t even have a set price tag sometimes.

The grimoire I bought at [Shichifukuya] was also about 2 platinum coins, but now I realize that even that was pretty cheap.

If it was 10 platinum coins like here, I probably would have never even thought of buying it, and once I again I felt a great sense of gratitude towards the old man who ran [Shichifukuya].

While I was mesmerized by the line of Grimoires, and observing their covers and price tags——

Esta returned back from inside the store.

“Were you checking out the items here? Did you find anything good?”

“Nah, they’re all too difficult for me to use anyway……….so, how did it go for you?”

“he definitely made a conflicted face when he read your profile but, I think it should be fine. He did tell me to bring you with me so let’s go inside now and meet him together.”

“That’s good to hear. Lead the way.”


Having received the approval, I followed Esta inside to meet the old golem guy again, a long time since we first met.

Since the first meeting at the café. And then there was the time during the ruins visit, so I quite frankly didn’t even remember much how he looked honestly………

I do remember thinking he was an odd guy that’s all.

Well, now I’m hoping to learn under him so I should make sure to not say anything to make him angry at the very least.

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