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Null Poison Ch209

Mana Burnout

I jumped up awake while being hit with an indescribable kind of discomfort.

…………if I recall, I tried magic for the first time, but since I completely exhausted my mana, I entered a state of mana burnout?

My memories of what happened at the end are a bit vague but I think I’m starting to recall most of it.

Looking around, I was currently in some dreary room with just the bed I’m on, a desk and two chairs in it.

Considering I collapsed in the practice hall, I’m either in a room at the [Magic Cave] or I was carried all the way to the Healers guild.

The feeling of discomfort and unease from entering mana burnout was still strong but I tried to get up regardless and see what’s outside this room when, the door to the room was opened by someone.

The person who came inside was a woman, someone I didn’t know.

She seemed to be carrying a wet towel, and was probably the person in charge of taking care of me.


“Oh, are you feeling well enough to get up?”

“Yeah, my body is much better now………..also sorry, but who are you?”

“Oh right, I should have started there. My name is Sofia, a student of Phillip-san. I have been nursing you alongside Esta-san, Chris-san.”

“I see. Sorry for the troubles and thank you for taking care of me.”

“No need to apologize. We must help each other when in trouble no? Besides, in a way I am technically your senior disciple now, so you can always ask me for help.”


With a bright smile, Sofia said so.

Well I didn’t really intend to actually become a disciple of that old man or anything so she’s not really my senior but……….I don’t need to correct her on that in this situation, do I?

“If that’s the case, then I’ll gladly ask for your guidance when I need it. Please take care of me then.”

“Yes, of course, you can come to me whenever. Ah, also……..Phillip-san and Esta-san are currently in the magic ball creation room. It’s the room that’s always filled with smoke but, do you know which one I’m talking about?”

“Yeah, that’s the room I met him in originally so I know. I’ll go meet them right away. Thank you for telling me.”

Giving my thanks to Sofia, I left the room I was asleep in and went to the magic ball creation room.

I’m pretty sure it’s the room the old man was working in when I first met him.

I was still feeling very fatigued and weary so, I wanted to go back home already but……..

There was still stuff I wanted to talk with the old man about so I quickly made my way to the room.

I more or less knew where the room was but this building turned out to be much bigger than I thought, so it took quite some time to get there.

My headache was also getting worse but, I continued to endure it as I entered the room.

“ooh, you’ve already recovered it seems. How are you feeling?”

With an aloof attitude, the old man asked about my condition.

I was told Esta was here as well but she was nowhere to be seen, and it was just the old man working here alone.

“My body feels heavy, my headache is getting worse every second, and I feel like puking. It’s the worst I have ever felt.”

“Fohoho, that’s good to hear.”


Hearing about my body’s horrible state only made him laugh happily.

This old fucker………I really want to punch him at least once.

“That aside, I hope you haven’t forgotten your wager on the bet? I am thankful for being taught magic but, this and that different.”

“Of course I remember. I truly believed that I would win considering the conditions when we made the bet but, it would seem you have a bit more talent for magic than I originally expected………Well, if you had collapsed like this mid-battle, only death would await though.”


“Obviously. In the first place, if that was a real battle, I wouldn’t be using magic in such a situation. The bet required me to use magic within the day. And I succeeded, so I’ll have you listen to one of my requests, no questions asked.”

“Sure, sure. I can always do that. Of course, as long it is something I can do.”

“Yeah, I already know what I intend to ask. I want you to make the cost of teaching me and Esta, completely free. Forever.”

To make sure that he doesn’t feign ignorance later, I came all the way as soon as I woke up to finish the deal.

Since he said he’d listen to any request within his power, this should be acceptable……….well, at least I think so.

“So you want me to teach you both for free? Well, losing out on the fees from one or two students is not that big of a deal. I really thought you’d come up with something crazy, but I guess you are surprisingly modest huh.”

“Just like you said old man, I did collapse right after using the magic. Consider it my way of making a compromise……….if we make a bet again, I’ll be sure to come up with a better request though if you want.”

“Fohoho, as if I’d lose a bet twice to someone………but for the time being, like you asked, I will accept the waiving of the fees as the wager, and settle the bet.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

With the details of the bet finalized, I decided to leave the room and go get some much needed rest but, as I put my hand on the doorknob, the old man called out to me again.

“before you leave, answer me one thing. How did you manage to use that magic?”

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While continuing with his work, and not even looking at me, he asked me that.

I assume he’s asking about the [fire ball] I fired back then.

But if he asks me that, all I can really say is that I just imitated him that’s all.

And since I fainted right after, my memories are still vague to be honest.

“Well, I just imitated you old man. The mana manipulation aside, I’m pretty sure I imitated every single action you did perfectly.”


“What? Doesn’t sound convincing enough?”

“No. I just thought of something that I want to test. It’s fine, you can go back for today.”

He seemed to be in deep thought and his words made me a bit curious but……… body really was at its limits now.

I really do want nothing more than to go back and rest.

Desperately moving my body that was on the verge of collapsing again, I headed back to [Gorush].

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