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Null Poison Ch207

Special Seat

I don’t know how much time had passed.

I thought I had died from getting hit by the old man’s magic but I guess I survived.

I had been sat up on a chair by someone, and the old golem man was also sitting on a chair in front of me……..and was sleeping.

To get revenge for whatever magic he used on me, I tried to get up from my chair to hit him off the chair but suddenly, I got hit by an extremely strong sense of discomfort.

——My body refused to move at all.

My breathing felt different to my own, I couldn’t even move my eyelids.

It was as if my body had been hijacked and only my consciousness seemed to remain.


A indescribable fear came over me but that too was only effecting my consciousness, my body seemed unaffected by my emotions.

The fear I felt should have made my body sweat like crazy, yet nothing happened to my actual body.


Even though I was ‘awake’, I was unable to do anything, I could do nothing but wait for time to pass with this fear overcoming me when——

“About time you woke up.”

I felt like I heard the old golem guy talk.

But it wasn’t the old man sleeping in front of me that spoke those words, it came from my own mouth.

“hofofo, I’m sure you’re shocked and bewildered but, explaining everything is a pain so I won’t…….Listen, I’m going to control your body to use magic, so be sure to engrave that feeling, that sensation into your brain.”

I really had no idea what the hell was happening here but…….

I understood one thing for sure. That the old man was currently in control of my body.

My consciousness still remained, but my body was entirely under his control.

“Alright then……….dear me, having a young body really is so much easier to move around in eh.”

He stood up from the chair with my body, and walked out back into the main practice hall where all his students trained.

Even though it was my body, they seemed to know that it was still the old man inside, as the students all gave a bow to greet ‘me’.


Experiencing something like this for the first time ever in my life, I was utterly bewildered but I followed what the old man had said, and raised my focus and concentration to the max to remember the sensation of using magic.

From what I can infer, the old man had taken over my body and was basically teaching me how to use magic in the most easiest way possible.

From the reaction of the students around me, I can tell that this is not too rare of a situation.

I was still frankly pissed at the fact that all this was done without any kind of explanation but, if I fail to learn magic right now, there’s a good chance I’ll have to go through this all over again.

Then, I need to remember this feeling and imprint it onto my consciousness as if my life depended on it, and learn how to use magic no matter what.

“Alright, I’m going to start using magic. Do your best to learn it all kid.”

Trying my best to not get distracted from the discomfort of this situation, I relaxed my mind and tried to focus up.

If I had to describe it, it felt like how you feel when you’re reading the moves of an opponent.

Anyway, I concentrated wholly on every little movement of my body, and tried to match myself with the old man’s actions.

From the way he walked to even little things like how he scratched his nose, I tuned myself entirely to his actions, and right as my concentration hit its peak, the old man began using magic.


“First of all, try and understand the feel of the flow of mana. I’ll do it in one go.”

With his words, it seemed like every pore on my body was releasing heat.

The feeling was similar to when you exercise to the push your body to the limits and your entire body felt hot and you could feel the steam rising from your body.

……….I see. So this is what mana is.


“Looks like you understand mana now. Next I’ll stop this flow of mana from your body, so be sure to remember how to do this as well.”

The next thing he did was to show how to stop releasing that heat-like substance from your body.

This was——-you know, when you forcefully try to stop yourself from sweating too much after an exercise, kind of like that I guess.

It was basically closing all the pores on your body, and was basically a method to stop your mana to needlessly escape your body.

“Now, I will activate a magic. This will have multiple things happening one after another so you’ll have to carve it into your muscle memory. [Fire Ball].”

He gathered all that misty feeling into his left hand, and with the chant fired the spell from his palm.

As that misty heat released from my palm, it turned into flames——and then launched a [Fire Ball].

It hit a puppet set in front of him, and then the [Fire Ball] dispersed.


Even though an entire ball of fire was created in the palm of my hand, yet I felt no heat like I did when I used [Heat Control].

Since it was born from me, I did feel a pleasant warmth though.

But after launching out of my hand, it turned into swirling ball of fire that blasted into a puppet with force.

According to Esta, using too much mana would cause something similar to mental fatigue but as of right now, I felt nothing.

Perhaps it was thanks to me raising my magic stat with EggMash, or maybe it was because it was the old man using my body.

Either way, I was really happy right now, and it felt like I was watching a magic show from a special seat.

“It seems your body really is ill suited to using magic. Even though I’m using it, the amount of mana wasted is too big. Not to mention, the fatigue is high too……….I thought it’d be easier to move around since it’s a young body but, if it’s like this, even my old body would still be much better.”

Just as I was feeling all excited and moved from experiencing magic, the old man just had to pour cold water on my head.

While irritated from his unnecessary words, I’ll admit it did help me calm myself again as well.

From there on, for a while, the golem old man continued to fire beginner magic and I continued to absorb as much as I could to my consciousness, and finally stopped once my body ran out of mana.

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During this time, he fired about 30 different spells.

I guess me pumping my magic stat was all worth it as even though this body had never used magic, it was still able to endure 30 different spells before running out of mana.

“Alright, that’s enough for now. Since I was able to use a lot more magic than I originally expected, I can tell that you certainly have more mana than the average person……..Well, I guess your constitution was really just that unsuited to magic it seems.”

While muttering complaints about my body, the old man walked back with my body back into the inner room.

I was getting more and more annoyed from not being able to retort back but, thanks to him I am getting closer to fully learning how to use magic, so I should tolerate it for now.

Now I was wondering how exactly would he return back to his own body but, the old man simply sat down back on the chair and at that moment——-my consciousness flew away again.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    Ok so it was a lot more different than I expected lol
    Still, he did needed the help of external forces to feel mana, although this kind of method seems kinda OP, I’m guessing there has to be some limitations to the body possession…otherwise if the old man was evil, he could just keep on stealing bodies


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