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Null Poison Ch211


The more I think about it, the less I understand about this magic.

If the name were to be taken literally, it was a magic designed to counter magic——–so like a defensive magic right, but I don’t know how it would work or what made it so different.

While I continued to ponder over what [Anti Magic] even was, but before I could come to any kind of conclusion, we had already reached the practice hall.


“I’ll start with a basic explanation of the magic first and foremost. [Anti Magic] is a magic that completely negates the magic of your opponent.”

“So it is a defensive type magic then? The effect sounds similar to what I expected as well but, are you sure I of all people could use something like that?”

“Like I said, it’s pretty simple, in theory that is. I was meaning to ask you but, what were your thoughts after using magic for the first time?”

“That maintaining balance was hard, for one. Also, to release mana, then hold it within your body, and then accumulate it all into your palm, this entire process used a lot more concentration than I thought.”


Of course, part of it was the fact that I just wasn’t used it yet but, still I had to be many more times careful than I originally expected.

Once I grabbed the basics, I thought I had been able to fire them like I use skills instantly but, it didn’t go that well.


“Furthermore, having to chant the spell while concentrating mana into a single focal point——and then also having to aim at your target at the same time; In a real battle, that target would be constantly moving, and there is always a chance for something irregular to occur on top so honestly, I just don’t see myself using something this delicate in an actual intense battle.”

“That’s true. Finding the perfect balance for the entire process is quite possible the most important part of effectively using magic. That’s why, the greatest magicians of old would be training in magic since they were young, and learnt how to control and move mana like it was a part of their own body.”

Then, the old golem man began blabbering about all sorts of historical records in regards to magic.

He was like this when it was about golems as well but really, he gets all passionate whenever he starts talking about something he really loves.

I let most of what he spoke pass from one ear and through another, and continued to just nod until he returned back to the main topic at hand.

“———And so, we learnt that the most important thing in regards to magic is how good a balance you can hit with it.”

“Yeah, like I said, I felt that when I tried it out the first time as well…………So, how does that help us here? I don’t see how it connects to using [Anti Magic].”

“You really do have poor judgemental skills lad. If the balance is so vital, if you manage to break that balance, even the most talented magician will fail in activating their magic. Which means, [Anti Magic] is——-“


“Not a defensive magic, but a disruption magic that interferes with the opponents spell casting?”

“Fohoho, precisely!”

Alright I understand the theory but, how exactly would you disrupt someone’s spell………

Even after hearing everything, I still wasn’t seeing how exactly I would be capable of using this magic.


“I get the logic and theory behind it but how do you actually do it in practical terms?”

“Well, didn’t I say before, I don’t actually know if you even can still, there is only the ‘possibility’ that it is doable.”

“Well if the ‘possibility’ exists then I want to try it already. Teach me the chant for this [Anti Magic].”

“There is no chant. [Anti Magic] is in a sense, simply blasting raw mana at your opponent. Meaning against an enemy that can’t use magic, it’s basically a worthless skill.”

“Ha?……… that even magic then?”

“Of course it is! It’s absolutely a great magic no doubt!”

A magic that involves blasting raw mana on your opponent.

To put it simply, it’s like launching the accumulated mana in your palm without ever turning it into a fireball I guess?

In terms of difficulty, the process itself seems easier than a [FireBall] since it requires less steps.

From his explanation, I really don’t get why this is a magic that this old man can’t use.

“So explain, why exactly can you not use this magic old man?”

“Because you have to fire mana to disrupt the opponents magic, you have to perfectly match both the quantity and nature of mana they are using, and fire that specific level of mana at them otherwise it won’t work. Once you get used to using your own magic, even if you can match their mana quantity, matching the nature as well becomes borderline impossible.”

You’re telling me years of experience of using mana in your own way in turn makes it impossible to manipulate the nature afterwards eh?

Well, it was somewhat similar to how swordsmanship styles work so is sort of get it.

“But, a complete amateur is different, he’s a blank state that is not yet stained in a specific way, which means he can always paint however, whatever he wants at any time.”

“Well isn’t that a poetic way to put it lad. But, you are correct. As for how to practice changing and manipulating the nature and quantity of mana, I’ll teach all of it to you so don’t worry.”

“In that case, I’ll be in your care. I want to learn it as fast as possible so make it concise and easy to understand.”

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I have a feeling now that I can learn this, and if I do, it’ll be a great asset to me in battles.

I was always worried over how to deal with magic using opponents so this [Anti Magic] was the perfect answer to my problem.

Since I posses the [Mana Sense] skill, it should help me in manipulating the mana quantity and nature as well.

Unable to suppress my excitement, I urged the old man to quickly begin the training for [Anti Magic].

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