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Null Poison Ch21


It has been 5 days since I entered Peixa forest.

As always, rarely did any monsters show up in the deeper areas so there were no real major incidents to talk about as I finished finally collecting the planned 30 types of poisonous plants.

And after one more day of leaving them to dry in the sun, I finally left Peixa forest today.

When I was coming here, my body as trembling with fear and anxiety but now I have firm belief that I could easily live peacefully for as long as I want in this forest.

My fear towards the forest was swept away, and the next time it’d go even smoother—–if anything it felt like taking a small break from work when living here.

The only real problem, is that I have to eat all these horrible tasting plants but, it being my main objective, I couldn’t avoid that.

While looking back at the six days I spent here, I cleared my base and stored the dried plants inside my bag.

Having been dried and compressed, they could be pretty easily hidden in the depths of my bag, even though there’s 30 of them.

Packing up everything else, I was ready to leave. Giving a thankful bow once again, I left the depths of Peixa forest.


I did get a little lost again when returning, and about half the day had passed by the time I left the forest entirely. And finally, after almost a full week I was back Realzard.

I cleaned myself properly at the spring inside the forest and my clothes aren’t in tatters this time so I shouldn’t get any suspicious eyes. I thought as I lined up for inspection to enter the city.

As long as I don’t show any suspicious movements, I should pass easily considering how lax it normally is.

“Got any Identification papers?”

“This adventurer card should do.”

“Show that. Also open up the bag and show its contents.”

Giving the card to the soldier, I showed the insides of my bag to the other soldier.

And as expected, all he did was lightly rummage the contents before being satisfied and finishing.

Since my card was also real, things went quick and I was back in Realzaard soon.

While I did enjoy the peaceful quiet of the Peixa forest, this liveliness of the city is not bad after all.

While glancing around at the sea of people, I made my way to the CHurch before going back to the Shangri-la hotel.

Of course, for my Ability Assessment.

I was about to spend 2/3rd of my coins I had earned over the past two months, but from hereon, I am planning to spend even more so it couldn’t be helped.

It did feel wasteful, but I hated being called a miser either and had decided to be frugal for myself.

Entering the church, it didn’t look like a prayer was being held this time and so there were a lot less people around.


Moving through, I entered the room where the Ability Assessment was done last time and rung the bell.

Soon enough, a priest showed up. It was the same handsome blue-eyed blondie.

“Oh…….? Didn’t you have your assessment done just a while ago?”

“Yes, and I’ll be in you care again.”

“It’ll cost a gold coin again but are you sure? I highly doubt there’ll be much of a difference in such a short time to be honest……”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“………Well as long as you know what you’re doing. Then that’ll be one gold coin please.”

I took out a gold coin and handed it to the priest along with my adventurer card.

“Thank you very much. Well then, let us begin, please stand by.”

Just like before, after a quick flash of the crystal, it was over.

I tried to see if I could figure out a way to do it myself considering how simple it looked but I really don’t understand the basic principles behind the process.

Was it the crystal that was unique, or was it the ability of these priests? Either way, I know that I can’t replicate it.

“And it’s done. Now then, I’ll take my leave.”

“Once again, thank you.”

Giving courtesy to the priest once again, I quickly checked my stats.

If none of my abilities have increased, it’d prove all the plants I brought to be trash, but let’s see……



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 10(+7)

Strength: 5(+8)

Stamina: 7(+3)

Magic: 1

Agility: 4

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None



Unbelievably enough, the amount in the (plus) bracket had somehow increased.

It’s only by a mere ‘1’ but, it was proof that the kind of potential ability increasing plants that I was looking for were certainly inside the Peixa forest.

And it might look small when quantified in numbers, but think of it this way, if I were to simply repeat this about 10 times, I will increase abilities exponentially just like that.

It almost feels like cheating, but I don’t care about the methods anymore.

For more power, I will take advantage of everything I can.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    Well this method will work for now until his body gets used to the effects on the plant.

    Im disappointing that up until this point, he has yet to use his farmer job….


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